Friday, May 31, 2013

Home Living | Lil Pumpkin's Room Tour

For Christmas last year, we decided to give Lil Pumpkin her own room {see my inspirations for her new room}. She has been co-sleeping with us since birth and initially I thought it would be an uphill task getting her to sleep in her own room, but since seeing how awesome her bed is, she's been very happy to sleep there {with daddy since he's afraid she'll fall out!} since April this year.

Actually, I realise that I'm the one not ready to sleep without her at night!! Oh the irony! I miss having her {and the boy} so sometimes I have to plead reaaaaally hard for her to sleep back on our bed with me... tsk.

Before she got her own room, Lil Pumpkin had a cozy corner in our bedroom for her to play, read and take comfort in. We've since moved over her toys and some of the shelves to her new room. I plan to convert her old cozy corner into my cozy corner/ workspace haha. Have not started on this home project yet though.

Her room was actually the boy's study so that explains the monotones. Was toying with the idea of repainting the walls with something more girly but we thought to leave it as a more neutral colour {says the mum who bought a pink castle bed!} so that Lil Pumpkin can share the room with a future sibling, who might be a boy.

The bed is from FLEXA and is pretty pricey, but the quality is excellent and you can configure it in many different ways, to reflect your individual tastes and ideas. Lil Pumpkin really loves the princess castle play curtains and the slide!! She plays on the slide every day, and is so willing to sleep in the bed that we find it a worthwhile investment :)

The boy and I were thinking of a HABA bed that had a swing, rock climbing wall, reading nook, hammock etc but of course, that was about 4 times the price of this bed, and we really couldn't justify getting a bed so expensive even for our beloved child. If Lil Munchin comes along, we can convert this bed into a bunk bed as well. The bed will well last her until her teenage year {minus the play curtains and slide, of course} and can take up to about 100kg.

Currently under her bed we are storing more of her toys, so the play curtains really help to block out the "mess" too! We can put another mattress there in case any guest stays over as well.

On the other side of the bed is her play and reading area. Kitchen set, swing, mat all from Ikea, and the easel is from Crayola.

Her little chalk table for reading, writing and craft as well as the diy washi chair I made for her. She's also using the 3M LED6000 Polarizing Light to protect her eyes from straining at night.

The boy left his BAPE Kids magazines and Tree Art pieces I crafted for him to decorate her room. I used Wikki Stix to create the colourful flower mural. Pretty? I'm inspired by washi wall murals but find that it uses a lot of washi tape, which I find quite wasteful ;p Decorated the switch box with Wikki Stix too so that it creates some texture and is easier to find in the dark at night heh.

Mini paper lanterns from Typo and kept in place on the yarn with Wikki Stix. We used about 3 containers {each contains 10 balls} in varying designs for a whimsical ceiling look. They aren't attached to their light-bulbs as the cords weren't long enough to go across the ceiling.

Her shelves are stuffed with her toys, books, clothes, art supplies, more toys... the Beatrix NY Wheelie bag holds some of her old baby clothes. I want to decorate the mini wooden chest of drawers. Haven't decided with what yet.. maybe paint or washi.

Some of her artpieces from her weekly art classes are displayed on the shelves and walls too :) It's getting to be quite a collection though, so I'm finding it hard to store and display them all!

Lil Pumpkin's room is about 80% done, but still a work in progress. I'll update again later when more has been done. Hope you enjoyed her room tour! :)

P.S. If you'd like to share with me your kids' rooms too, leave me a comment to your post! Thanks!


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An Apel a Day said...

I love it all!!! The bed is perfect! I heart the reading nook! It looks like she has a good amount of space.

My boy's rooms are here if you want to see: Sadly Isaak ripped his tree down! I'm trying to think of what to do to replace it. Any ideas?

mail4rosey said...

Her room is gorgeous! We let our little one sleep w/us if it's not a school night. I like having him around too. :)

Emma Wilkinson said...

wow, what a fantasy room! I would like one just like it for me :)

Unknown said...

What a lovely and fun-packed room. My kids' room is jus bare and shelved for easy cleaning. *lazy me;p* I should so start decorating it up more. Thanks for the inspiration! ;D

Alison from The Thrifty Issue said...

WOW! What a gorgeous room, and a super fun bed! She's a lucky girl ... and hopefully it doesn't take too long for you to not miss having her on your bed.

Stacy said...

Oh my what a fantastic room! And I just LOVE her bed. Monotone walls are fine (though isn't that a pink wall I see?) coz they offset the pink very nicely.

My kiddos still sleep with us. I'm planning to move them both together when the younger one is 3yo. Couple more years that I don't have to let go yet. Saves on the aircon bill too. :)

Unknown said...

I think it is really well thought out and so pretty! We had a similar bed for a few years, with a star canopy. I really love that swing. I would love to add one of those to our place.

oomph. said...

what a great much to keep her entertained. yes, those flexa beds are expensive, but they seem to convert nicely as they grow.

btw-it's actually a rare occasion that mini takes my pictures. i usually have to take my own.


Grace said...

Her room looks amazing, Ai!!
Love how it looks so cosy and that chalk table would provide hours of entertainment.
The boys have just started finding their way into our bed and I relish every moment...although Mr Surfer? Not so much :)

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

There is no way I'm going to show my daughter these photos - she'd be SO JEALOUS! Just divine Ai! Emily

Unknown said...

Wowzers! What an awesome room! My daughter just pointed at the photos and said "ohhhhh look mommy!" lol. Lil' Pumpkin is a very lucky girl! I wish I had a room like that lol

Elise said...

What a gorgeous little room! Im not surprised she is happy to sleep in that bed, Im just surprised she's willing to share it!

Evelyn said...

Layla's room is pink and grey too! (Possibly the exact shades! Is yours Dulux Wash + Wear Lollipop?) But it still looks really girly at this point, baby Z isn't allowed entry into HER room yet. :P

What a fun and colourful room! And those lanterns are so pretty! Love it :)

Layla said...

Totally love the inspirations and final room, Ai! And I know which HABA bed you are referring to... it really looks awesome but the pricetag is out of the world. My hubby n I intend to do an ikea hack instead (or attempt to, at least) when we are ready to let Bielet sleep on her own. Can't sleep without her snuggling up next to us (me). Lol

♥ bie

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love it! Lil Pumpkin is a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful room!

Adrine said...

That's a very nice room!

No wonder she doesn't want to sleep in your room anymore. haha.

Kylie Purtell said...

Can I just say how jealous I am of Lil Pumpkin's bed! I would want to sleep in that every day too! I know Punky would love it! I have finally almost cleared the junk from PJ#2's room and I am hoping after I speak to my Mum tonight that we may be able to get on to moving furniture and painting in the next week or two. Once the painting is done then we will start on the decorating and switching around of furniture as PJ#2 is getting some of Punky's furniture and Punky is getting some new stuff. I will definitely do a post about it all once I've got it organised!