Thursday, July 11, 2013

Protect Precious Eyes | 3M LED6000 Polarizing Light

Our eyes and vision are very important as we use them to learn and discover about the world, so it's crucial that we protect them, and teach the kids how to maintain their eye health and vision from young before it's too late. Stress, diet, activity are all big variables that affect vision, and changes may take time to combat worsening eyesight, but one change we can make immediately with a huge result is our reading light.

Lil Pumpkin has such big, pretty eyes so I hope she doesn't have to cover them up with spectacles due to bad eyesight!

Do you often squint at your book because of the harsh glare from your lamp? Or does the light from it cause your eyes to feel dry and tired? Understanding the strain we put our eyes through daily, 3M introduced the new LED6000 Polarizing Light to reduce harmful glare and elevate reading comfort.

3M has been producing Polarizing lamps since 2003, but this new model utilizes the latest 3M Air Guiding Technology. Basically, it forms an efficient and effective light recycling system that minimizes glare with optimized use of light. With this technology, a comfortable and soothing surface light source with reduced glare and no multi-shadow problem is generated. Sounds and works pretty good!

We're trying to get Lil Pumpkin to study and do work e.g. draw or craft on her chalk table, instead of bending over on the floor as it might cause backaches and eye strain. As she starts formal schooling, she will have increasing homework so this would be a good habit to cultivate. Even at night, with the  LED6000 Polarizing Light on her table, sitting there is better for her eyes it as shines brightly on her materials, without causing her to squint :)

Sleek and ergonomic, the lamp offers 5 different brightness levels that's easy to adjust with the touch dimmer, even for kids. It's really light and compact, so sometimes I'd borrow it to use when I'm doing work on my sofa late at night and I don't want to switch on all of living room lights. Really such a breeze to move around compared to bulky table lamps!

LED6000 Polarizing Light is selling at S$269 but considering it has lower power consumption which leads to energy savings, and long-term performance for 50,000 hours of usage {about 32 years if you use it daily for 4 hours!!}... it is a worthy investment, especially if it can help protect our precious eyes. With proper care {i.e. Lil Pumpkin doesn't smash it on the floor}, it should last her all the way until university ends... maybe even until her kids finish uni ahahhahha 

Besides white and lime green, 3M will be releasing a new pink LED6000! It'll be available from 22 July 2013 onwards. 3M has a wide range of polarizing lights and other than the LED6000 table lamp, there are other table and floor lamps available with different prices and lighting qualities for everyone. Go ahead and make that change for the benefit of your eyes!

Available at Best Denki, Homefix DIY, Popular Bookstores, UrbanWrite, Prologue and other leading retailers, while stocks last.

Promotion: LIKE their Facebook page {} for a chance to win a LED6000 table lamp! One lucky winner each week, ends 15 Aug 2013.

* Disclosure: 3M Singapore provided 3M LED6000 Polarizing Light  for a sponsored advertorial. All opinions are my own.



Stacy said...

Planning for lil Pumpkin's KIDS, are we? Now that's really long-term planning. :)

An Apel a Day said...

It looks like it doesn't take up much room at all. I love the first photo.

Ai Sakura said...

Stacy: haha it's always nice to dream and think about the future, right?? :P

Alissa: thanks! It really is light and compact, especially when folded up

mail4rosey said...

I like it!!! We have terrible lighting in parts of our house, including little man's room. I'm sure he'd like a lamp of his own too (he's just got the overhead on the ceiling).

Theresa Mahoney said...

This looks like a great light! We like to stay up until the wee hours of the night reading, and I think this would be perfect for that!

Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me said...

Your daughter is gorgeous!! My father works in the optical field and is always telling us it's never too early to protect the kids' eyes. This looks like a great light.

Jodie @FreshHomeCook said...

Ai your daughter is so beautiful! I love this lamp - our house is very poorly lit as it is so old - these would go well in the bedrooms! Plus I am a big fan of all things green coloured - very nice!! :)

Unknown said...

THat is such a great idea. My little miss wears glasses and I was so shocked when I found out she had too. I am now more protective of her eyes than ever!

Grace said...

We tend to forget how important good lighting is, don't we? Love this product!
Love Lil Pumpkin's desk all set up with the Kanji...right in front is the one for your name, love..

Unknown said...

What a cool light! It's SO important to have proper lighting, especially when reading and I've always made sure that my eyes aren't struggling because it really can effect eye health. That light looks so modern too!

Rina said...

I am also very concern about my kids sight. I am wearing specs so I know how inconvenient it is.. sigh.. this lamp sounds great, I am still trying to get the kids use their mini desk instead of working on the floor.