Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas 2013 | Santa came to POLW, Sentosa!

Over the weekend we brought Lil Pumpkin to the Christmas Joys Party at Port of Lost Wonder {POLW}, Sentosa for their Christmas Joys party. We had a wonderful time at their Spooky Juniors Magical Ball 2 months ago and this event was no less fun!

Lil Pumpkin shares my joy for the water and actually swam and played in the Pirate Ship waterplay area for 2.5 hours straight!!! OMGGGG~!

I couldn't help but join in the fun, of course! It was a little gloomy and drizzling when we arrived about 2.30pm on Saturday, but thankfully, the sky cleared up and it didn't rain after! Wore the new tankini I bought during my Northern Territory trip :P

It was a big milestone day for Lil Pumpkin because it was the first time she went down the big slides all by herself! Oh my brave little girl!! Usually she would sit on my lap while we went down the slides but that day, she insisted on going by herself... even for the dark covered tunnel one! I lost count of how many times she went down the slides haha

Thankfully... the staff didn't mind me going down the slides without any kid too heehee ^^V Can you tell I love being at POLW too?

And here is the POLW Santa!! A little skinnier, a little tanner.. but still bearing lots of gifts and goodies for the kiddos :)

After her looooooong swim when we had to literally drag Lil Pumpkin out of the water, we went around the different stations to try out the various Christmas-themed activities like baking gingerbread men...

Personalised candles...

And even making a card to write to Santa!!

By the way, this "elf" was the candy floss man during the Spooky Ball party!! He recognised us {pretty amazing since heaps of families visit POLW daily} and told me hahaha. Talk about being a jack of all trades *grins*

All happy to send her Christmas wishes to the jolly ol' Santa..

I have it on good authority that Santa has received her card and will be giving her what she wished for this Christmas ;) Can't wait to see her surprised face tomorrow!!!

Managed to bump and catch up with dear Susan and her family there too. It's been a long while since we last met!

Hope everybody has a joyous Christmas eve dinner tonight and a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!!

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* Disclosure: Christmas Joys event coverage was due to an invitation from Sentosa. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.



Unknown said...

looks like a great water park. Will have to bookmark for our singapore trip next year! Happy Christmas Ai!

Ai Sakura said...

Merry Christmas Steph! If you need more recommendations on places to visit in Singapore, let me know :)

An Apel a Day said...

That looks like so much fun!

Rina said...

looks awesome! I am longing for a great fun waterpark here :D