Friday, March 29, 2013

INFINITY KOSÉ | Against Photoaging and Beyond #KoseSingapore

When I first introduced INFINITY KOSÉ, a few overseas friends seemed shocked that a lot of Asian women prefer "white" skin. What I meant was fairer, blemish-free skin, and not become "white" like Caucasians. Whitening skincare products are not meant to bleach your skin, but just to help even out the pigmentation and make it glow with health :)

I'm proud to be Asian, and proud of my skin tone, which is naturally fair by the way.. but as time passes, it is hard to maintain this fair skin against harsh UV rays and aging, and that's where "whitening" products that work from within come in.
Oh yes, as a young kid, I squirmed whenever mum tried to apply sunblock on me. It was "uncool" and uncomfortable. Even up to my teenage years, I loved tanning as tanned skin seems to make you look fitter and more radiant. However, the turning point came when I did a university project on skin cancer and photoaging. Basically, as we age our skin naturally loses its youthful appearance and wrinkles, fine lines and age spots appear {chronological aging}. When we have prolonged, intense exposure to sunlight, all these are intensified to make you look older than your chronological age {photo-aging} or even worst, cause skin cancer.
Sometimes the damage is not visible to the naked eye, but is already done. Ultraviolet {UV} photography shows the amount of damage that lies beneath the surface of the skin. For the 17 year-old girl above, her skin looks smooth and pigment-free, but you can see the sun damage freckles across the nose and cheek.

It's ok to have a healthy lifestyle and be out in the sun, just be sure to protect your skin. Especially your face, which is left exposed most of the time.

INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV thoroughly guards skin from UVA and UVB, the culprits of photoaging, with the highest SPF/PA levels made available for the first time from Japan. In addition, it protects the skin's translucency, firmness and resislience.

Until now, suncreens primarily focused on the effects of UVB rays on the skin {skin-surface damages e.g. blemishes, freckles} and the level of UVB protection they offer, indicted by the "SPF factor". However, recent studies revealing the damage caused by UVA rays {skin-deep damages e.g. wrinkles, sagging} highlighted the importance of the "PA" factor in suncreens too.

INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV comes in a very handy tube that I just leave inside my handbag to bring out and about. Reapplication of sunscreen is just as important as putting it on in the first place, so I try to reapply every two hours {although I forget sometimes oops!} all over my face and neck in the day. It is light to the skin without any sticky feeling.

INFINITY KOSÉ Lotion XX has strong whitening effects with anti-aging care and instantly hydrates the skin. It's a clear liquid and gets absorbed by the skin very fast {it was "disappearing" even as I was taking this pic!}. I use it after washing my face, and pump the product about 3 times onto the palm of my hand before applying to my face and neck. Any excess products I just use it to rub my hands.. don't waste! heehee

INFINITY KOSÉ Serum XX  is a mellow, rich moisturiser. My skin feels instantly moisturised and bouncy to the touch after using it. I use it after applying INFINITY KOSÉ Lotion XX and all I need is about 2 pumps for my face and neck.

INFINITY KOSÉ Lotion XX and INFINITY KOSÉ Serum XX don't have UV protection qualities, but are mainly to deliver whitening ingredients to all corners of the skin, and lock them in. After my morning beauty routine with these products, I apply the INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV before leaving the house. If you wear make-up, you can use it as a base too.

For skin results, there were no break-outs or skin irritation during use of the products. Although I feel it is more moisturised and softer, I have not noticed any visible changes yet. Results vary per person but usually the complete benefit of skincare products won't be visible until a month later after a full cycle of skin-cell turnover takes place. We'll see how it goes during my review again 2 weeks later. Stay tuned!

* Disclosure: INFINITY KOSÉ products were provided by KOSÉ Singapore for the blogging campaign, thanks to No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own. Promotions valid while stocks last.

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mail4rosey said...

I'm glad you found a product that makes your skin feel moisturized, and also glad you're spreading the word on the importance of protecting your skin from the sun!

My 14-yr old hates that I have her put sunblock on in the summer, but so be it. I'd rather have her momentarily uncomfortable than have her damaging her skin.

An Apel a Day said...

I like that it keeps your skin feeling soft. Those are some pretty cool before and after shots!

To answer your question from my blog: The boys loved Lion King. Esp. the oldest. The youngest kept asking about death though. He's been doing that. Simba's dad passes away in it. :(

Ai Sakura said...

Mail4rosey: don't worry, in the future she will understand the importance of dun protection too!

Alissa: pretty amazing how bad the sun can damage our skin without us even realising it!

Grace said...

With the harsh Australian sun, we're constantly reminded the dangers of skin cancer (listening to the radio this very moment and they're saying that Australia has a serious problem with skin cancer).
I think for Australians it's important to find a skin product that also has SPF coverage (preferably SPF 30)

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

I'm super paranoid about getting more sun spots, I already have a few from the days when I used to fry myself in the sun - tut tut I know :) Em