Friday, August 30, 2013

Play is the Work of the Child

Play is a special time for Lil Pumpkin. Most of her time is actually spent on play, as we want her to enjoy the most of her childhood. Some people might see it as a "waste of time" to play with toys or run about outdoors, but not us. Yes it is fun, yes it may be frivolous,  but it is also important for the healthy development of children. It is their "work" and way of learning about the world they live in.

Through play, kids learn new skills, explore, socialise, imagine and create. It's also a wonderful bonding time with Lil Pumpkin and a time to grow together. I love exploring the world through her eyes and see the magic in everything. Indeed, play isn't just for the kids. It's a time when we feel most alive, but we often take it for granted. Even as adults, play is a necessity and is as important to our physical and mental health as sleeping well, eating healthy, and exercising regularly.

Play doesn't even have to be with expensive toys. Lil Pumpkin is happy just playing with rocks and twigs on the ground, drawing on old cardboard boxes, or scooping water with plastic cups. However, if you do buy toys, now you can be rewarded with your spending. Win-win situation :)

By purchasing any Mattel Fisher-Price product that is $20 or above {excluding Thomas & Friends} and submitting the accompanying receipt, photo and completed form, contestants stand a chance to win a Grand S$10,000 Cash Prize or be among 20 Weekly Draw Winners to walk away with a Learning Hamper worth S$1,000. Pretty awesome prizes and the S$10,000 cash can really be put to good use with the high costs of raising a child in Singapore!

Visit the Joy of Learning website for more details on their Early Learning Fund, and continue to embrace play in your parenting life :) Contest ends 30 November 2013.

* Disclosure: Doodle Pro Classic Doddler with 2 Stampers was provided by Fisher-Price as part of the Early Learning Fund campaign. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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Grace said...

Great points you make, Ai.Play is so important for children's development.

My boys have the best fun with rocks, branches and sticks. Although, their Thomas trains are always close by too :)

Busy Mommy DXB said...

I agree Grace. My kids LOVE empty cardboard boxes. Anytime we order something online, they are more excited about the box than what's inside.

Exploring and playing teach important life lessons like finding a job that makes you happy!

Unknown said...

It's amazing how kids can find the extraordinary out of the ordinary ! My boy loves cardboard boxes still!

Mamagoingsolo said...

Such an important thing to remember, play is definitely something we can overlook - parents today tend to schedule their kids into lots of activities, for fear that they will be bored. But playing is not boring!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I agree! Play time is so important for children. And like you said, you don't need expensive toys to help spark their creativity. My kids seem to have the most fun with boxes (don't all kids though? lol) and art toys. Things that really spark their creativity.