Friday, April 5, 2013

Restylane Dermal Fillers @ Phoenix Medical Group with FAQs + Promo Code

A lot of us want to age gracefully, and shy away from anti-aging aesthetic treatments because they are "unnatural". However, there is a whole wide range of aesthetic treatments. Some are cosmetic surgeries that require you to go under the knife and you may come out a very different you, while others just enhance your natural beauty with naturally-derived products to help you look younger and fresher. Society is moving forward, and there shouldn't be a stigma against those that want to look the best they can be. Yes, even for those women already married with kids ;)

I'm not encouraging vanity but think of it this way - if we are willing to eat health supplements, keep a daily beauty regime of cleansing, toning, moisturisng, applying creams to our skin and wearing makeup to seem even more beautiful, what makes injecting fillers made up of almost 100% organic substances that's already found in our bodies, less natural? Or how about people that go through orthodontic treatments to correct irregularities in their teeth. Isn't that "unnatural" too but we seem more forgiving on people getting a beautiful smile?

I had my own fears and concerns about aesthetic treatments but in line with my goals this year to step out of my box and be more open to new experiences, I met up with Dr Kang from Phoenix Medical Group to learn more about the different aesthetic treatments and to try out Restylane dermal fillers.

 photo 36dbe69f-beb7-40ec-886d-3f6386a64ca3_zps111bb37d.jpg
Fillers are commonly used to restore volume on the face which has been lost due to aging or to enhance your look e.g. higher nose bridge, more defined chin, fuller lips. These are done through injections into the skin using a small needle, and results are immediate! If you don't believe me, check out my before and after photos below #sansmakeup #nofilter

 photo fd8c9555-b374-4f95-8a61-f76268134dd6_zps37608108.jpg
I had dermal fillers injected into my tear troughs to treat the dark circles and wrinkles under my eyes, and into my nasolabial folds to smoothen out the lines by the sides of my mouth. See my Vine video of the procedure here. I struggle with eye creams to get rid of my dark eye circles and wrinkles so was pleased with the result. My conditions aren't extremely bad {thank goodness!} but you can still see the improvements with the fillers treatment, especially with the deep lines beneath my eyes, and my laugh line on the left side of my mouth. The difference would obviously be more apparent in someone with darker eye circles and deeper wrinkles.

So amazing! Skincare products may take continuous application for a month or more before you see results so patients like this treatment because it looks natural and the results are fast. It helps to lift and smooth out skin without paralyzing facial muscles or limit your natural facial expression. I did experience some redness but they quickly subsided in a few days. You don't really notice it is there, unless you touch your face whereby you can feel some "lumps". Your skin will not look lumpy though. The effects last about 4-6 months and after 2 weeks, patients should meet up with Dr Kang for a review and to touch-up.

 photo 62633ae5-e858-4a69-9c63-1f56ed6d7496_zps6bc2cb8e.jpg
There are several types of dermal fillers which differ with components and the area which it is suitable to use. For my fillers treatment, Dr Kang used Restylane which is made in Sweden and has been the market leader since its launch in 1996. It closely resembles the body's own hyaluronic acid {a naturally occuring substance in your body and is also found in many cosmetic products}, and that helps to reduce the risks of allergic reactions.

The hyaluronic acid in Restylene helps absorb and bind water, providing proper skin hydration. When the water-binding qualities of our skin fade, it becomes duller, more rough-looking and wrinkles start to appear. Replenishing hyaluronic acid inside our skin is one of the most widely prescribed solutions for enhancing beauty because the results are instant, natural, long-lasting and also reversible.

I've known Dr Kang for about a year since the Greenwich V Experience. He is a very friendly, experienced doctor that was patient in answering any queries I had and making sure I was comfortable throughout the whole treatment. Especially for health and medical services, I'm very careful of recommending only brands/people I trust and have a good experience with. I'd definitely recommend Dr Kang if you are interested in getting dermal fillers or other aesthetic treatments done. At Phoenix Medical Group, beauty and wellness goes hand-in-hand. Dr Kang & his team provides customised treatments ranging from skin care, to hair loss, anti-aging and even weight management.There's no hard-selling and he'll be happy just to have a chat with you.

I've compiled a list on FAQs based on my experience of getting Restylane dermal fillers with Dr Kang. If you have other questions, leave me a comment or consult Dr Kang.

Promo Code: Quote "Sakura Haruka" when making an appointment to get 15% discount off dermal fillers treatment and consultation with Dr Kang at Phoenix Medical Group. No expiry date.

Phoenix Medical Group
1 Seletar Road #02-11, Greenwich V / 4 Hillview Rise #02-2, 0 HillV2
Tel: 6555 3512 / 6710 7157

P.S. I'm also doing an Intense Pulsed Light aesthetic treatment {IPL} with Dr Kang to treat redness and skin pigmentation problems on my face. Have a promo code for that too if you're interested to try it out :)

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

1. Is it painful?
There's a slight prick you get from jabs, but otherwise not really. Dr Kang applies a topical anaesthetic cream over the targeted areas before injection and there's some anethesia inside the fillers to ease the pain too.

2. How long does it last?
Restylane dermal fillers lasts about 4-6 months. Depends on the type used and area covered.

3. Are there any side effects?
There might be slight swelling and/or bruising for a few days but I didn't have any bruising, just some slight redness.

4. Any food restrictions?
Avoid ginger, garlic and strong painkillers, like aspirin and ponstan - they may promote bruising.

5. Can I go for facials after fillers?
Recommended not to for at least 2 weeks. Avoid touching it as it might move the fillers around. However, you can use make-up and your usual skincare products immediately.

6. Does Dr Kang charge for first consultation?
Yes. Consultation fees are usually $50 for the first consultation and $25 for reviews. But he usually doesn't charge consult for the 2 week touch-up review, and quote "Sakura Haruka" for the exclusive 15%  discount off the treatment and consultation fees for my blog readers.

7. How much does it cost?
Dr Kang does not charge by area of treatment as some places do, but S$650 for 1ml of filler so you know exactly the amount you are getting with your payment. I used 1ml for my tear trough {under-eyes area} and 1ml for my nasolabial folds {lines at the sides of my mouth}, however, the amount used varies with each person. S$650 seems a lot to fork out at once, but do the math and you'll realise it'll cost about 2 dinner outings per month. It's an even better deal when you quote "Sakura Haruka" for the exclusive 15%  discount off the treatment and consultation fees for my blog readers.

8. What's the difference between fillers and Botox?
Botox helps with "dynamic wrinkles" - lines that appear on your face when you move the muscles of your face, e.g crow's feet, forehead frown lines. Fillers help with "static wrinkles" - lines that are there even when you are not moving a single muscle - like the smile/laugh lines by the side of your mouth and the under eye lines created by the presence of puffy eye bags.

9. How long is the whole procedure?
About 1 hour. 30 minutes to apply a local anesthesic cream and wait for it to be absorbed,
and 30 mins for the injections and "moulding" of fillers.

10. What's the recommended age for fillers?
Technically, there's no upper or lower age limit for fillers. But different demographics do fillers for different reasons. Dr Kang's patients in their early 20s for example, do fillers to enhance or modify their looks - like higher nose bridge, more pointy chin. Whereas for patients in their late 20s/30s and above do it more for restoration/preservation of their youthful looks.

* Disclosure: Dermal Fillers Aesthetic Treatment was provided by Phoenix Medical Group and Restylane for review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own. The content is not presented by a qualified healthcare professional and is for informational purpose only. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek medical advice first before trying.



An Apel a Day said...

I'd love to do something with the bags under my eyes. I have such bad allergies. Then my deviated septum would be nice to fix up to. I'd breathe a lot better.

mabel :) said...

ah! i wouldn't dare! i extremely terrified of needles!

but omg, the results!!! :D

EssentiallyJess said...

You can really see e difference, especially in the second lot of pictures. Your eyes look heaps bigger!
I don't think I could do it though. Needles near my eyes sounds terrifying

Unknown said...

You can definitely notice a difference in your eyes! I have hereditary dark circles under mine...DARK lol and although I wouldn't do this to treat them, it definitely seems to improve it by looking at the before/after photos! That's great that you're trying new things!!

Ai Sakura said...

Alissa: Would be worth a try!

Mabel: If you take the usual health jabs this is fine, really :) Just close your eyes ;p

Jess: If you close your eyes it's really not that bad :)

Brandi: Yeah it opens up a whole new world when you say "yes" more than "no" ^^V

Grace said...

Interesting and informative post, Ai!
I haven't had derma fillers but you know, with all this sleep deprivation I think I'm going to have to look into something soon!

Unknown said...

Hi there, how's the fillers coming along since the day you did them? Do you still feel bumps underneath your eyes? I'm considering going for a consultation with Dr Kang (I have puffy eye bags) but concerned about side effects of fillers for eye trough.

Ai Sakura said...

Tea Rose Love: it's been about 5 months and I can still feel some of it there. Very slight. Any bumps is totally not visible though.

I'd suggest you talk to Dr Kang to address any concerns :) He'll be able to explain things to you better. Don't forget to use my promo code if you are getting the fillers though!

josze said...

Hi! How was the after effect of the nasolabial fold filler? It seems the changes are drastic for your eyes but not so much on the laugh lines (which are my MAJOR concern) :)

Ai Sakura said...

Josze: I think they worked very well for my laugh lines too.. Especially the one on my right. Of course if you want a more obvious effect, you add more.. but we went for a more "natural" look so didn't adjust too drastically.

It's been about 6 months since I did this but up last month when I went for facial, my therapist (not related to Dr Kang) asked if I went for touch-ups as the effects still looked good. I haven't :)

josze said...
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Anonymous said...

For the touchup review, did you have to purchase another 1ml of fillers? or did the doctor use the remainder from the 1st session ?

Anonymous said...

Hi babe, do you know how much is a nose and chin fillers done at Phoenix?

Ai Sakura said...

Anon: for the touch-up, the docter used the remainder from the first session.

Anon: please contact the clinic. I think different fillers are used for different regions and price differs.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know this post was done 2 years back. But may I enquire if the promo is still applicable?
Thanks for the attention :)

Ai Sakura said...

Anon: Yes, this is an ongoing promo with Phoenix Medical Group. Treatment costs might have changed since my post so please check with them on latest details. There's also promo for IPL and Liposonix treatments.

Hana said...

Hi! May I know it's only lasts abt 4-6 months? Or after few months even after 1year still look ok?

Tai Tai said...

heya ^^ Recently I got through a similar treatment to yours, after reading about it here and on similar blogs, I was sceptical at first but it got so bad that I just had to try it and i am so glad that i did! Dark eye circles can go eff themselves now, lol!
Thank you for sharing this (yes I know it's old but it still helped me!:))