Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Art + Play | Her Beautiful Creations

As any proud mama, of course I'd like to display all her art and crafts creations around the house for everyone to admire. It is a fast-growing collection since she's started weekly art lessons, in addition to what we do at home. However, as space is a limitation, I'd just have to select a few {so hard!} for our walls and display the rest here on the blog ;p These are some of the art that she did with Teacher Kin in WowArt Learning Studio.

Seal art is like print-making in that both use carving technique of positve / negative image on a printing plate, then paint and press to transfer the image. Lil Pumpkin leartn how to carve patterns on compressed foam to form "seals", then printed mirror images on a canvas.

Lil Pumpkin mixed colours with blue as the base colour and dyed rice paper in her colour mixture before embellishing with black Chinese ink. I like the tie-dye effect of this piece.

Teacher Kin introduced different types of fruit trees this lesson and Lil Pumpkin explored painting with just her fingers and hands, without any other painting tools. Interesting how her "fruits" tapered off at one end :) So pretty.

This piece was inspired by the rain. Lil Pumpkin observed pictures of different combination of dots and lines in raining conditions, and created her interpretation of rain with drippers and rollers as tools in a grey tone.

All kids love blowing bubbles and Lil Pumpkin explored different sizes of "round" by using a straw and blowing bubbles of coloured soap water onto paper. Such a fun art activity!

One of my favourite :) Lil Pumpkin learnt how to knead clay and construct a textured 3D fish in this lesson.

Similar to the clay fish above, Lil Pumpkin observed different species of chrysanthemums and using clay, created variations of lines to achieve this flower form before paining it.

Teacher Kin introduced the imaginative and childlike paintings of Spanish artist Joan Miró and encouraged the kids to create something similar. Lil Pumpkin used masking tape to create various kinds of lines on a cloth then painted over it. Then, she tore away the masking tapes to come up with the beautiful artwork.

It really is amazing seeing her explore the different mediums and learning new art skills at her lessons. I'd try to document them as much as possible to see how her art skills develop through the years.

How do you document all your child's beautiful creations?

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* Disclosure: ARTPLAY course {1 term} was provided by WowART Learning Studio for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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tahlia @ the parenting files said...

She is a serious artist! I love them! She really does have a talent xox

Unknown said...

These are fantastic. She will grow up with such a love of art.


Rhianna said...

That is one super clever little artist you have there. No wonder you have started weekly art classes.

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

I have to say I'm very impressed for someone so young, pretty clever - and definitely a creative girl! Em x

Momfever said...

I used to keep everything in a folder, but lately I've gotten sloppy… Thanks for your feedback on Facebook. I have 'liked' you!

mail4rosey said...

This is neat. I save some for their baby box and sometimes I take a picture of them holding it up if it's really special. :)

Unknown said...

Ohhh I love all of her creations! She's so talented for her age! :) I enjoy keeping my kid's creations too...will be so neat to look back on when they're older :)

Grace said...

That 3D clay fish is uber cool, Ai! Lil Pumpkin has some serious talent going on there! :)

Ai Sakura said...

Tahlia: thanks for your compliments to her :)

Sophie: that is my hope for her too

Rhianna: best part is she really enjoys them and looks forward to the classes every week

Emily: aww thanks Em!

Momfever: I've popped by your page too. I've got most in folders too. Getting too thick!

mail4rosey: that's a fantastic idea!

Brandi: so true.. I wonder if my mum kept any. have to ask her haha

Grace: yeah that one's awesome!