Sunday, January 19, 2014

Canada & UK 2014 | Home from the Cold, but Not So Snowy Winter

Well, I'm back from my work trip :) After 2 weeks away, it sure is nice to be with Lil Pumpkin and the boy again. Back to waking up to their smiles, feeling their warm hugs and sleeping with their sweet good-night kisses. I think this has been the longest I've been away from my darling girl.

Just a short update about my trip... I arrived late afternoon in Vancouver and for the next 2 days, it was literally pouring the whole day! Gloomy, gloomy, gloomy. I didn't see the sun for 3 days and was really craving for it.

There was definitely not enough time to discover all of Vancouver and from what some of my friends said, no surprise that I missed a lot. However, I was happy to leave the rain despite my short visit. I would have happily traded it for snow, but unfortunately, that was in the other parts of Canada *bummer*

London wasn't snowing either {darn it!! It was snowing this time last year..} but at least the sun shone brightly. Mornings were crisp and cold, while nights were... well, very cold :P I heard that good weather is so rare in this period but I was blessed that the past week was kinda awesome. Mostly bright skies with sprinkles of rain that didn't last long. Brilliant.

I really enjoyed my visit to London. It really is something special... such a modern city but everywhere you turn, there's old-world charm. And you know how appealing that is to me ;) Buildings full of history and places brimming with heritage. Love it. I extended my stay after my meetings and I'm glad that I managed to complete my itinerary, even a little more outside my plans.

That's the thing about travel. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart, follow the sounds, follow the people.. instead of maps and itineraries. Just walk and explore. And London was such a wonderful city to explore!! I do hope that we can all go back together again soon :)

There's a lot I want to tell you, and I will because I don't want to forget this experience, and writing it down helps my poor memory ;p But for now, I'm home and want to relish the time with my family so will take some time to get the upcoming Canada & UK posts sorted.

Maybe that's the best part of going away... coming home again xox



Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you had a wet and gloomy trip to Canada!! You definitely missed out on all the fun, white snow...booooo! Must be so nice to be back home with your family and Lil Pumpkin :) I bet she was all smiles when she saw you!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am pretty sure we kept all the snow here in the states. We are getting even more this week. I'll order it to be sent your way ;)

Glad you are home safe! Can't wait to hear the deets about the trip!

Stacy said...

Totally with you on the 'coming back home' part!

mail4rosey said...

My husband likes to wander off the beaten path and really take a look at where we're visiting. It makes for some very interesting adventures.

Glad you made it back safe and sound. I know you were happy to visit and happy too to be back home. :)

An Apel a Day said...

I'm glad you got back safe and sound. I bet you missed your family, but had a wonderful time. It's too bad it was gloomy in Vancouver!

Ai Sakura said...

Brandi: Yessss.. I should have gone to your area!! haha

Theresa: Oh yes please, send some my way! :P

Stacy: :) ^5!

mail4rosey: that's good to know! Sometimes you don't know what you're missing unless you stumble upon it.

Alissa: Yup missed them and great to be back too :)