Friday, August 9, 2013

Singapore National Day 2013 | National Day Parade Preview! #NDP2013

We had an early celebration for Singapore's birthday last weekend as we attended the preview of the National Day Parade {NDP} at The Float @ Marina Bay. It was the first time we watched the parade "live" as a whole family, and it was such a wonderful experience!

I heard this year's NDP theme song about a week before the parade and honestly, I was not impressed. I could not even bare to listen to the whole song! However, I was pleasantly surprised that the parade itself many times more remarkable than the theme song. It was highly engaging and filled with many tender moments to bind all Singaporeans together, and I left feeling so proud to call Singapore our home :)

I mean, I'm still kinda sore about some things like the recent rise in Express Road Pricing {ERP} rates where I have to pay S$5 every morning just to get to work on a road that is still jammed{!!} but at least I am reminded that we are safe to walk alone at night, the government still cares for our history & heritage, and our kids can grow up with no fear of racial/ religious prejudice. Things that really matter.
This year’s theme is “Many Stories… One Singapore” and it called on everyone to remember and share the stories that make us who we are and how we identify ourselves as Singaporeans. Throughout the parade, many Singaporeans from all walks of life told their unique personal stories, and it all culminated to show how despite our different backgrounds, we are one Singapore with a common history progressing on the same journey.

I was especially touched by Ramesh Meyyappan, a deaf but also acclaimed theatre artist who rose above his disability and creates performances using an eclectic mix of visual and physical theatre styles. He said, "together we need to reach for the stars, and do greater things together". So true.
Lil Pumpkin was so engrossed during the whole 3hrs show. She liked all the dances & songs, giant balls bouncing around the spectator stand, and the surprise visit from the Merlion, who was bored with watching the parade nearby from Merlion Park all these years that it decided to "swim over" and join in the fun haha. But overall, she was most impressed with the amazing fireworks... as was I :P The whole fireworks display lasted about 20 minutes! 
If you not going out to view the NDP fireworks tonight around the Marina Bay area, remember to stay home and watch the whole parade with your family & friends from 5.45 - 8.35pm on TV, or head to one of the big screens at JCube, Bugis Village, iFly {Sentosa}, Orchard Central {indoor}, Ion Orchard or Chinatown Point. Overseas Singaporeans can also view NDP “live” online on Toggle, or Channel News Asia NDP2013 website.

Happy 48th birthday Singapore! xox

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Unknown said...

Happy 49th anniversary to Singapore! Beautiful pictures Ai! You certainly got wonderful shots.

An Apel a Day said...

WOW it really does look like a great celebration!

Unknown said...

fireworks are always fun,!! as long as no one gets scared xxx

Maria said...

Happy anniversary to Singapore! It's nice to see your whole family enjoying the festivities.

I can't wait to visit your beautiful country again.

mail4rosey said...

What a great way to celebrate! Happy Birthday to Singapore. :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy Birthday Singapore! The fireworks looked spectacular!

Seana Smith said...

Happy birthday! I didn't realise Singapore was so young, I'm older! Must get out the history books and catch up.

Rina said...

Happy birthday!

Susan said...

Lucky you to have gotten tickets for the preview. The last time I got tickets was maybe 10 years ago? We should so make an effort to get our hands for next year. What I really liked about the NDP this year was how they got a lot of youth and young adults involved, like ok the street acts performances and not forgetting the athletics.

Grace said...

Yay for National Pride Day!!! Looks like that concert was amazing! Would definitely get me nationalistic! :)