Friday, March 15, 2013

INFINITY KOSÉ | White Skin, Radiant from Within #KoseSingapore

KOSÉ has been one of my preferred skincare and beauty brands, ever since I started using the KOSÉ SEKKISEI range 7 years ago. Like a lot of Asian women, "whitening" plays a large part in my beauty regime and KOSÉ has succeeded in researching and unlocking the secret ingredients to creating fair, beautiful skins... much like what Lil Pumpkin has :) Oh, sometimes I'm a little "envious" of her soft fair skin!

I don't usually wear heavy make-up, so it's important to me that my skin in its natural state looks as healthy, fair and glowing as much as possible. I really don't want to scare little kids when I'm out and about without any make-up on ;p Proper exercise and diet are certainly vital, but so is choosing proper products from trusted brands that work for your skin.

From the same brand loved by many astute skincare users, INFINITY is a sister range that uses kojic acid {a highly pure, naturally ingredient with maximum whitening effects drawn from the power for fermentation} to penetrate deep into the skin, stamping out stubborn blemishes from the root for infinite beauty. 肌色も、質感も、弾力も整った、トータルビューティな肌に。In addition to the popular whitening serum INFINITY KOSÉ Realising White XX, KOSÉ has also just launched the all-new Lotion XX and Serum XX that uses the same power of kojic acid to create radiance in women.

INFINITY KOSÉ Lotion XX is a medicated whitening lotion that effectively cares for various types of blemishes, to create bright skin from within. It works to inhibit melanin generation to prevent blemishes & freckles, and has strong whitening effects added with anti-aging ingredients for firm and supple skin.

INFINITY KOSÉ Serum XX is a medicated whitening emulsion {or moisturizer} that works more effectively with the other 2 INFINITY KOSÉ products to eradicate the toughest blemishes from the root, add resilience and get rid of dullness all over the face.

Pretty excited to be one of the first few in Singapore to try these! I'll be reviewing the INFINITY products and writing about my experiences & skin result after 2 and 4 weeks, so look out for those posts :)

Lil Pumpkin won't need to use them since her skin is so beautiful as it is, of course!

If you want to try out something from the INFINITY range, just 'Like' KOSÉ Singapore Facebook page, register on their Facebook app, share with 10 friends, and select your preferred location to receive free miniatures of INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV {SPF50+}, one of the word's first PA++++ sunscreen. There are 1,000 pieces to be given away and you'll be included in a lucky draw to win a S$250 INFINITY Gift Hamper.

Also, take advantage of INFINITY KOSÉ New Launch Promotions (until 30 Apr 2013),
1) Exclusive 10% introductory discount:
- Deep Protection UV at S$49 {U.P S$54}
- Realising White Lotion XX at S$99 {U.P S$110}
- Realising White Serum XX at S$99 {U.P S$110}

2) Purchase INFINITY KOSÉ Realising White XX at S$148 & enjoy any 2 newly-launched INFINITY KOSÉ products at 15% off:
- Deep Protection UV at S$46 {U.P S$54}
- Realising White Lotion XX at S$94 {U.P S$110}
- Realising White Serum XX at S$94 {U.P S$110}

Here's to fairer skin, radiant from within!

* Disclosure: INFINITY KOSÉ products were provided by KOSÉ Singapore for the blogging campaign, thanks to No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own. Promotions valid while stocks last.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

While you are trying to lighten your skin, I would love for mine to be darker! Oh if we could only trade ;)

An Apel a Day said...

That does sound like a great product. I'm glad you mentioned the ingredients. I'm allergic to sulfates in many products. I have to watch that.

You asked about doctors here in the US. We have to call and consult a nurse before we make an appointment. Health insurance is pretty expensive in the US. We have a standard pay called a co-pay for every visit. The insurance its self is about as much as my house payment a month. Crazy! Anything to prevent actually going in is great.

Lydia C. Lee said...

THat's funny, Theresa, I was about to say the same thing. I guess that's the thing about women, we all want to look like someone else...:)

Unknown said...

Looking forward to see what you thought of the products in a few weeks!

EssentiallyJess said...

It seems so strange that you would want to lighten your skin! You have such a beautiful colour as it is!
But then I guess over here, we are looking for the perfect tan. None of us are ever happy :)

Bachelormum said...

You both make such beautiful models!! What a stunning mum and daughter combo. xx

Ai Sakura said...

Theresa: I used to like to be tan too as it makes me look fitter but after I learnt about all the harmful effect of UV rays and after living with so many Japanese women who prefer fairer skin, I prefer to keep my skin fair too ;p

Alissa: oh I see. thanks for explaining!

Lydia: all beautiful no matter what :)

Winnie: thanks!

Jess: not ghastly white, but fair and blemish-free haha.

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to your reviews! I used to wish I was more tanned, as I have very fair skin, but honestly, I've come to appreciate fair skin because it's healthier in that sense. I've always thought Nicole Kidman has such beautiful skin! And look how fair she is :)

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

I used to always tan but now I'm embracing my fairer skin look too! I have to say I would love your complexion! Em

Grace said...

I always found it interesting while I was in Japan how women wanted to whiten their skin.
But actually, it's not so uncommon here either, people just don't know about it. If you have a problem with pigmentation, there are products that help to even out (and whiten out) your skin complexion.
But they just don't call it "whitening" just dealing with pigmentation and blemishes. Same same but different :)

Lady J said...

So pleased to have met you along the blogging journey and be among the beauty bloggers to do this review. Here's to new radiant skin at the end of 4 weeks! :)