Friday, July 19, 2013

How to Clean & Remove Tough Stains from Clothes + {Vanish Fabric Stain Remover Giveaway}

Have you tried removing blood stains before??

Blood stains rank high up there along with grease, ink, oil and grass stains as one of the toughest stains to clean. Having a vet hubby means he comes back almost daily with these icky blood stains that he gets when doing animal surgeries. At first I had a headache cleaning them but I soon learnt an easy trick from my mother-in-law, who's a vet as well, to use Vanish Power O2 and I've never looked back since :)

Vanish is amazing even with those tough, dried-in blood stains. After-photo above was taken after just 1 soak and wash with it #nofilter. Even if you're not a vet, you're bound to get blood stains on your clothes one way or another through cuts, scrapes or nose-bleeds. Yes, mothers of active children, you probably get your fair share of blood-stained clothes too!

To remove blood stains,
1. Dissolve 1 scoop of Vanish Power O2 powder in a basin of warm water
2. Soak the blood-stained item in the Vanish Power O2 solution. It's recommended to soak item for 1hr max for colours, or up to 6 hrs max for whites. Do not use on wool, silk or leather.
3. Wash as usual with your favourite detergent and another scoop of Vanish Power O2 powder.

Easy peasy! I rarely have to even scrub at the stain after soaking it with Vanish and it works every single time :)

  • Always follow the usage instructions on the Vanish packaging
  • Avoid smearing the blood around. Blot the stain with a wet napkin first if you are outdoors and can't wash it immediately.
  • If you don't have Vanish Power O2 at hand {but you should!}, soak the stain in cold water, then apply salt, club soda or vinegar to the stain then rub it in until it disappears. Wash as usual.

For parents with messy kids like *ahem* Lil Pumpkin, you'll be happy to know that Vanish removes almost all types of stains quickly and easily, and so there's no need to stress and worry about ruining their cute clothes :P There's also Vanish Power O2 Crystal White which works to remove stains and keep your whites as white as possible. Excellent for school uniforms!

Promotion: If you have a secret to making stains vanish forever, you can share your trick with Vanish Singapore here to win great prizes! Vacuum cleaners and washing machines are the top prizes and first 400 participants who upload a video/ photo of their Vanish trick will get a set of Vanish products worth S$20. Haven't got a stain removal trick yet? Request for a free sample of Vanish Power O2 from the site then join in!

Win 3-6 Months Supply of Vanish Products

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UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winner is Yeo Sze Min. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!

* Disclosure: Vanish Singapore provided Vanish Power O2 powder  for a sponsored advertorial. All opinions are my own.



An Apel a Day said...

That's a pretty impressive job on the blood stains! I have a family full of nurses, so they to have had their fair share of blood stains as well.

mail4rosey said...

That's really, really good that it gets the blood stains out.

Unknown said...

I am using Vanish liquid stain removal recently, but never (have not yet got any) use it on blood stain. This is good to know that Vanish actually works on it.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Blood stains are a beast to remove! With kids in the house, we sure get our fair share. Bloody noses, scraped knees, falling off bicycles. I swear, I've scrubbed more blood out of clothes than anything else. This sounds like a fabulous product!

Grace said...

They're amazing results, Ai! I can see how Vanish has proven to be the cure to your headaches!

Madeline Heng said...

Bloody laundry indeed... haha

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

I wish I had used this years ago when my kids were babies! But it is quite expensive, but I can see worth it! Em x

Ai Sakura said...

Alissa: I would think so! What do you use to remove the blood stains?

mail4rosey: yes so easy!

Mama Obito: I hope you won't get to use it for blood stains unless it's due to work!

Theresa: I hate sitting in the bathroom scrubbing through clothes. One of the worst time wasters ever ><"

Grace: pretty good, eh? :)

Madeline: haha yeah :P

Emily: I'm not sure if the price has changed but 1 scoop can be used for 1 laundry load (just maintenance cleaning) so I guess that's quite economical :)

Angie @ Simply Mommie said...

I've voted! Looks really impressive!

Unknown said...

Voted for you :) We use Vanish at home too!

Ashmika said...

I have voted & with kids I just can't imagine clean clothes without vanish :)....stains vanish...smiles innnnnn

Anyclean said...

Vanish actually works for me too. I have a white tablecloth which I use every time we have guests and you can imagine at the end it is full of drinks and food stains. Although I wash it with a good laundry product, I also add vanish and it removes all of the stains perfectly. I encourage you to try this product too.