Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Capturing Life Moments Through Her Eyes

Lil Pumpkin has taken an interest to photography and it's very fascinating to see what catches her eye, and how she composes the photo to snap them. She used to collect "treasures" in her make-up bag, which made it really heavy. Now she collects them on film, which is a much better option I reckon!

We lent her one of our old mobiles to snap photos as it's much easier to handle & lighter compared to a regular camera. She, erm, also likes to edit photos with the mobile apps hahahaha. Adding colour filters, funny stickers, drawing etc.

Previously, she used to shake a lot when taking the photo so the pictures came out blurry. After some coaching on focusing and holding the mobile still, I think her skills have improved tremendously and some of her shots are pretty good actually.

Have a look for yourself :)

Typical selfie
Yeah kid of a blogger for sure. Lil Pumpkin knows how to change to the front camera and likes to take selfies of herself hahahaha... She usually holds the mobile too low so the angle isn't very "flattering", but it's just so darn cute.

Typical selfie with friends
Ahh yes, Lil Pumpkin also likes to invite others to take photos with her. She met this girl at a restaurant we were at and they clicked together immediately. I love her she's so cheery and makes friends easily.

All that Glitters
I like how she cropped this photo instead of just taking a photo of the whole hand.

Weapons of Destruction
She took this when we went for the backstage tour after the RWS LightSeeker Musical. I remember her taking other nice photos of the stage and characters we met but couldn't find it in her camera roll. I think she deleted them.. well, at least one of us clears our camera roll periodically!! :P

Dear Daddy
Lil Pumpkin will also ask us to stop and pose for her too... and sometimes, she'll "direct" us on the poses and tell us "not like this... like this {and shows the pose}" ^^V

Hey Tall Person
She took this photo of Juria while we were out on a walk with some friends {where we visited Singapore's last hot springs in Sembawang}. This shows a good angle of how she has to look up at us adults. We don't usually think about it much but don't the children's necks feel strained to do this all day??!

Shabu Shabu Pork
Quite the foodie as well, she will whip out her mobile during meal-times and take some photos #justlikemummy

Mushroom Soup
A rather clear and sharp shot of her mushroom soup during a family lunch. Yeah, she doesn't sit on a high-chair nowadays so she's juuuuust above the table height haha.

Little Mermaids
Ooo this is one of my favourite! Love the way she composed this photo. So random, yet interesting.

Minnie Pumpkin
This is quite a recent selfie and she's kinda learnt to lift the mobile higher so that she doesn't have the up-your-nostrils shot :P

Well done Lil Pumpkin! I hope you continue to explore and capture more of life's precious moments through your eyes & lenses. 

Do your kids love to take photos too? What catches their eyes?

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Rhianna said...

What a great eye she has! Certainly a talented and good on you for encouraging it. It is interesting to see what catches their eye isn't it?

Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

Masshole Mommy said...

My six year old LOVES to take pictures, but he is still shaky, so they come out blurry.

Adeline @ GrowingwiththeTans said...

I think she takes nicer photos than I do! She's definitely got your good eye for photos. You should do a series on this!

oomph. said...

yes, my kids love to take photos! every once in a while, i like to buy disposable film cameras for each of us and go for walks or wherever, let them take photos, then develop them. love seeing what turns up!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Quite the budding photographer! I think she is quite artistic in her photos!

Ai Sakura said...

Rhianna: yes I think it'll be great to nurture her interest in photography. My mum's family used to own a photography studio heh

Masshole Mommy: Oh you should share them on your blog too!

Adeline: haha ya! Hopefully before she deletes them away :P

oomph: Oh I love that idea!

Theresa: thank you :)

Finding Myself Young said...

I love her mermaid shot so perfectly and unintentionally composed.

Grace said...

Definitely a photographer in the making! Love the one of her and her random friend! She just gets cuter every day, Ai! x

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

How fabulous! We have an old camera sitting in the camera waiting until my little miss is old enough. Now onto making photo books for her too :) x

Stacy said...

This is your mini-me all right! Complete with selfies and food shots heh.

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Classic these are very similar to what my daughter takes - although she usually takes more of herself in funny poses!!!! Cutie pie x

Unknown said...

Wow keep nurturing that talented eye. She is gorgeous.

An Apel a Day said...

They love to, but their photos always turn out blurry. HA HA

EssentiallyJess said...

Wow she is doing a great job!
I love looking at it all from her angle. Especially the mushroom soup. That is a very cool pic