Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blog Goals 2013

This has been swimming in my head for a while but it's taken me 3 months to write this. Yes, 3 months since my reflections of last year's goals, for me to clear projects and commitments, and to actually clear my head to focus on what I want to achieve on this blog for the year. Our rejuvenating weekend getaway certainly helped this :)

2012 was about setting foundation for Sakura Haruka as it was just a fledgling blog. After nearly 2 years since it started, I won't say that I'm a seasoned blogger, but I've definitely gained more experience in the blogosphere. 2013 is about stepping out of my box, and breaking boundaries.

This year, I want to challenge myself and my blog. To just step out of my box and comfort zone, and see what I can achieve with a little devil-may-care spirit.

1. Step-Out with Actions
I'm going to be more outgoing and reach out to work with people, brands or organisations that I admire. Honestly, I don't have time to accept reviews & projects for everything that comes my way, but rather than sitting on the receiving end and hoping something good comes along, I want to actively seek meaningful blog projects. I've already started my Joys of Parenting series whereby I hit the streets of Singapore to ask random parents what they love most about parenting & showcase what we are thankful for as parents. My heart beats so fast whenever I approach a stranger, but when they smile and accept to participate in my project, I'm giddy with glee!

2. Step-Out with Heart
As my blog grew, somehow I feel that I should be doing more to bless others as they have blessed me.  Like I said before, sometimes we wait for the perfect moment where we have enough money to donate, enough time to give, enough power to change the world. But when do we know that it's enough to be perfect? I'm not a big famous blogger, but I think that every little effort counts and I want to do something this year to help make the world a better place. It might be adopting a charity, or inspiring others to lead a healthier life, or a community initiative to help the needy... I don't know yet. But if I can make just one person's life better, it will be worth it. Stay tuned and I hope you can help me with this.

3. Step-Out with Mind 
I'd like to open up my mind and be more daring in accepting blog projects. I love to discover new trends, brands and products but was more receptive to brands/ experiences we were already comfortable with. Sometimes I'm asked to review something but because of preconceptions and fears, I turned it down. Now, if it's legit, piques my interest and I'm able to, I'm going to at least try it* out to know for sure if it's something worth shouting about or not.

As always, the bottom line is to have fun and keep this blog true to myself! I blog not to generate income, but simply because I like writing and the people I come across. So hope you all will stick around for another year and enjoy this blogging journey with me!

Any tips for achieving my goals? What are your 2013 goals?

I Blog on Tues with Essentially Jess.

*Doesn't include tobacco, drugs or alcohol! Also, not an invitation to receive crap products or PR requests.


YellowDandy said...

I think I need to challenge myself with the same goals!! It can be hard to self-promote but it is a necessary part of growing the blog for sure! Hope you achieve them this year!

Housewife in Heels said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'm still relatively new to blogging (in my 7 months) and my approach to blogging has changed significantly in this time.... Perhaps it's time I drafted my blogging goals! Good luck!

Rhianna said...

This is such a great post and I am sure it is something that many bloggers will relate to. I know that I am hoping to push myself a little further in terms of the blog this year.

Wishing you all the best for your venture lovely, can't wait to see it all unfold

Kylie Purtell said...

Excellent goals! Especially number 2.

I've been blogging for close to 4 years and never once set myself any goals for it. But with more maternity leave coming up (which will hopefully, after those first few 'newborn' months leave me with some extra time to blog) and the DP Conference next week I'm hoping I might be able to come up with one or two. I blog for the fun and community of it but that doesn't mean I can't have a few goals or aspirations to work towards too.

Leafytea said...

Goal number 2 is certainly a worthy cause. All the best!

Deb @ inner compass designs said...

great goals - i loved reading about where you are going.

i am such a list maker and goal setter but i realised a few months ago that i had not developed that side of my blogging as much as i could. i always see people setting blog goals in terms of numbers which did not appeal to me (i hardly ever check my stats). i have other kinds of goals and want to flesh them out more clearly - thanks for the inspiration

Ai Sakura said...

Karen: thanks! i don't have the thickest of skins but I think just being willing to ask is a good step forward :)

Housewife in Heels: I thought you had been blogging for a long time! Didn't realise it was only 7 months!

Rhianna: All the best to you too :)

Kylie: So true! DP Con will be so inspirational for you I'm sure. Can't wait to hear about your learnings from there!

Leafytea: thank you :)

Deb: To me, numbers don't mean everything because a person can just Like your FB page one day, and unlike the next for no particular reason. I'd rather set goals that I CAN control ;p

Bright Shiny Apples said...

What great goals!!! I am 'encouraging' myself this year.. to stop saying no you can't or don't want to.. and doing things.. :)

I am enjoying encouraging myself as now I am a WAHM :)

Great post and great list!

#teamIBOT :)

workingwomenaus said...

I respect the fact that you don't take every opportunity that's presented to you. I've done the same. Not all products are a good fit, or I don't 'believe' in the company. I can't wait to see where things go.

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

Ai I think you're a very supportive and in my eyes a big blogger, big-hearted blogger and that makes all the difference. I can't wait to spend the rest of the year holds for us, I'll be by your awesome side for sure! Em

Susan said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and the varied topics that you blog about. I'm sure it will be extra meaningful if our blogs can be a form of blessing to an organisation that helps the less fortunate. Hope you reach your blog goals Ai!

EssentiallyJess said...

Aweosome goals, and I have no doubt in my mind that you will accomplish these easily.
Excited to read more this year; I've been terrible just lately :(

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

Great goals. This year I want to push myself a little more and create a place and community with different voices. Love number 2. It is such a humbling thing to give back xx

Unknown said...

These are great goals Ai! And I agree...take a chance and it's all about stepping out of your comfort zone at times to embrace new opportunities :) I've been blogging for a few years now (yikes!! lol) and have learned so much...but one thing I've learned, is that there's always MORE to learn! The learning never ends and the blogging community is so accepting and helpful. I love your blog...keep up the awesome work! :)

An Apel a Day said...

One of my goals was to post more food shots on my blog. I have been doing that most Mondays.

I'd love to open an Etsy shop with hand painted t-shirts. I want to make more before I start that.

An Apel a Day said...

I forgot another one. I've been posting a new music artist on Saturdays. Many of these are bands not even I have heard of. I want to learn about music from other cultures. Then learn about their back stories. It does take a bit of research to find them.