Friday, November 1, 2013

Fitness Diary :: Exercise in Style & Stay Motivated with Lululemon Athletica!

Staying healthy and building your overall well-being are darn good reasons to exercise but on some days {ok, a lot of days for me!!} you'd need that extra oomph to get off your butt and a feel-good, pretty outfit will definitely help ;)

Thanks to my friend Gladys, I've been loving Lululemon Athletica's chic exercise wear! Yes, it's a little late I know as Lululemon has taken the world by storm since it opened its first store in 2000. It's an American brand and they make athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, most other sweaty pursuits... lately even swimwear and menswear. It has a strong cult following and celebs like Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry, LeAnn Rimes, Cameron Diaz {all of whom have great bods!!} are fans.

Gladys buys straight from the US site and ships via hopshopgo as she said it's cheaper than buying locally {there are showrooms at 83 Club Street & 370 Joo Chiat Road}. I tried out the Hong Kong site as it offers free shipping to Singapore, and the prices are comparable to the US site. Plus, although the website says it takes 4-5 delivery days, it only took about 2-3 days to be delivered to me!!

As I wasn't too sure about it's sizing {whether it's true to size or not}, I bought from their We Made Too Much {or sales} section which marks down the prices of select styles and colour to try out their fit and materials. I'm wearing size 6 for the tops, and size 4 for the bottoms.

For my first purchase, I got the Cardio Kick Tank in Black / Bleach Coral / Pop Orange, Pace Setter Skirt in Gros Gingham / Bleached Coral / Pop Orange and Open Soul Tank in Parfait Pink / Pinkelicious. Their fit is true to size and I love the soft and light materials! There's no chafing of the skin from the straps when I wear the tops to run, and the built-in bras offer very good, comfortable support.

I was so happy after wearing my Cardio Kick Tank and Pace Setter Skirt to run the first night I got them {they look great as a set!}, I came back and ordered the Cardio Kick Tank in Black / Faded Zap / Frond and the Amped Tank in Cool Breeze / Power Purple. The Amped Tank is recommended for yoga, but I LOVE tops with unique back designs, and I couldn't resist getting it for more vigorous exercise. It still supports beautifully though.

Lululemon’s loyal following isn’t just devoted to its merchandise, but also to the lifestyle it espouses. Themes of health, happiness and well-being one’s best possible life permeate every facet of Lululemon, from the mantras on its bags and website to apparently the way they encourage their employees to work on their life goals, not just work goals. This sort of philosophy appeals to me as well :)

Admittedly, Lululemon can be a bit pricey if you want to get a whole wardrobe of it ;p I still mix around my Lululemon pieces with my cheap yet hard-wearing FBT shorts haha. If you'd still like to work out in style, and want more affordable options, check out ZALORA's women sportswear collection. There's a good range for clothing, footwear, bags, accessories for all types of exercises {gym, MMA, swim, yoga etc.} and they also have free delivery {within 1-3 days} for purchases above S$30.  A lot of items are on sale now actually. I like Moving Comfort's Alexis Sprint Light Sports Bra and DESIGUAL swimwear.. so pretty! Lonsdale street sportswear is rather chic too!

Still need more motivation to exercise? Read my 5 Quick Tips to Make Time for Exercise!!

*Note: This is not a sponsored or paid post. All views expressed are my own.



natty said...

Hi Ai!
I've been hearing lots about lululemon but never got to purchasing any due to its pricing (I tend to like to get more pieces from the same brand so it's easy to mix and match) but thanks to your recommendation on the sites, I clicked immediately and am adding them to the shopping cart. Thanks for sharing :)
And just wanted to say you look fab and have inspired me to start my own exercise routine too!

Stacy said...

Looking good, Ai!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing - love a skirt to workout in

Theresa Mahoney said...

Those do look really comfortable! And comfort is definitely key when it comes to exercise wardrobe!