Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bub & Me: Morning Walk at Little India

Currently for the weekends, instead of running in the afternoons while Lil Pumpkin napped like I used to, I'm running in the morning before she wakes up. Yeah, crazy I know. I'm really not a morning person but somehow, I guess even my body is supporting me in my fitness goals because I automatically wake up about 6 or 7+ in the morning... even on weekends *sigh* Sometimes even though my eyes are open, it's a struggle to get out of my comfy bed but I still do it and the morning runs actually make me feel more refreshed and awake than tired. Go figure.

After I get back from my runs I do some home exercises then Lil Pumpkin wakes up soon after. Since I'm already feeling so energised, I like to bring her outdoors to play and explore when the boy leaves for work. Just some sweet mother-daughter time :) Yesterday, we went around Little India.

Singapore is really amazing. I've lived here for many years but there's still so many unknown places to discover. It is so rich in culture and heritage that sometimes just walking around a place like Little India, it feels like you are already traveling to another land.

Little India is the heart of Singapore's Indian community and was originally where Indians would reside under the British policy of ethnic segregation. However, under our modern policy of racial harmony ethnic Indians no longer stay solely segregated there, but the area is still preserved for it's cultural heritage and has many Indian temples, shops & restaurants. Its main stretch of commercial activity is along Serangoon Road and this was where Lil Pumpkin and I walked around for about 2 hours.

The Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple along Serangoon Road. It's a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindul goddess Kali. We didn't go in, which might be a good thing as within the temple there are images of kali wearing a garland of skulls while ripping out the insides of her victims. A little too gory for Lil Pumpkin I reckon.

We have a lot of foreign workers in Singapore from India, and this is where they would feel most at home with actual magazines...

And newspapers imported from India.

Lots of traditional sweet & savoury snacks too!

Evelyn used to live in Little India and said that Everest Kitchen, opposite Block 671A Klang Lane, has good naan :)

I love the colours of India's fashion! So rich and vibrant. MKM is one of the many shops there that sells Indian costume jewelry and handicrafts at affordable prices.

Stunning colours and glitter!

Totally spoilt for choice. No wonder Indian ladies tend to wear such heavy armswag... too many to choose from! ;p

Cheap, but still beautiful bangles, are found in carts outside the stall at about 4 bundles for S$10!

Adore the intricate designs of traditional Indian gold jewelry too :) These pieces are usually bold and dramatic, as they were historically used to establish the nobility and royalty. The more detailed and elaborate the jewelry, the higher the status in India.

Of course you can't miss the saris if you are in Little India! Wearing a sari is kinda like wearing a yukata I reckon.. you need some special techniques because of all the folds and twirls but I'm sure the shopkeepers will be more than happy to teach you if you need help. Would be a great souvenir for tourists :)

Amaaazzzing colours! My mum bought me a gorgeous {and expensive!} sari when we went to India many years back. I wore it once and it's stuck in the cupboard somewhere. I should have gotten it out to wear to Jith's wedding. Oh well, next Indian wedding then! Maybe I'll come back to get Lil Pumpkin a matching little sari too heehee.

Very glad she was happy to walk and take in all the different sights, sounds and smells. No complaining or crying over the heat or tiredness. I'd like to take her on more of this kind of "adventures" and open her eyes to embrace all that Singapore has to offer, not just the Chinese or Western influences that she's used to.

Things are changing so rapidly here. Many stuff that the boy and I grew up with, may not be available to her in the future..

Good example would be tailors using old, heavy sewing machines like these...

Or even payphone booths haha. Singapore has one of the highest rates for mobile usage and these payphone booths are definitely getting redundant for the locals. But I guess they would still be around especially in tourist areas for the non-locals to use.

It was a beautiful morning well-spent with my darling girl. Love you xox

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Debs G said...

Lovely! I haven't brought the kids to Little India, and this is a reminder that I really should be more active in exposing them to other cultures. I mean, we live in Singapore so there is really no excuse.

Stacy said...

2 hours in the heat? Lil pumpkin's a trooper!

Delphine said...

Love Little India! I lived there for 15 years. :)

Ai Sakura said...

Debs: I'm sure they will enjoy the experience too :)

Stacy: yup but thankfully wasn't too bad as it was gonna rain haha

Delphine: wow I didn't know! you've to give us a walking tour of the area ;p

Unknown said...

The bracelets on sale really make an awesome photo! So many and so colourful!

The punjabi suits on sale at Tekka are very affordable too. :)

An Apel a Day said...

That looks like a pretty place to be. So many colors!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

lovely colors and jewelry those bangles and bracelets!