Friday, April 19, 2013

Bub & Me: The Mighty Singapore Merlion

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The funny thing about living in a country, is that you tend to take it for granted. Like when I visit another country, I'll take the time to research and visit the famous sights, sound & food areas, but when staying in one, I tend to think "oh, there will always be time" so don't really bother about doing any much exploring and just live day-to-day in familiar haunts {e.g Orchard Road, Serangoon Gardens, along the Singapore River etc in Singapore}.

Fortunately, it's gotten better since Lil Pumpkin came along though. We try to tickle her senses and explore a different part of Singapore every weekend. Honestly, I enjoy it because it's fun traveling with the family even within a country {国内旅行}, and it helps us to learn more about Singapore too. Kids being kids, Lil Pumpkin asks some random questions sometimes so it's best to read up beforehand on the places' history ;p Sometimes we go off-the-beaten-path {e.g. Kampong Buangkok}, sometimes it's to more touristy areas like the Merlion Park at One Fullerton.

The Merlion  is a Singapore mascot and a mythical creature with the head of a lion & body of a fish. The lion head represents Singapore's origins to be a "lion city" {it's said that the first beast the person who founded Singapore saw was a lion, hence the name} and the fish body was because Singapore used to be a fishing village.
 photo singapore-tourist-merlion-fullerton-family-things-to-do-2_zpse4fd66c0.jpg
Yeah, I like to be a tourist and cam-whore in front of famous icons too hahahaha. Have you seen Lil Pumpkin and my "Zero to Ten" poses in front of the Merlion? #AsiansAtWork

The Merlion Park actually has 2 Merlion structures, the original Merlion statue {8.6m} sprouting water into the Singapore River, and a cute baby Merlion cub {2m}. There's a few nice cafes around, and it's walking distance from other famous places of interest like the Padang, St Andrew's Cathedral and Raffles City. There's also a souvenir shop nearby but unless you want to be ripped off, I don't recommend you buying any omiyage from there. I had a look and a miniature wooden Merlion costs S$68! The best place to buy Singapore souvenirs in my opinion is at... Mustafa Centre ;p

It really was so packed over the weekend so if you do want to visit and get nice photographs, try to go over the weekdays. See my Vine video on it here
 photo singapore-tourist-merlion-fullerton-family-things-to-do-3_zpsd98f7355.jpg
I thought Lil Pumpkin would be so excited to see the Merlion since well, she likes mermaids but apparently they are unrelated in her mind haha. She did take time to admire it, but was more excited to run about the open space and play on the steps near the sea.

There's actually 5 official Merlion statues in Singapore! One at Sentosa Island, two at Merlion Park, one more at Tourism Court {near Grange Road} and another at Mount Faber. We've visited 3 so far and I hope to see the other 2 with Lil Pumpkin soon :)

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J Bott said...

Awwe that looks like a lovely day. It is good that kids help us explore more and be tourists in our own town.

An Apel a Day said...

My boys would love running around there!

I wasn't very good about going around our little city either. Then a few years ago we took a staycation. My husband was sad that we weren't going anywhere, but I proved that where we live can be fun! We got a hotel, went hiking, went to a state park that we had never been to and much more.

As far as the bird goes on my blog, I think Mica meant for it to be a turkey. I'm not sure though. I'll have to ask him.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh I totally know what you mean about taking things for granted living in this island! I started seeing Singapore through fresh eyes first with my husband who moved here, and then now with my kids :)

nat @ natalia familia said...

That's so great that you are taking the time to explore your own backyard! She looks like she is having a ball! Thanks for sharing your pics.

Stopping by from IBOT!

Ai Sakura said...

Eleise: yes it was a lovely day, despite the crowd!

Alissa: Sounds like you had a wonderful staycation! I'd like to have one in SG too :)

Corsage: Singapore really isn't a boring place at all when you actually take the effort to explore ;p

Nat: No prob, thanks for dropping by!

trishie said...

It's easy to take for granted the attractions and sights in your own country - I'm guilty of that too!

PS: I am hosting a Bits of Brit giveaway currently(open to Singapore residents only), so I really hope you will enter:

Emma Wilkinson said...

looks like you had so much fun! My parents have visited Singapore a few times, I am yet to!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love that you are exploring your own city. That is something I really should do myself. You are so right- when visiting other countries, we try to indulge in what they offer, but rarely do we do that in our own back yards.

mail4rosey said...

You're right, we do tend to take the things close to us for granted, which is silly, isn't it? Good for you for changing that up.

I like the pics, the last one is really fun, makes me long for that warm air everyone's been talking about around here. :)

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

That's the name I was searching for on your WW - Sentosa Island, I went there some 10 years ago - just awesome! Em

SengkangBabies said...

It always amuse us when tourists need to pose with Merlion (and MBS), to prove that they have been to Singapore hehe :)

Happy exploring more enclaves in Singapore's streets.

Andy (SengkangBabies)