Friday, November 22, 2013

6 Blogging Tips to Make Life Easier | Simply Her Magazine Feature

This month I was featured in one of our local women's magazine, Simply Her. If you're interested, I think you can still grab a copy of the magazine from the new-stands :) In the feature, I shared some of my blogging tips and experience in blogging the last 2.5 years. I'm expanding on the tips a little more here since it was a very concise article. I hope they are useful, especially for the novice bloggers or those thinking of starting their own blogs.

1. Have a strong "blog voice"
When writing a blog, you should have a strong “blog voice” to stand out from the rest. If people want to read your blog, they are coming for you, not someone else so write from your heart and don’t try to be someone you are not.

2. Consider getting your own
Definitely consider getting a from the beginning. It does not cost much {probably starting from around US$10/year}, and is an important investment if you intend to blog more professionally in the long run. I wrote down some reasons why I bought my own here in case you need a little more push ;)

3. Readers are attracted to quality content
People are naturally attracted to blogs with great content, so take the time to craft a good post. Don't write with the aim of getting the post viral or earning fast cash. There's a lot of talk nowadays about monetising your blog and that may be a path you want to take but unless you have great content and a good foundation, which all takes time and effort to build, readers aren't coming to your blog and that wouldn't attract the brands {at least the good ones!} to work with you either.

4. Don't drag your blog posts
There’s no hard and fast rule as the ideal length depends on your post topic, but a typical blog post length would be about 300-500 words. As with all writing, be clear and concise to keep readers interested. If it’s a broad topic and you have a lot of information you want to share, write a feature series instead so that the information is easier to digest. It also makes the reader want to come back to the blog to discover the whole story.

5. Vary your topics
It would be more interesting to readers if you vary the lengths, topics and angles of your blog posts on a regular basis. Unless they are personal friends or family, readers aren’t usually interested in what you did in a day or what you ate for dinner last night. Although, having personal tidbits of your life enable readers to connect with you and your blog better and should not be discarded altogether.

Readers are generally looking for ideas and inspirations on how to live a more meaningful life. It doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way to find a story to blog about. Write about your family life, but in a more interesting and informative way that brings value to your blog. For example, if you came across a new restaurant that you love, share about it with more background information about location, history, chefs etc., not just how tasty the food was. You like to craft with your kids? Great. Now share what kind of crafts you do, and tutorials on how readers can do it at home as well.

6. Write consistently
It might be just once a week, or if you have lots of time, a daily affair but try to be consistent in your blogging so that readers know that your blog is "alive" and updated constantly. If they keep going to your blog and find no new content, they might decide not to come back ever again.

Of course, this isn't a very exhaustive list, just some basics to get you started. If you have other blogging tips to share or any questions, do leave a comment!



Rhian @melbs said...

Thank you for the tips, I do try to vary what I write about but fear some of my posts might be a tad too long!
I am also thinking of going self hosted but am a bit scared to take the plunge - thanks for the push though. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a huge achievement. You are famous :)

sock peng said...

Thumb up for this post
Agreed with your point ~~~~
Gambateh !

Unknown said...

Good tips. There are so many tips out there and advice about how to make it big in blog world but I like that you put the bit about developing good content and strong foundation. I'm still working on that but I do get stressed sometimes that I haven't 'made' it yet.

Leanne Winter said...

Ai, these tips are great. I think I try to tick all those boxes my biggest problem is sticking to a regular schedule when I work 4 days a week on a 'real' job. Thanks for the reminder to keep trying though. And congratulations on the magazine feature, what a star you are!

Six Little Hearts said...

Thanks for the tips. It's always easy to forget when you are blogging and I find I need to refresh such things often.
Well done on your fame!! :D

Stacy said...

Hoo hoo, looking good!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the article! Thanks for the tips. I try to follow most of those, but do struggle keeping the length of my posts down :/

Serenely said...

Great tips. It's always good to revisit the basics to help me remain true to myself

Christine said...

Great tips! Congrats for the feature !! :) xoxo

Ai Sakura said...

Rhian: no worries, glad they helped! :)

Becc: nahhhh.. far from it haha but thanks!

Sock Peng: thanks!

Kate: Slow and steady I guess. It really depends how you define "making it" too. Some see just the numbers, some see the community/ friendships they've formed :)

Leanne: no worries, I understand how hard it is too as I'm a FTWM. As long as you feel comfortable with the schedule, even once a week is fine I reckon!

Six Little Hearts: yeah I love reading other people's blog tips and thoughts too :)

Renee: thanks :) but hey if it works for you, don't stop!

Serene: yup I like to read my first blogpost from time to time to see where I came from...

Unknown said...

Congratulations on being exciting for you xx

Susan said...

What a nice feature and a lot of what you shared is useful. It took me a while to figure the voice and tone I wanted for my blog. But ultimately, it has to be true to who you are and that's what makes youauthentic and real.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I second the buy your own domain from the start. I wish I had, now I am in the lengthy process of waiting for all my stats to reset to my new domain. It's a real pain!

I also think that review after review on blogs are boring. While I do a lot of reviews myself, I try to keep it more about my family, adding in personal details to keep my blog MY blog, not just a place where companies can get advertising. I know you do that a lot too, and I really appreciate reading reviews like that. If I want to read the benefits of a product, I will just go to the mfr website and read about it. I want to know why your family chooses this product, what personal benefits you get from it, ect. Am I making sense? lol

Unknown said...

All very good tips and easy to apply to your own blog. Thanks. :)

Christy Wong said...

Congratulations! You look lovely in the mag!

Unknown said...

Congraulations!!! Wow, what a cool milestone - in the media!
Great tips, too. Hope you're celebrating and having a lovely weekend xx Katie (Mumabytes)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the article and thanks for the tips! :-)

An Apel a Day said...

That's great! I think you look awesome in the article.

Unknown said...

Great Tips Thank you. Very useful to me new to blogging!