Friday, January 11, 2013

Letter to my girl #7 | Japan Travels 2012-2013

Dear Lil Pumpkin,

You went on your 3rd trip to Japan recently. Did you have fun? Mummy and Daddy think you did! It's been 2 years since your last trip and it was great seeing you revisit some old places, and explore new ones too.

It was a time of many firsts for you this trip. It was the first time you
  • spent new year's overseas
  • experienced winter season
  • went to Meiji Jingu for hatsumode
  • visited Tokyo Disneyland {yay!}
  • visited Ueno Zoo {apparently your fave animals are crocodiles haha}
  • touched goats and sheeps 
  • visited Tokyo Towers
  • tasted ikura {salmon roe, and you liked it too!}

Traveling with you isn't very easy, sometimes it can be downright frustrating especially when you are feeling grouchy and refuse to eat during mealtimes~ This time, however, it was much easier bringing you around. You slept pretty well on the plane {compared to the first time it was improvement level 100%!} and sat in your pram when we went for long walks instead of asking us to carry you. Well done my dear.

Walking through the streets of Tokyo was like walking down memory lane with your Daddy, but now we have you with us. You have no idea how happy it makes Mummy to be able to share the places your Daddy and I used to date at with you. It's kind of strange actually to see how our lives have changed, yet some places have stayed the same over the years.

I wish we could have gone to Kansai area to see the other Japanese cities I love {Osaka, Kobe and especially Kyoto} but it is still not convenient bringing you to sit on the Shinkansen for such long hours because you are just so active! At least within just Tokyo the train rides are shorter.

But soon my dear, we will go back to Kansai soon. A lot of Mummy's friends are dying to meet you!

Hopefully by then you will be able to pick up some simple Japanese ;p Meanwhile, do enjoy the new memories of Japan, and of course the new toys and books you brought back with you!

Love always, Mummy

P.S. I'll be sharing more on our recent Japan travels in the coming weeks so do look out for the posts!




Me said...

Sounds like you all had a great time !!!
Have the best day !
#FYBF visitor

Adrine said...

3 times already? She's such lucky little girl :-)

Dominique Goh said...

She's really lucky to have visited Japan so many times. I haven't been there yet!!

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

wow! looks like alot of fun!!!! I love Japan too especially the FOOD!!

Grace said...

Akemashite omedetou! Sounds like you had an awesome time! Tokyo would be such a fun place for Lil Pumpkin.
I can't wait to take my boys there. They would so love the Shinkansen!

Ai Sakura said...

Me: thanks for dropping by :) we did have a great time!

Adrine: she is blessed.. but we really need to expand our travel horizon. Always go back to the same old countries haha

Dominique: you should!

Babyhiroshi: yes the FOOD is so fab!

Grace: Akeome! I think they will love it there too! Will be so exciting for the twinlets

Unknown said...

Tokyo is on our bucket list of places to visit for sure. I just have to start eating japanese food as I haven't really had a taste of it yet.

Emily said...

Such a gorgeous letter, I really must do these for my 3 babies! Emily

Redcliffe Style said...

What a great letter! I need to write more to my girls. This has motivated me. Rachel xx

Tracey said...

Beautiful photos!
Your little girl is just gorgeous :)

Christina Morley said...

So cute! It always gets easier as they grow older. Your girl in the Hello Kitty shop was so adorable and petting the animals and going to Disney looked like a lot of fun.

Thanks for visiting Amanda's Books and More!

Unknown said...

What a lovely letter. She looks like she is loving it!

Rhian @melbs said...

Wow that looks amazing. So lovely to visit your blog, it looks like you and lil Pumpkin had a marvellous time. This is my first visit to your blog, lovely to pop over from FYBF. :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Sakura, i am also planning a trip to japan with my 1yr old child. Just a little concern,some forums mentioned tokyo tap water maybe contaminated. Are your friends still consuming tap water or bottled?

Ai Sakura said...

Salz: maybe you can start with the Japanese noodles or rice dishes first. They aren't as "scary" as fresh sashimi or sushi!

Emily: oh do! :)

Rachel: Yeah it's nice to look back on these

Tracey: thank you!

Christina: Yes, I realise so do. Thanks for dropping by!

Danya: she did enjoy the trip for sure!

Rhian: thanks for coming by :)

Apple: We consume boiled tap water, but of course do consult the specialists or drink bottled water if you are concerned.