Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Kampong Spirit at Home

We are very fortunate to stay next to a very lovely neighbour, Mrs A. You know, the kind that will help take in your mail, give your kids toys, look out for strangers loitering if you're away for too long.

We have some plants in the corridor that we share and Mrs A will even help us to water the plants and trim away the dead leaves. I do like to keep plants but unfortunately, I've no green fingers. Even cactus dies on me :( Fortunately, with Mrs A's help, our plants have lasted for about 2 years since we bought them.

Our plants' soil has hardened somewhat and Mrs A told us that we should get some new soil. We've been sitting on it for a while and one fine day, we came home to find a new packet of soil. No doubt bought by Mrs A. But being the lazy home gardeners busy folks that we are, we left that sitting under our patio table for a bit longer.

I think Mrs A gave up and yesterday, we discovered new soil in our pots. Oooops. I'm kind of embarrassed that she's taking better care of our plants than us, yet so grateful that we have such kind neighbours to look out for us. Is this the kind of kampong spirit that the government was talking about? The kind where neighbours supported each other and treated one another like family members just because we are bonded by our common space? I've never lived in a kampong {Malay village} before but I heard that it was a hotbed of informal volunteering; where neighbours helped one another on a spontaneous basis out of friendship for the good of the entire community. It seems like that's how it is at home now, as we do look out for Mrs A and family too.

I'd like to give Mrs A our plants since she deserves them more than we do but I think they are too beaten to be given as a gift. I reckon baking Mrs A a thank-you cake this weekend would be much better ;)

I Blog on Tues with Essentially Jess. Does the kampong spirit exist where you live?



Unknown said...

Don't feel too bad, that would be me too. I would keep putting it off, then my Mum would come and do it for me :)
A cake sounds like a wonderful idea. But I bet she would love to share it with you also. #teamIBOT

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

What a beautiful kind thing to do for you and your plants. I let things go too long too.
If only all neighbours were kinder.

Stacy said...

Oh what a good neighbour. I'd be completely embarassed too... as if giving the soil wasn't enough, she needs to re-pot as well! Yes I think a baked gift is in order. :)

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

I think she would LOVE a cake or even a just a cake from lil' pumpkin - what goes around comes around, how sweet! Em x

An Apel a Day said...

My Dad is a great gardener. I always wonder, but don't ask what he thinks of our lame attempts.

oomph. said...

there are a handful of us on our street that are close and help each other out. not quite as spontaneous, but when someone needs help, we help. nice to have good neighbors!


Grace said...

Oh, what a lovely neighbour you have!
We have a mix of the kampong spirit around here. Our next door neighbours are an absolute delight. The ones upstairs couldn't be more of an opposite.
Makes life very interesting around here :)

EssentiallyJess said...

I think my neighbour would do the same thing! We had a trailer sitting out the front, full of stuff, cause Boatman hadn't had the chance to empty it. He came to ask if he could borrow it, and I said yes, but apologised that it needed to be emptied. He said that was ok.
later Boatman tells me how weird it is, because the neighbour has his own trailer! We think now he just asked because he wanted to empty it for us!
We take him fresh fish, but I think a homemade cake would be greatly received in your case. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

That is really sweet! I must say having good neighbours is a HUGE blessing. I think if I ever had to move, our miss ours!

Ai Sakura said...

Sophie: aww you have a great mum!

Trish: Yes we got lucky with the one opp us.. the one below us, not that great ;p

Stacy: I know, right!

Emily: Always nice to have a good living environment :)

Alissa: My mum gardens too.. why didn't the genes pass down?? haha

ommph: so awesome!

Grace: haha true! I'm not that fond of the ones below us either

Jess: Empty the trailer? Wow that's a really nice neighbour indeed!

Corsage: Yeah she wanted to sell for a period of time.. I got so sad. Luckily she changed her mind heh