Friday, May 24, 2013

My 29 Candles

So I turned 29 years old this week. The last year in my twenties. My heart beats fast whenever I think about it as I can't believe I'll be hitting the big 3-0 next year.. oh my oh my! But as my dear friend Kitty reminded me, being in our thirties will be much better than our twenties as it means more confidence, more stability and more knowledge in knowing what we want and where we are headed. Touché!

The boy often reminds me as well that age is well, just a number. If you feel young, look young, behave young-at-heart... basically no one gives a sh*t how old you are. Again, there's much wisdom in those words.

I'm not afraid of getting old. I'm just scared that life is slipping by too fast, too furious, and I'm not taking every opportunity to enjoy it to its fullest. Would I look back when I'm in my 50s and think, darn, I should have done this or go there? I hope not.

But whatever comes my way in the future, I'm glad that I have loving family and friends by my side. Life is so much more meaningful with you. Thank you all for your beautiful birthday wishes. I'm sorry I couldn't reply to all individually, but I really appreciate each and every one. I'm truly blessed :)

Special shout-out of course to the man in my life - Dr Dru. Thanks for taking time off work to spend the whole day with me and getting all my birthday gifts {5 in total!!}. Love you so much and here's to many more birthdays to spend with you. チュゥゥゥゥ~



Unknown said...

Onwards and upwards! Don't worry about turning 30, it's just another chapter.
Happy Birthday again!!

Mrs BC said...

I have that same feeling that life is slipping by, and I am 45! I think the answer is to live in the moment. Happy Birthday!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy Birthday! I dreaded hitting my 30's, but find I am LOVING them! I feel more confident about everything in my life. My stability, my appearance, my parenting. What I want out of life and feel I have a great plan set in place. Not that my 20's were bad, I just really love my 30's!

Ai Sakura said...

Sophie: thank you!

Mrs BC: so very true :)

Theresa: thank you for your encouragement and testimony!

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

Oh Ai you are such a gorgeous wee muffin! And so trendy! I feel 50 compared to you (and I'm only 35) Em xx

Grace said...

Otanjobi omedetou!!!
Sounds like you had a brilliant day and got spoilt rotten! And yes, age is just a number, just live life to its fullest and you'll never worry about how old you are! xxx

Elise said...

I doubt very much that you will look back with regrets! Your life looks full and fun xx Glad you had a good day

An Apel a Day said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! You are young. I'm 37.

Stacy said...

I do think my 30's were the best too, so do look forward to yours!

FIVE presents from your doc?? Hoo hoo! :)