Friday, May 3, 2013

Bub & Me: Marvel's Iron Man 3 Family Movie Date

Since we saw the ad for Iron Man 3 during Lil Pumpkin's first movie experience, we've been looking forward to catching the movie when it was released. However, as we've ALL been ill for the past week or so, we couldn't watch it during its opening weekend. It really is horrible when the whole family is down :((( We've been battling with diarrhea, conjunctivitis, flu... urgh. 

Anyway on May Day we felt kinda better and finally managed to watch it at FilmGarde Cineplex, Bugis+. Lil Pumpkin was so excited!! It was a real treat too as we've been cooped up at home for a few days to recuperate.

I'm not really into Marvel's comics, although I did watch The Avengers and Captain America movies. I think I started liking Iron Man from watching The Avengers. He's my fave Avengers character because of the charismatic and witty Robert Downey Jr. Seriously, I cannot imagine another actor playing Iron Man. Can you??

The boy nommed on some Berrylite yogurt before the movie started.  So yummy! You can get a free topping with your FilmGarde movie ticket stub :) We also bought the usual popcorn and snacks to munch on during the movie.

The FilmGarde cinema doesn't seem as comfortable as a GV cinema. The leg space isn't as big, and you can't lift the arm-rests up. Also, the restrooms are located outside the cinemas at the end of a corridor. Bummer.

Lil Pumpkin realllly didn't like the plastic booster seat this time so she sat on my lap for most part of the movie. She also wasn't that into her popcorn but luckily we had a back-up plan - french fries!! haha. Parents always need Plan B, C, D, E etc. in case Plan A doesn't work ;p She happily nommed on it while watching the movie and didn't talk too much. There were, of course, the occasional questions {why does he have blood on his face??} but no distracting chatter from her. Phew!

Iron Man 3 is such a brilliantly entertaining movie with a few twists {don't worry, I won't give it away here!} that I won't mind watching it again actually. It's rated PG-13 because of its action and violent scenes, but there's nothing too gruesome or sexual. Lil Pumpkin has seen the previous Avengers movies and has been exposed to sci-fi films of this sort, so we are comfortable with bringing her to watch the film. I think if your kids have watch Lord of the Rings {which is also rated PG-13} or other Avengers movies with epic battle scenes, they should be all right to watch Iron Man 3.

I love our family movie date and look forward to having more :) What other good movies should be look out for in 2013?

P.S.  If you do intend to watch Iron Man 3, please stay until the end of the credits before leaving the cinema!!

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Emily said...

Looks like a great day out! Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not really into the superhero movies either, but loved the line in The Avengers when Captain America asks Iron Man what he'd be without his suit, and he replies 'Just a genius millionaire playboy philanthropist'. Hilarious!

oomph. said...

i LOVE robert downey, of course, iron man is my fave, too! i had no idea they were coming out with a 3rd...YAY!
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myshelomitashop said...

Robert Downey Jr. Is so hot in this movie..going to watch Iron Man3 definitely!

An Apel a Day said...

I'm glad you are all starting to feel better! I've had kind of the same thing.

I haven't seen any of the Iron Man movies. I should get on that especially having little boys. I'm sure they would totally get into them.

Stacy said...

Love the way lil pumpkin poses!

I intend to watch this movie too... but without the kids heh.

Anonymous said...

Your lil' Pumpkin looks so grown up! I'm not sure if I'll get to this at the cinema, but definitely want to see it.

Bachelormum said...

Hope you guys are feeling better now. Not a big fan of iron man movies myself - i love brace and nemo ... especially nemo ;-) xx

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Love this post Ai, my boys are so keen to see Iron man 3.

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

Ohh I can't remember the last time we went to a movie... Xoxo

mail4rosey said...

That's awesome that you got to go see it! I am so excited about it I might skip #2 and see three. I hope I don't, but I might, lol.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I have been reading such good things about Iron Man movies. I have not seen any of them yet, but really need to sit down and do it. We did watch the Avengers, and I agree, Iron Man was my favorite!

Glad to hear you are all on the mend. It really does stink when the whole family is ill at once!

Grace said...

Oh, I can't wait to see Iron Man 3! All the reviews have been great!
Your Lil Pumpkin sure knows how to ham it up for the camera :) x

SEO Services said...

I've been reading the good things of the Iron Man movie. I have not seen any, but we really need to sit down and do. We did see the Avengers, I agree, Iron Man is my favorite!