Monday, August 5, 2013

Phantom of the Opera {Le Fantôme de l'Opéra} Musical | Date Night at Marina Bay Sands

After about 2 months of waiting since we bought our tickets, the boy and I finally caught Broadway's longest-running musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera at Marina Bay Sands. As much as Lil Pumpkin likes live theatre performances, we didn't think that she'd appreciate watching this musical yet {plus the tickets were quite pricey since the boy bought Cat A seats!}. Perhaps the next time it comes to Singapore ;)

I first saw The Phantom of the Opera with my parents in London when I was about 10 and even though I don't remember every scene, I definitely remember being in awe. We had really good seats and the whole experience was just breath-taking.

This time round, I was not disappointed either. The international steller cast gave a strong performance and the stage set was stunning with all the opulence and grandeur of a classic Parisian opera house - the background where this tragic love story takes place. I say "tragic" because I would have loved for Christine to end up with The Phantom. Ooops, hope that's not a spoiler as I think all should know the storyline of The Phantom of the Opera already. I recently found out there's a sequel musical called Love Never Dies where Christine gave birth to the Phantom's son though {!!}.
The boy and I had a simple dinner at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Beanstro before the show.  Was quite surprised that it was so appetising as I thought they focused more on their beverage menu, than on the food. The boy had a hearty full breakfast while seafood pasta I ate was reeaaaaally delicious! The seafood flavour was perfectly infused throughout the dish... slurrrp~
We reached the Mastercard Theatres in time to browse the souvenir shop. There was the usual T-shirts, keychains, CDs, and of course the Phantom masks on sale, but we walked away with just the musical program. I think if you intend to get just one souvenir, this would be it as it contains many production shots in full colour, notes from the show's composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, story synopsis, short bio of cast members etc.

There's also a photo booth set up by the Canon, the organisers, and each photo costs S$10. All proceeds are donated to the Singapore Cancer Society and we took a shot to commemorate our date night. It came out pretty well I reckon :)
Adored the details of the beautiful costumes, adored the the scene of The Phantom rowing his boat through the misty waters under the theatre and of course, adored the hauntingly beautiful music such as "Music of the Night" and "The Point of No Return".  Definitely sounds waaaaay better live on stage then heard on any sound system. One thing though, I remembered the chandelier to be much more impressive. Hmmm..

Thanks to the boy for planning such a wonderful date night {and thanks to mum for looking after Lil Pumpkin while we went}.  Had such a wonderful time! *muakz muakz* The last time The Phantom haunted Singapore was in 2007, so it might be a good 5 years before you can catch this amazing production locally if you miss it this time. Do grab your tickets if you haven't yet as its last show is on 1 Sep 2013!

The Phantom of the Opera Musical
Mastercard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands
Ticket Price {excl. booking fee}:  S$55, $95, $125, $145, $165, $230
Show Times: 2pm {Sat & Sun} and 8pm {Tues to Sun}
Duration: 2.5 hrs {incl. 15 minutes interval}
*Kids under 3 years old may be admitted free of charge & must be seated on the lap of a parent or guardian. Kids aged 3 years and above require a ticket for admission.

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Susan said...

How nice. Sounds like you had a rea treat. It's been ages since I last went for a musical. Hope to catch one before the year ends.

Stacy said...

Yup v nice photo by Canon! Nice date night, you got to dress up and all. :)

I didn't like Phantom much when I caught it in UK as it was SLOW... compared to other musicals like Cats and Miss Saigon. I bought the CD and have come to like more of the music. Erm but it's still slow leh. Heh.

An Apel a Day said...

How fun! I've never been to that one, but I'd love to go. Wicked is on my list for the next one I want to see.

Ai Sakura said...

Susan: yes it was such a wonderful treat :)

Stacy: haha it is and watching it after a work day, we were rather sleepy ;P Watched Cats & Miss Saigon before too but I think this is my fave musical of them all!

Alissa: Wicked is on my list too :) It was in SG last year but I missed it.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am super jealous! This is one show I have been wanting to see for ages! I know the feeling about waiting. I actually just bought my tickets for STOMP, which won't be coming to my area until next May! That's a long wait. But we did get front row seats, so it will be worth it!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I loveee theater...just watched Matthew Bourke's Sleeping Beauty ballet in NYC last 2 was awesomeee :D...thanks for sharing..