Friday, February 1, 2013

Holster Jellies Footwear for Beach and Beyond

I like to get all matchy-matchy with Lil Pumpkin so we were at Not Too Big to check out the Holster jellies collection. If you've seen them before, you'd know that they are perfect for the beach because of their jelly {PVC} material, yet stunning beyond that as well due to their chic & glamorous embellishments.

I love jellies because they are just soooo comfortable and easy to care for. I don't need to worry about scratches {like for patent leather shoes eeks!} or stains, and can just clean with soapy water if it gets too dirty. Some friends asked if my feet stinks or perspires much in them. Errr, I don't think so actually ;p

If you get jellies from good brands like Holster, they are actually antimicrobial and odour resistant. Many of their styles also offer greater foot support than flat soled shoes given their arched sole design.

Not Too Big brought in a good variety of Holster jellies for ladies and kids. Lil Pumpkin was adamant about getting the Pincess Ballerina in Honeysuckle.

I think she was attracted to the heart jewel embellishment haha. But it really is such a cute and sweet pair of shoes for little princesses. Good taste, my dear.

We couldn't go matchy-matchy because that style did not come in adult size so I chose Seduce Jelly in Opal Violet. Oh yes, I was attracted to the pretty sparkling bows!! How can I resist bows??! *grins*And I love the colours!! Been getting lots of compliments since I've worn them out {couldn't wait until CNY!}. Lil Pumpkin has been asking to wear hers now too but I had to "trick" her that they were dirty so Mummy had to wash them. Hope to keep them until CNY for her at least!

I'm lusting after other designs but the boy kindly pointed out that I still have some new shoes left in their boxes. Ooops. He did agree that they were pretty though. Unfortunately {or fortunately for hubby}, the shop didn't have my size anymore for St Tropez in Champagne which I wanted.

I'm lusting after St Tropez in Yellow too but they don't stock that. I hope they bring it in :)
Still thinking whether I should get Supermodel Stud in Pewter Bronze. I prefer the slingbacks to just slip-on sandals so that I can wear them to work on casual days as well.

Not Too Big is currently having some store promotions for Holster jellies footwear so if you want to check them out, now is a good time. The multi-label boutique also sells other popular brands like Sons + Daughters, Milk on the Roads and Joules.

Not Too Big
#02-06, Forum the Shopping Mall

* Disclosure: Holster jellies footwear were provided by Not Too Big for review. All other accessories belong to me. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




An Apel a Day said...

I haven't seen jelly shoes for a really long time. My sister used to wear them a lot! They are so cute!

~Summer~ said...

so cute! I love lil pumpkin's shoes, the hearts are lovely and she looks so pretty in that outfit! =)

Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me said...

Oh, they are cute!! I remember wearing jellies when I was a kid. *ahem* LONG time ago!

Anonymous said...

They are cute :) My daughter has jellies and I love them on her. Zanni x

EssentiallyJess said...

Those yellow ones are divine!
I'm a big fan of jelly shoes. I got some Mox for Christmas and I love them. I'm also after a pair of Jelly Sandals

Oliveoylz said...

Pumpkin can really pose. She more than qualifies to be a child model:) Agree that she has great taste. Good choice with that princessie shoes!

Anonymous said...

She looks so happy and those shoes are DIVINE, I can't show No.3 in case she wants some :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I remember having Jellies when I was a little girl. I so loved them. It's nice to see they are making a comeback!

Rhianna said...

These are some seriously cool shoes! I think I want me some of them

Ai Sakura said...

Alissa: I wear them almost daily now haha

Summer: Thanks dear! I'll let her know :)

Tina: I'm sure it isn't THAT long ago! :P

Zanni: so adorable and easy to clean for the kiddos

Jess: Ooo Mox? Haven't heard of them. Will check them out!

Oliveoylz: we are just waiting for her to be talent-spotted haha *jokes jokes*

Emily: yup she really likes them a lot!

Theresa: funny so many mentioned wearing them as kids. I never knew they were so popular then!

Rhi: You should get you some!

Paula said...

I used to wear jelly shoes when I was little, but they were nothing like these jellies! I would definitely wear these!