Friday, June 21, 2013

The Boy's obsessions: BAPE 20th Anniversary @ Kyoto BAPE Exclusive, Japan

After Aki's traditional Japanese wedding in Kanazawa, we headed down to Kansai. As you know, the boy is a big BAPE fan and was pretty bummed he couldn't check out it's 20th anniversary exhibition {8 - 15 June 2013} at the Kyoto BAPE Exclusive store himself in Japan with us. Being the *ahem* loving wife that I am, of course I went down on his behalf to check it out! Well, I was curious to see the new BAPE Exclusive store at Shijyo too since it was built after I left Japan. Previously it was just a 2-storey BAPE store at Sanjyo.
BAPE turned 20 as of 1 April 2013 and NIGO {then Creative Director} teamed up with 20 special international artists to each create their own unique Ape Head design for special tees and canvas art.  These included Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Shinsuke Takizawa {street brand Neighbourhood designer & founder} and others I'm not that familiar with.

Above are some of the unique Ape Head I saw at the exhibition. It was pretty small actually, on the 3rd floor of Kyoto BAPE Exclusive. I was expecting a bigger exhibition showcasing limited edition BAPE items from their 20 years of existence. Oh well.

The boy wanted the Ape Head tee designed by NIGO himself - the one that looks like the Monkey God 孙悟空 but of course the 20th anniversary T-shirts sold out on the 1st day of the exhibition! We were too optimistic they would still be available when I went down on the 5th day *sigh* I asked the salesperson if I can even buy the one on the mannequin but he said they aren't for sale... sorry dear!
This was my fave tee actually as it showcased all 20 Ape Head designs, and the full list of designers at the back. I also liked Pharell William's DNA Ape Head design.
The first 2 floors of Kyoto Bape Exclusive sold Bape Kids, Ladies and Menswear. So much bigger than the old Bape store at Sanjyo!
I couldn't leave empty handed so got the boy a big Ape Head polo shirt in Kyoto's exlusive Ape Head colour {there's a specific colour for each BAPE store}, and a silicon Baby Milo ice cube tray for myself. I'm such a sucker for cute ice-cube trays!!! hahaha. Looking forward to making kawaii Baby Milo and Bape Star ice, chocolate or chara-ben for Lil Pumpkin and me ;p

Kyoto BAPE Exclusive has other Kyoto-limited items {京都限定アイテム} like the samurai Baby Milo tees and BAPE camo fans. Actually since NIGO left BAPE for good as of 30 April 2013, we both reckon BAPE will not be the same without him so I'm not sure if the boy will still continue to be such a big fan of the brand. Told him he should just go for the very exclusive items if he still wants to get stuff from BAPE. We shall see. He might just end up supporting NIGO's new brand, Human Made.

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Tegan Churchill said...

Those designs looks great, so original.

oomph. said...

i have no idea what bape is or means, but my nephew was into it a few years back. i tried to find some things here, but was hard to find! thanks for sharing this!

Grace said...

I've got no idea what BAPE is but it looks totally funky and cool!
Oh, I miss Kyoto!

mail4rosey said...

That's fun that there are specific colors for each store. Glad you got a shirt to take home for the gift. :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Those are cool shirts! I like the colorful designs!

MunirGhiasuddin said...

Bape is still very unfamiliar in the USA. Only a few fashion oriented people might know but for some reason the word has not gotten around yet. Huh?

Ai Sakura said...

Tegan: yup, all from top pop culture designers :)

oomph: no worries, it's a Jap brand and they have a shop in LA if I'm not wrong.

Grace: yes I miss it so much too!

mail4rosey: the boy was pretty happy with that shirt heh

Theresa: BAPE is very colourful and funky haha

Munir: oh I see!