Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sole-struck | New Seduce & St Tropez Holster Jellies

We'll be leaving for our Japan trip in about 2 weeks!! OMGGGG I can't believe it's happening so soon!!! Wheeee~! It's going to be summer there and since I loved my Holster Seduce Jellies in Opal Violet,  I got another pair of Seduce in Bronze Pewter for the trip :P They were on sale too at Not Too Big *grinz*

The basic colours are easy to coordinate with different outfits. I like to travel light and so won't be changing my footwear a lot {more luggage space for shopping hahahah}. Really love the pretty bows and it's so cooling to wear!

I got a pair of St Tropez in Marina as well since they had my size! Again, super comfortable and oh-so casual chic. I've been wearing it out a lot lately because it complements just about anything from casual office wear to pretty dresses to my staple of cropped pants {love the ones from Uniqlo!}. Just looking at it makes me feel like I'm on a beach holiday haha

These are easier than the Seduce jellies to slip in and out because of the flexible woven rope details. If you're lazy like me and don't like to buckle in and out each time you wear the sandals, St Tropez are just perfect ;)

The St Tropez collection is not on sale at Not Too Big, but there's a wide range of Holster you can check out. Holster jellies come in ballet flats, slippers, heels and even kids-wear. The store will be bringing in new designs and Singapore-exclusive Holster jelllies around mid-June too.

What's your favourite summer footwear?

*Note: This is not a sponsored or paid review. All views expressed are my own.



Miss Cinders said...

They're so pretty! Wish I had the feet that could wear them though :( I find it hard to find shoes that suit me.

Have a fantastic time in Japan! Two weeks isn't long at all to wait ;)

MC x

Qiu Xian said...

They look really pretty and comfortable. I've been looking for sandals for quite a while but have not seen this brand before, maybe I'll check them out. Are they expensive?

~Summer~ said...

Looks comfy and perfect for the beach! Have fun on your vacation, Ai! No need tell you take lots of pics to share because you always do so! =)

Mrs M said...

I absolutely love a good pair of thongs. love them.

Traveling Morion said...

Will bookmark this post and share to my wife- nice pair!

An Apel a Day said...

They are pretty! I have to wear special shoes since I have special supports to put in them. My shoe selection has sadly gone down the tubes.

EssentiallyJess said...

Oh I love them!!! So pretty and perfect for our climate!
Pity I'm on a very strict budget right now :(

Grace said...

Oh, I love!!! I wear Birkenstocks in the summer but they're starting to die. Luckily, I have a couple of seasons to figure what to place them with.
Enjoy Japan! x

Theresa Mahoney said...

You always have the cutest shoes. I want to raid your shoe closet lol.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I've been seeing these sandals and wondering if to get them as they are so pretty! Maybe I will after all, and soon :)