Sunday, April 27, 2014

20 How to Learn Chinese Language Tips | from parents for parents

Have you ever encountered difficulties in teaching your young ones the Chinese language? Well, we certainly have with Lil Pumpkin! At the beginning, she wouldn't even answer you if you called her Chinese name :P Things have improved tremendously though since we started her with a Chinese language enrichment class last year and used Chinese more in our daily lives.

I wanted to hear how other parents encouraged their kids to be more proficient in Chinese too so asked them to share with me their wisdom and experience {thank you!}. Hope you'll find it helpful too, so here are 20 How to Learn Chinese Language Tips from the parents, for other parents!


1. Read lots of Chinese story books and watch educational Chinese DVDs. - Daddy Junior

2. Keep speaking in Mandarin! Even if hubby is not good in the language, he tries his best too, letting my little one know that everyone, anyone can learn the Chinese language! - Mummy Amy

3.  Use flash cards to teach them to read. - Mummy Xgg

4. Embrace it in the everyday life - Speak, listen and read Chinese; the more the exposure the more natural the tendency to pick it up. - Mummy Angeline

5. I buy lots of Chinese books from and leave them at easily accessible shelves. - Mummy L

6. I let the kids watch Chinese cartoon, speak in Mandarin, and read them Chinese books. - Mummy Shirley

7. Since young, we communicate through Mandarin. This has made my elder boy to love Chinese and it has become his strongest subject in school too. - Mummy Ser

8. Parents have to lead by example and expose the kids to speaking and processing thoughts in Chinese. - Mummy Carol

9. Start learning Chinese from young. Expose, Read, Speak, Watch in Chinese. Then again, it is never too late to learn as long as the determination is there - Mummy Lilium

10. I read to my boys their favourite Chinese story books and let them watch the animated versions of those stories to reinforce recall and learning of Chinese words. - Daddy Robert

11. Best way is to dedicate a day just to speaking Chinese. For me, it's Saturday. - Mummy Lorna

12. Through songs! - Mummy Cynthia

13. We try to teach our son the Chinese equivalent words for things he is interested in like vehicles so he learns faster.- Mummy Cher

14. Since they were born, I try to speak Mandarin exclusively to my boys {a tall order because I am more comfortable speaking in English}. We also play only Mandarin CDs in the car. They still prefer conversing in English but at least Mandarin is not a foreign language to them! - Mummy Debra

15. Lots of practice! - Mummy Candice

16. Reading & story-telling are excellent ways to learn Chinese - Mummy Patricia

17. Let the kids watch their favourite cartoons in Chinese! - Mummy Meg

18. Post them letters in simple Chinese signed off by their favourite heros & encourage them to revert - Daddy X

19. Explain properly why they have to learn the language. For example, to converse with the grandparents who do not know English. - Mummy Joey

20. Read Chinese newspapers and learn Chinese calligraphy from young. - Mummy Abigail

Do you have other tips on how to improve Chinese or 
encourage a child to learn another language?



Theresa Mahoney said...

I think getting them started young learning a different language is key. It always baffles me that other countries teach different languages at an early age, yet we aren't exposed to them here in the states until middle or even high school!

Masshole Mommy said...

They do say that practice makes perfect, right?

mail4rosey said...

These are great tips. I like dedicating a day each week to speaking the language. My son's Kindergarten teaches Spanish. I was delighted because like Theresa said, we aren't usually exposed to a foreign language until we're in the upper grades.