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Human Nature | Affordable Organic Body Care Products + {Giveaway}

Organic body care products are based on vegetation grown without chemical pesticides & fertilizers. There's no genetically-modified organisms used in their production and there's no worry about any negative effects or residual toxins that may cause irritation to the skin.  Everyone know the benefits of organic products to our body and the Earth, but sometimes are scared off using them by the exorbitant prices some companies charge.  Thus, it really is a breath of fresh air discovering Human Nature, a social enterprise that brings in a line of affordable natural body care products that are safe for our bodies, for the environment, and also helps poor communities in the Philippines.

That's right, the main objective of this company is not about profits, but to bring organic products for the family made by Filipino farming communities to the masses. Human Nature keeps their prices cheaper than most other natural and organic products so that more people can use products that are good for them and for the environment. Only when millions use products free from harmful chemicals can we truly make a difference in our environment and the communities Human Nature wishes to help. Makes sense to me!

We received their best-selling products to try out and I've jotted our experiences below.

Natural Moisturising Shampoo in Lush Vanilla
What is it: Cream shampoo made with Philippine coco nectar, bursting with amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
How we like it: It doesn't lather much compared to commercial non-natural shampoos but still cleanses thoroughly, without the drying effect. It smells heavily of vanilla so if you like smelling like a sweet cupcake, this is for you! :P

Natural Moisturising Conditioner in Lush Vanilla
What is it: Hair conditioner made with one of nature's most intense moisturiser - avocado oil with Omega-3, seaweed extract to restore elasticity & organic virgin coconut oil for a healthy shine. It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals like silicones that appear to make hair smooth and soft to touch on the surface. The silicones actually coat hair like plastic and block out all the nutrients it needs and trap sebum & bacteria, thus causing allergic reactions. Eeeks!
How we like it: Smells delicious and hair felt smoother just after one wash! Great for dry hair and recommend to use this together with the moisturising shampoo in Lush Vanilla {above} as the smell complements one another. 

Natural Smoothing Hair Serum
What is it: New product that's made with a blend of nutrient-rich natural oils like sunflower, soy bean and broccoli oil to nourish and hydrate the oil, making it truly beautiful & healthy from inside out.
How we like it: I've got dry hair and find that the serum does help with my frays. It's not overly oily and good enough to use daily. Pretty potent stuff so one pump is all I need to smoothen out the frizz on my head in the morning before work.

Natural Kids Shampoo and Wash in Tangerine Tarsier
What is it: Yummy-scented, dermatologically-tested 2-in-1 hair and body wash for the little ones. It's infused with Philippine coco nectar that's rich in amino acids and vitamins, avocado oil and aloe vera to nourish and moisturise hair and skin.
How we like it: Very convenient to just use one product to cleanse Lil Pumpkin's whole body and she loves it! Doesn't smart her sensitive skin, and no tears or fuss whenever we bathe her in this, so win-win for us as parents too. As with most of the products from Human Nature, it smells so delicious!

Citronella Bug Spray
What is it: All-natural, DEET-free {chemical found in many pesticides & bug repellents and linked to neurological damage} formula infused with organic virgin coconut oil for skin-healing and anti-microbial benefits, organic citronella oil, organic lemongrass essential oil, rosemary and lavender essential oils.
How we like it: So handy to bring about in the small spray bottle and it gives off a pleasant aroma which Lil Pumpkin likes too. We used it when we went to the Singapore Zoo Run & other outdoor play and find that it does help to keep the bugs away.

Natural Mineral Blush {Rosy Cheeks}
What is it: Lightweight, sheer mineral blush with Vitamin E antioxidants for healthy skin.
How we like it: It has a soft, silky texture that applies easily to the skin. All I needed was a few pats for a natural, healthy glow that lasts me through the day. I like the pretty, reddish tinge and there's other shades available - Pink Quartz, Petal Bloom and Tropical Rose.

Natural Tinted Lip Balm {Flame Tree}
What is it: A blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and all-natural plant oils to keep your lips moisturised.
How we like it: Instead of  thick creamy lipsticks, I prefer tinted balms for a more natural look with a hint of colour. It has peppermint in it so quite refreshing on your lips. If you like Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm, you will love this too at almost half the price. I found Flame Tree to be a tad too dark for me, so would prefer either Pink Orchid {pink} or Island Kiss {coral}.

Pure Strength Black Diamond Cleansing Bar
What is it: A new product for the men that contains deep-cleansing bamboo carbon known for its powerful beneficial properties to keep the skin hydrated and clean.
How we like it: The boy said it was very invigorating due to the peppermint added, which is great after a hard day at work. His skin did not feel too "tight" or squeaky clean after the wash, like what some bar soaps do when they strip away too much moisture from the skin. He's still using it daily so that's a good sign :)

I'm giving away THREE Human Nature Organic Body Care Products Family Pack {worth S$50 each}! Each Family Pack contains the following:
  • 200ml Natural Moisturising Shampoo in Lush Vanilla
  • 200ml Natural Moisturising Conditioner in Lush Vanilla
  • 50ml Natural Hair Serum
  • 500ml Natural Kids Wash & Shampoo in Tangerine Tarsier
  • 50ml Citronella Bug Spray
  • 100ml Pure Strength Bamboo Carbon Cleansing Bar
There will be 2 fun ways to enter and win. You can choose to enter via a random draw or photo challenge, or do both for extra chances! :)

Method 1: Random Draw
This is good for those that a) don't like photo challenges, b) have private/no Instagram accounts or c) just feel lucky! To enter, simply,

1. Be a Sakura Haruka Facebook page fan
2. Be a registered member on Human Nature website {free registration, referred by Sakura Haruka}
3. Leave me a blog comment telling me your best body care tip + name of your FB account that you used to like the page + Human Nature website User ID. For those unsure of how to comment, choose "Name/URL" option then add your name and comment.

TWO random winners will be chosen. Just complete all 3 simple steps!

Method 2: Instagram Photo Challenge
For those that love photo challenges and want to get creative! To enter, simply,

1. Follow me on Instagram {@AiSakuraHaruka}
2. Be a registered member on Human Nature website {free registration, referred by Sakura Haruka}
3. Post Instagram photos along the theme of Nature. It can portray animal behaviour, plant life, natural landscapes, family interactions with nature etc. Multiple entries allowed. In your photo comment, verify your Human Nature website User ID, and tag @AiSakuraHaruka, #sakuraharuka and #sakuranaturechallenge. Don't forget the tags as winners are drawn from that collection!

ONE winner will be chosen based on the photo that impacts me the most. Just complete all 3 simple steps!

* Open to Singapore residents only.
* Ends Sunday, 31 March 13 2359hrs {Singapore time}
* Participants may enter in both methods.
* All winners will be announced on Thursday, 4 April 13 on this blog post and notified via email. Winners have 5 days to reply, or the prizes will be redrawn.
* Sakura Haruka is not responsible for any prizes lost, damaged or misplaced in the mail.
* Incomplete or inappropriate entries will be deemed invalid and will not be included.

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winners are Adeline, Phillysg and Connie Huang. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Thanks for your support!

* Disclosure: Human Nature provided the Human Nature Organic Body Care products for review and giveaway. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.



Czjai said...

Wow! I'm so happy to see this post! I've been advocating their products ever since I started my blog, and to see someone from another country speaking highly of Philippine-made products makes me so proud.

People, join this amazing giveaway! :)

Lim AC said...

Tip: use a body scrub to exfoliate at least once a week for soft smooth skin
FB: Lim AC
User id: animalistic

Amanda Ching said...

Bodycare tip: Get enough sleep for the body to rest and renew!

FB: Amanda Ching
User id: amandaci

Tony Tan said...

You can take cleansing treatments like a sauna. Sweating it out in the sauna is one of the simplest and most effective ways to cleanse your body from within. A good time to take a sauna is after exercise, as the heat can flush out lactic acid from your muscles. Remember to take a cool shower after a sauna and drink lots of water.

FB: Tony Tan
User id: lonylim1

Serene Leow said...

Body care tips: Scrub your body once a week as our body accumulates dead skin cells too. Enhancing the absorption of body moisturizer as well.

FB: Serene Leow
User ID: liaoserene

Thank you for organizing this giveaway! :)

Connie Huang Low said...

body care tips: drink lots of water to hydrate, knowing your skin type and moisturising it is very vital.

FB: Connie Huang Low
User ID: sherbetgal

Jolin said...

Tip: Using a body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and always moisturise the skin.

FB: Jolin Justin Jayden
User ID: jolin821

Adeline said...

Best body care tip: Drink sufficient water and get plenty of rest!

FB: Adeline Tan
User ID: GrowingwiththeTans

Dionis Chua said...

Hi there,

Using organics products, to keep myself safe and health.

FB: Dionis Chua
ID: babyvirgo


Bachelormum said...

Great idea. And awesome pics. Your family make great models. I know I've said it before :-) xx

Carol Mei Mei said...

Best comment tip: Wear a sunblock when you are going out under the sun and apply a sleeping pack at night to re-hydrate your facial skin.

FB nick: Carol Lim Mei Mei

userid: cmeilim

Phillysg said...

body care tips:
if you have cracked heels mix melted parrafin wax with mustard oil and leave overnight for smooth heels.

FB: Philly Chen
ID: philly2013

mag said...

Tip: Drinking loads of water to hydrate the body.

FB: Mag D Chow
User ID: modgammag

SengkangBabies said...

Getting enough sleep and healthy lifestyle (regular exercise).

FB : Andy Lee
UserID : Andy Lee

Mei said...

Looks like a fab giveaway and I'd love to try it for my eczema gal, for fun!

Will have to get on FB & instagram!

p.s. if anyone in Singapore is interested to come to National Skin Center for a parent-child support group I'm hosting, please see
There's Step by Step Skincare by a senior NSC nurse.

Unknown said...

Hiya! My body care tip is this: Eat healthy and work out! (Of cos, now this kinda put on hold, so I am just left with the eat as best as I can and walk loads! Haha...)

HN ID: sandratan

Ann said...

I try keep it natural with healthy diet + lots of water.

FB: Ann Thomas
USER ID: annthomas

Mama Mich said...


My tip is to do regular cleansing, oil massage and conditioning for healthy & strong hair.

FB: Mama Mich
Userid: mamamich

Anonymous said...

To get glowing n clear skin....we should eat at least 5 portions of fruit n veg a day to boost levels of skin protecting antioxidants such as beta-carotene,vitamin c n vitamin E.
FB:Crystal Ng Chai Hong

Rachel Freedom said...

I'm a HUGE lover of natural products. I'm so glad that the discovery of Human Nature in Singapore will give be access to affordable and safe skin care products for my whole family! I used to be ordering products from the USA but shipping is expensive.

My skin care tip: Go natural, as much as possible! The average woman applies as much as 500 different chemicals on their skin daily and some are very toxic and are, in fact, stressing your skin out in the long run. If they can do the simple act of changing their daily moisturiser, cleanser and shampoo to a natural product, they would have cut down a lot toxic chemicals.

Go natural and enjoy all that nature has to offer!

♥ FB username: Rachel Freedom / rachelfree118

Vincent Lee said...

To get glowing n clear skin....drink lots of water.
FB:Vincent Lee Wee Ping

Stacey said...

Bodycare tip: Get sleep for 8 hours from 10pm(liver is renewing and digesting) onwards for the body to rest and recharge!

FB: Stacey Chua
User id: staceychua

pregnancy & massage said...

You must take care of yourself and your baby too at the time of pregnancy.

Unknown said...

Finding a truly organic natural body care product can be tough. The manufacturers are not required to prove that the ingredients are naturally occurring and if they are, they are not required to prove that the farmer avoided the use of herbicides or pesticides