Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Made: DIY Kaomoji Sharpie Glass Bowl Tutorial

I like crafting but I don't really have the time to indulge in big, complicated projects. Most of the time my craft projects are simple and just take around 15-30 minutes. I find these pockets of time while watching television, between boring household chores, or when Lil Pumpkin takes a nap. It helps me to relax and I feel great creating something unique with my own hands. Is that the rush and pride artisans get when they finish a piece of delicate jewelry or intricate carving? Maybe d(^_^o)

My latest project is a Kaomoji {顔文字, Japanese emoticons} Glass Bowl. I love using kaomoji because they are just so cute and display emotions via text far better than the usual smiley emoticons like :P or :). Here are a few of my favourite:
 photo 370b8f19-c2e5-452d-abc5-13aa665aa15e_zps2b6cb76e.jpg
There are many home-ware items sold in Japan with kaomoji but they can be a little pricey. For my simple DIY project all I needed was a cheap glass bowl and a Sharpie permanent ink. Just wash and dry the bowl with a soft lint-free cloth. Then draw your chosen kaomoji on the bowl and that's basically it. Don't worry about making mistakes because you can wipe the ink away. Not as easy as non-permanent marker, but still doable.

I tried baking it in the oven for 30 minutes at around 180ºC to see if it would stay permanently like on ceramic or stoneware but unfortunately, it doesn't work. The marker ink washed off when I ran it under water and I needed to touch up (T.T). It did not rub off as easily as before baking though. Slight silver lining to bake it after your draw on the glass. 

In any case I think the result looks great and I'm looking forward to trying other Sharpie designs on glass (^^)V. It would make fabulous personalised gifts and the possibilities are endless! Since the ink rubs off, I'd suggest keeping the marker designs on the exterior of glass cups, bottles and bowls for decorative purposes if you are trying this even though Sharpie ink is supposed to be non-toxic. Or, use porcelain paint markers especially designed for porcelain and dinnerware that should work on glass too.

Here are some other things I made.  

human-nature-600 photo human-nature-organic-bodycare-skincare-products-giveaway_zps7c63c403.jpg



Ashley B. said...

There is a way to get it to stay on permanently unfortunately I cannot think of the site right now. If I remember correctly you have to use a specific type of sharpie...... Wait.... Found it! You need an oil based sharpie and they say to seal it with an acrylic sealing spray (I've never tried the spray) Super cute idea though! I may have to steal this!!

Ai Sakura said...

Oh thanks for the tip! Will see if I can get my hands on the spray and try it out :)

Unknown said...

Yes, for ceramic, apparently you need the oil-based Sharpies. I haven't tried it yet but I hope to try that soon. Those Japanese emoticons are super cute. What a fun idea!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Very cute! I am like you. I love crafts, but only take on projects I can breeze though in an hour or so.

An Apel a Day said...

Crystal Clear spray will work. It's a heavy acrylic in a spray can. It can be found in any craft or art supply store. How cute!