Friday, April 12, 2013

Bub & Me: P-P-Popcorn Baby!! Her First Movie Theatre Experience

We all like to watch movies, even Lil Pumpkin. Most of the time, we'll snuggle in bed for lazy movie nights at home. Recently, the boy and I decided to be more adventurous and bring Lil Pumpkin out to the movies at a cinema to watch Oz the Great and Powerful. She saw the movie posters a few weeks back and was very interested to watch it.

It was not an easy decision. It's not like Lil Pumpkin can't sit still for 2 hours {she can if she wants to}, but that she's such a little chatterbox during movies! She's always asking questions like "what happened?", "why did she do that?", "is that a girl or boy?", "how come there's no light??" etc. or she will start singing random songs! It's most frustrating during climaxes, when she says something to kill the moment. Even the scariest movie loses its horror effect with her around haha.

Lil Pumpkin has been to live performances before, but watching a movie in a cinema is so different from that. Audience participation and cheering is usually encouraged during live performances, but people tend to like to enjoy their cinema movies in silence.You know.. people like me ;p

We decided to give it a try anyway. If she doesn't behave well, we'll just not bring her there until she's older. If she's all right, that means more chances to watch current movies for us! Yay! Our strategy for Operation Pumpkin at the Movies was simple - give her a huge bucket of popcorn to keep her quiet during the movie, or bring her out of the theatre for a short walk if she got too noisy.

Actually, we gave her TWO big buckets of popcorn (^^)V Look how happy she is! Don't be fooled by her tiny size, she can actually finish almost one bucket by herself.

We borrowed a booster seat so that she will be able to see the screen better. Unfortunately it's all plastic so I think it was quite uncomfortable for her. They should get those with cushions but I guess they will be more of a hassle to clean. Especially when kids eat popcorn or drink their sodas heh. Lil Pumpkin sat in it throughout the movie though and didn't ask to sit on our laps. There was quite a lot of space actually as we could lift up the arm rests. As expected, she started asking questions which we quickly answered and luckily, there were other kids in the cinema too who chattered.. so it wasn't like she was the only one talking in the cinema!

I'm rather pleased that she managed to understand the gist of the story. Witches, princesses, castles, magic all appeal to her very much so she was very engrossed in the movie. One funny part was when she suddenly shouted "jie jie" because she saw the subtitles and recognised the Chinese characters 姐姐 {older sister}! Looks like her Chinese enrichment classes are helping :)

Overall, Operation Pumpkin Goes to the Movies was quite a success! We saw the ad for the upcoming Ironman movie and Lil Pumpkin was quite excited about that too. She likes The Avengers as well so we will try to bring her for that if we can. 

If you are also thinking of bringing your bub to the movies, Golden Village {GV} has Mums and Babies promotions for babies and kids below 90cm for family-friendly movies. Selected GV cinemas are designed to create an environment conducive for movie-going parents with babies and toddlers in tow which includes diaper tables, lower volume and some lights left on. Kids under aged 12 also get to watch movies free every day {except Public Holidays & eve of Public Holidays} at all GV cinemas with the purchase of 2 standard tickets. We didn't get this offer because we bought our tickets online. Check their website for more promotion details.

Have your brought your young kids to the movies yet? How was it?



Unknown said...

Fantastic! It is always such a bonus when a first experience is so well received and certainly means you wont think twice about taking her again. We took 4 boys (2 yr olds first time) plus 2 Grandparents to see The Croods a few weeks ago. Let me just say.. it was a bit of a circus. But they did it all quietly so didn't bother anyone.

Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit said...

My daughter was always great at the movies at any age. She would sit still, fairly quiet and focused. I do recall her crying all the way through Nemo though because Nemo was separated from his Dad which distressed her greatly.
My son on the other hand is a fidget and needs to talk and ask questions all the way through. Even now (he's 9) which is frustrating! LOL. I do love going to the movies with my kids though.
Great photos ;) She is very cute.
Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

Stacy said...

Yayy for Op Pumpkin@movies! Choosing a kiddie movie or a 'noisy' one like Iron Man would help.

Wow GV is so kid-friendly there.

Love the first 2 pics! And her dress.

Mama Obito said...

I have not yet taken my boys to movie theater. I would love to. They enjoy cartoon movie featuring animals such as Madagascar.

Unknown said...

I took my three year old to the movies for the first time recently too :) she loved it!

oliveoylz said...

I brought the gal to watch Rapunzel when she was much smaller. She snored...haha. Good news that OP pumpkin to watch movies passed with flying colours! More movie dates for the three of you:) So cute of pumpkin to recognise the word jie jie! My gal shouts out loud whenever she sees the word "wo" (I) on tv. hahaha.

Grace said...

We've taken the twinlets to the movies a couple of times now but we were like you for that first one - just not quite sure if they'd keep still.
But they loved it! Had a great time!
It's time to hit the cinemas again!
By the way, that's a LOT of popcorn for a little girl! Go Lil Pumpkin! :) x

Unknown said...

Lil Pumpkin sure has an amazing appetite for popcorn. We haven't ventured to the movies with our boy yet, but i think your strategy might work for him too!

Theresa Mahoney said...

So glad lil pumpkin did great at her first movie experience! I remember taking mine to theirs. I was so stressed out wondering how well they were going to do lol. Thankfully they both did fine and we have been a movie theater loving family ever since.

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

Wow that selection of popcorn looks great! My 5 year old still gets bored at movies more than 1 hour - glad she had a ball! That pic of her in front of big popcorn is cool!

An Apel a Day said...

I'm glad she liked it! For some reason my youngest got scared at that one. My oldest loved it though. It probably just depends on the kiddo.

I think they get that there is no talking because everyone is so quiet, there is that message about no talking in the beginning of the movie, and movies are so loud.

My kids don't like the plastic boosters either.

qiuxian said...

I've brought my son to watch The Croods a few weeks back and he was okay! He enjoyed it and even laughed at some of the funny scenes. I will definitely bring him to watch movies again! :)