Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014 | Egg Hunt & Games with Friends!

On Good Friday I got together with a few mums to organise an Easter celebration for our families. About 30 adults and 30 children came... wow such a huge turnout! Kind of chaotic but it was all good :) We all chipped in to take-charge of certain stuff and everyone unanimously agreed that it was a HUGE success and we should make it an annual thing (^^)V

There were yummy Easter-themed treats...

Interactive Easter story-telling...

And even an egg-cellent {haha!} Egg in Spoon relay race!

I love this shot of the boy being so happy and proud that Lil Pumpkin managed to hoola-hoop! :)

I didn't manage to take many photos of the event but you know what.. it's ok. I read this article mentioning that relying on technology and taking photos of everything may not actually help us to preserve the moment in our memories. Especially since we tend to take heaps and don't take the time to review them. It's more important to be in the moment to observe and experience.

But that's not to say don't take photos at all. Photography is not only about keeping the memories alive, but to capture and share the beautiful moments as well with those that couldn't be there at that time.

Everything in good balance, right? :)

The highlight of the day was of course the egg-citing {sorry, can't help it!} Easter Egg Hunt!! Since it was drizzling, we had to have it indoors so there weren't many secret hiding places, but the kids LOVED it!! It was the first time for many of them as well.

This was Lil Pumpkin's second egg hunt since she went for one last year at 7Adam Gallery Restaurant.

We divided the kids into two groups - kids aged 4 and below, and another for kids aged 5 and above. The younger kids had a designated area to find their eggs easily {some were just thrown on the floor}, while the older kids kept to another space where the eggs were hidden a bit better.

I brought along her little yellow pail for the Egg Hunt... some of the kids were very innovative and even brought along upcycled 2L plastic milk bottles as pails :P

Lil Pumpkin takes her Egg Hunts very seriously and left no "stone" unturned hahaha..

Yup, even the mini plant pebbles were not spared :P

At the end of the day we all sat down together to enjoy our Easter Egg Hunt loot. Lil Pumpkin was really thrilled so later today we will be setting up another Easter Egg Hunt at home just for her :)

Or maybe I'll get the boy to hide the chocolate eggs himself so that I can join in the hunt too heehee.

Happy Easter everybody!!



Jolin said...

Looks like Lil Pumpkin really enjoyed herself. Great determination in trying to find the eggs!

Unknown said...

So nice seeing you! It was heaps of fun for kids and adults. We should definitely do it again next year.

Rina said...

looks like so much fun and Lil Pumpkin is so adorable!

Ai Sakura said...

Mummy J: yup she had heaps of fun that day :P

Jas: So nice to meet up with you again too! Must do it more often

Rina: Thanks! Hope you had a great Easter too :)

mail4rosey said...

That really was egg-citing (ha!) and it looks like it was a successful/fun day. :)

Stacy said...

Wow the whole event looks really really fun! Aren't those colourful eggs plastic? They're chocolate?

Yep must still take photos... they'll serve to remind when the brain forgets. :)

Adrine said...

What an amazing event. U guys are such great organisers.

ps : love the photos of your lil pumpkin looking high n low for the easter eggs :-)