Friday, January 18, 2013

Japan 2013 | New Year Fukubukuro Lucky Bags

Japan is certainly a great place to shop at during the New Year with their traditional 福袋 {fukubukuro, or lucky bags} which are goodie bags filled with random items from the store sold at a substantial discount. Sometimes the stores will list the items included in the Fukubukuros, but most time it's just good guesswork. I hosted my own Fukubukuro Giveaway last year for Zespri Kiwifruits collectibles, remember?

Sure, some smaller shops might be closed to celebrate the New Year but in a big city like Tokyo, most of the shops are open even on the first day. Fukubukuros are sold from the first day for about 1 week, while stocks last... and the Fukubukuros from the popular stores and brands certainly do not last long! Some sell out by just within a few hours from store opening because people queue up outside the night before to be first in line for a good bargain.

And to think people say Singaporeans are kiasu {local term for "afraid of losing"}:P

These are just some of the Fukubukoros I saw during our recent trip. Prices can start from as little as 1,000yen {about S$15} to 100,000yen {S$1,500} or more, depending on the products. Not only clothing, toys or electronic stores have Fukubukuros, some bakeries, supermarkets and cafes {Starbucks!!} selling perishables have them. For these kind of shops, they usually mix it with their store collectibles and redemption vouchers.

Since I went to Japan knowing we would be there over the Fukubukuro period, I hoped to get one from Sanrio {for Hello Kitty}, Misdo and maybe BAPE and Fujiya {for Peko-chan}. I did get one from Misdo, but the good Fukubukuros for Sanrio and BAPE were already sold out by the time we shopped!!

Oh well, maybe we will be back in Japan again next year to celebrate the new year ^^V Kinda bummed that it started snowing in Japan soon after we left!!

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Unknown said...

How fun!! So exciting to not know what you're getting in your bag

Haha I totally get what you mean re snow. When I went, I was so excited about cherry blossoms then they told me I had missed it by a week. Darn.

The Kids Are All Right said...

We had plans to go skiing in Japan this year - didn't quite happen :) But maybe next year. It looks like an amazing country.

Ai Sakura said...

Adora: Yes sakura season is another thing that's really based on "luck" since it lasts for just a week or so!

The Kids are All Right: Hope you get to go next year! I skived only twice before but it's very fun and lovely just to sit and admire the snow-covered hills

Grace said...

Oh, I loved Fukubukuros!!! I would always get some great finds! Love how Japanese retail is so cool like that!