Friday, April 4, 2014

Preschool Kindergarten 1 | First Quarter Updates

3 months of 2014 has already passed us by. Seriously #omggggg

Lil Pumpkin started Kindergarten 1 {K1} this year. She's in a new class with some old classmates, and some new ones. I think after 2 years of attending the same preschool, she finally likes attending classes 90% of the time. There's less sulking when she has to wake up early to go school, and less crying when we drop her off. She's finally "in the routine" and sometimes, she will even tell us that she "loves school and can't wait to go!". Really, those are her words :P

Previously it was a little difficult getting her to talk about what happens in school and she'll give pretty vague answers like "I learnt Chinese today" or "I ate bread for breakfast"... but what mummy really wants to know is what did you learn in Chinese class and what's inside the bread?? haha.

Now, she'll sing the songs she learnt in class and happily talk about the cheeky fun she had with her classmates, especially with her BFFs Diona & Sadie :) This is a song she learnt recently from her Chinese teacher - 我真的很不错 {literally, I'm really not bad}!So so so adorable with the movements *beams* If the video isn't working, view it on Youtube here.

I think that Lil Pumpkin really likes her Chinese teacher, Gao Laoshi, which is fantastic since Chinese language isn't exactly her strongest point. She doesn't really talk about her English teacher though. Her English teacher, Teacher Angelia, left in February this year. We had a parents-teacher Tea Session in January where the teachers shared an overview of the curriculum and daily schedule for 2014 and they announced the news then.

It riled a few of the parents up because if the teacher is going to leave soon, why would you place her as the form teacher of a class? I pondered on this question too but it didn't upset me because I trust that her lessons will still go on as per usual, and what's most important to us now is that she enjoys her time in preschool, regardless of who her teachers are. Currently, I think the English teacher position is still vacant and there's only a relief teacher, Teacher Lydia {different from the one that taught Lil Pumpkin for Nursery 1}.

I think because of the movement of teachers, there was some delay in the setting up of the class blog where we parents can go in to see class photos, lesson updates, event schedules etc. It's really quite a cool communication system that her preschool has in place but it only went live for her class recently. I like to "stalk" it to get photos of Lil Pumpkin in school heh.

It's really a wonder watching our little girl grow and develop. Sometimes my mum will still ask me if we sent Lil Pumpkin to school too fast. After all, there wasn't really a need to since she could help to look after Lil Pumpkin while the boy and I work, and my sisters and I only started going to school from K1 {5 years old} and we turned out fine. I understand that she's asking out of concern seeing that there's a higher risk of Lil Pumpkin falling sick at her preschool {there's currently an outbreak of chicken pox there *bleah*} and there's so many reports of kids abuse at childcare centres

However, for the boy and I, we have no regrets sending her to school from Nursery 1. The preschool she's attending is at my workplace, and I trust the quality of teaching and facilities there. She's learning so much, making so many new friends, and when we ask her everyday after school if she's happy, she will answer yes.

And that, is the most important thing to us.

So what's been happening to you this first quarter? 
Has your kid adjusted well to the new school year?



oomph. said...

sorry to hear she cries once in a while...that's always hard. my son cried/clinged on for almost the entire first year of preschool. he's a total veteran now in kindergarten and likes school it's hard to get answers about what he learned in school, too...some days he's more chatty about it than others. i usually ask him what his favorite part of the day was, to which he'll answer, "recess"!

Cybele @ BlahBlah said...

Oh, my, your daughter is just sooooo gorgeous. I could watch her over and over x

stephanie @ stephsjoy said...

so grown up is lil pumpkin! We hit a bit of a milestone with my boy at daycare drop off, he went off to play and didn't even say goodbye. I had to ask, feeling a bit sad even though it's great progress for him!

~Summer~ said...

Haha I love the song! She does the movements so well and she is just simply adorable, Ai!!! =) Muacks, lil Pumpkin! I agree that as long as our kids are happy, that is the most important thing! Angel loves going to school too and like you, I wish she would tell me more about what she learnt and what went into her porridge. Haha. She is doing better nowadays though and can tell me more about what she did in school. As for teacher movement, we had plenty of those too. She had a new form teacher this year, and then the principal left and this new form teacher took over, and we had a relief teacher, and now another new teacher. Haha. Well, good thing is she seems to adapt well and love all of them. By the way, I love her book week dress up, that is such an awesome thing to do and isn't it great to have a blog for parents to refer to? I wish all schools have that! Hehe.


Madeline Heng said...

Same same. My girl has a new form teacher cos her old one left. Sian...

An Apel a Day said...

She is so cute! I love the little song to. She might like an acting course. I've signed my boys up for 2 years in a week acting class. They love it!

We start school in August here. I think my boys will fit in just fine in the next class up.

*I have no clue why Mica said he doesn't like cereal eaters. He was being so odd that day. It's usually my younger one that cries, Mica rarely does.

Stacy said...

I do love how lil pumpkin is so uninhibited in front of the camera/video. :)

My take on kindy... definitely a good thing. In Malaysia, schools are generally government-financed and it's your luck whether you get dedicated teachers or those who just work for the money. Kindys are private institutions that need to give decent value to paying parents. Hence they will have good teachers, good environment, good everything.

Ai Sakura said...

oomph: yeah it was very hard in the beginning. luckily it's not too bad now ;)

Cybele: thank you!

Steph: haha yes! that's hard too.. they grow up just too fast.

Summer: thank you! was pretty impressed with the class blog thing. Glad that they update it regularly too!

Madeline: so does girl girl like the new one?

Alissa: oh she's attending a speech & drama class once a week! But I still think she'd prefer a dance class or something though haha

Stacy: Oh I see. Yeah sometimes it's better to pay more just for a better peace of mind :)

Sweetday said...

I have switched my little one from childcare to 3hr Kindergarten. As per what you've have mentioned, she also speaks more about what is happening in school which I find is a great milestone development! :)

Mummy Wee said...

They learn so much more in school than at home with the grandparents. We also started putting each kid into school earlier and earlier.. Fr 4,to 3, to 2 to 18 months! Ha

Masshole Mommy said...

It's so good for them to get out to school to learn and socialize! I sent each of my boys to preschool for two years before kindergarten.

mail4rosey said...

She's got that song down pat, and is cute as can be singing it. :)

That's great that she's learning two languages in school. They're teaching Spanish at my son's school, and he's in Kindergarten. I was thrilled because they never started a language so early w/my older three children.

Grace said...

She's so grown up, Ai! You must be so proud!
It sounds like you made the right decision sending Lil Pumpkin to school when you did.
She was obviously ready for it.
As for her not telling you much? Sigh. Sounds like she tells you more than what the boys tell me! They tell me ZIP! I fear it's indication of what's yet to come!

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

So far so good Ai. Love this update, you do have a gorgeous wee cherub!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love how animated she is during her song. She did a great job on it!

So glad she is enjoying her schooling. It makes the mornings go by so much easier when they look forward to getting there!