Friday, February 8, 2013

Start of Preschool Nursery 2

Lil Pumpkin is attending Nursery 2 classes now. Yup, a whole year has passed since she started Nursery 1. In moments like these, I really wish time could stand still.

That's her in the same uniform for both pictures. I don't realise how much she's grown until I compare photos like this. My baby is growing up too fast!!!

She's still attending the same preschool as before and I have no intention of changing as she seems happy there {priority #1} and I do like the spacious environment, strong parent-teacher communication and convenience of it being near my workplace.

There's of course new teachers and new classmates, and I worried if she would get along with them well but as her Nursery 1 teachers pointed out in our final parents-teacher conference with them, the world is made up of many different people and the kids need to understand that. They were pretty confident that Lil Pumpkin will adjust well in the new class and surroundings anyway. After about a whole month in her new class and no news of fights or tantrums thrown, it's been proven that I've been over-worrying. Again. The worrying over our kids will never stop I guess. It just takes a different form over time.

This year we want to encourage Lil Pumpkin to learn and appreciate Chinese language more and as luck will have it, her form teacher is a Chinese language teacher! In this way, Lil Pumpkin is "forced" to practise her Chinese language skills more in school. Outside of the classroom, the boy and I are definitely more conscious to talk to her in Chinese. We have also started her on a once-a-week Chinese language enrichment program too. The classes are nothing too extensive, but just exposing her more to Chinese language and culture through songs and play... if I had time / proficiency to teach her Chinese myself I would, but in this case I think it's best to leave it to the professionals :P I still want time to relax, play and just bond with her over other things and as a full-time working mum, you learn to let go and select the "battles" to fight on your own. At other times, you must delegate.

I have not forgotten that mothering is a journey, not a race. I don't expect her to learn 10,000 Chinese characters or memorise 568 Chinese proverbs by the time she reaches primary school. However, I would like to encourage her to learn and love the Chinese language more as part of her roots. I believe in doing it gradually so that she is not suddenly overwhelmed when she takes mandatory Chinese lessons when she starts formal schooling 3 years later. At least with her Chinese enrichment classes now, she is slowly forming habits to learn the language properly - important foundations for her future studies. The classes also help me to guide her better at home. Honestly, school syllabuses are changing so frequently in just a few years so what we've learnt previously in school may not be applicable now.

Nursery 2 will be an exciting time for Lil Pumpkin as she's slowly leaving behind her toddlerhood. I just hope that I will be able to write down all the important moments! :)




Aroha @ Colours of Sunset said...

awwww she is gorgeous! and I can't believe how much she has grown - that is great that you have the 2 pics in the same uniform! I'm sure she'll settle in quickly - kids are so much more adaptable than we are as adults! but I hear you - I wish time would stand still, too! x

The Kids Are All Right said...

That's a beautiful uniform! My little girls would love to wear that each day :)

An Apel a Day said...

They do grow up fast!!! That little dress did change on her.

My youngest starts Kindergarten in the fall. I just can't believe it!

~Summer~ said...

Hello lil pumkin! Angel is in N2 now too. Her case is opposite, she speaks so much mandarin at home that it has become her primary language and her indian form teacher has started to feedback that whenever she asks angel a qns, the reply will be in mandarin. So we are now encouraged to speak more to her in english. Haha. Our two kids should meet up! One can teach mandarin and the other english! Lol. Happy cny Ai!

EssentiallyJess said...

She has grown a huge amount!! Or that dress has shrunk ;)
So dyou speak English or Japanese at home? Or both?

Stacy said...

Oh did she get the same uniform for 2 years? The length is so much better now. And she has grown prettier too!

Theresa Mahoney said...

The side by side comparisons are crazy! It's amazing how much they grow in 1 short year!

Here's wishing lil pumpkin a successful school year!

Unknown said...

Awwww it's so amazing how much they grow and how fast! She has certainly changed in such a short amount of time! Good luck to Lil' Pumpkin!! :)

Ai Sakura said...

Aroha: yes it really amazing how much she has grown!

The Kids are All Right: I like it too.. nothing too gaudy haha

Alissa: That will be her next year! Eeeeks!

Summer: They really should. Hope you had a great CNY too

Jess: We speak mainly English to her :)

Stacy: Yup, we bought a bigger size earlier so she can grow into it heehee

Theresa: thanks on her behalf!

Brandi: I know, even her facial features have somewhat matured ;p

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

It's shots like that that make you realise how they've grown! They do grow so fast. I am almost in denial that my big girl starts school next year. As they grow and learn about life, so I find myself doing the same, from a parent's perspective. Never knew I'd be learning and changing so much as a parent till I became one!