Tuesday, May 6, 2014

30 Before 30 | Update for May 2014

So there's just a few more weeks before my birthday later this month. This will probably be my last update before my final post after my birthday. I don't think I can complete everything on my list, but I'm glad that I've achieved most of what I set out to do since I started this 1.5 years ago :)

This is what's inside Lil Pumpkin's time capsule. All specially chosen by the boy and me because of some special meaning to her :)

1. Hello Kitty plasters - if you know her, you'll know that she likes to put plasters on EVERY little bruise or bite she has haha. One of her cute quirks!

2. Red Ribbon - it came in a pair and we wore it together when she was a baby. She wore this to her christening too.

3. Japan Maternity Tag - I spent the beginning part of my pregnancy in Japan and the hospitals present all mums-to-be with a tag to hang on your bag etc. so that others can recognise you as pregnant {especially in the early stages when your tummy isn't showing yet} and give way to you.

4. Gold Cow Pendant Necklace - Lil Pumpkin is born in the year of the Ox {or Cow} in the Chinese lunar calendar. She was given this during her 满月 {1st month} celebration.

5. Vintage Chanel Charm Bracelet - found this in Tokyo a few years back. Significant because it's related to her name.

6. Family Picture {2009} - taken by our old Pastor when she was just a few months old. Yes, I put on 20kg when I was pregnant and looked pretty pudgy then! But the boy loves this photo because we all looked so "toot" {or silly hah!} and had it in his wallet ever since then until recently when we decided to put it in the capsule.

7. Cow Medallion - given by the hospital she was born at.

8. Letter from us {not shown} - a little hand-written note from us to her.

We used a clean pasta sauce glass bottle {see other ways to upcycle mason jars here!} for the time capsule and I washi-ed the cover. The boy added a pack of silica gel dehumidifier & hot-glued the cap on. We'll give this to her when she turns 16 years old. Thinking of making another one for her when she turns 10 or 12 to commemorate the next period in her life.

Someone asked where we're going to hide it? Digging a hole in the ground sounds like a good plan haha but we'll likely just keep it in our glass cabinet or the top of our shelves. Next to the jar with the lock of hair from her first haircut and her umbilical cord stump.

In no particular order,

1. Have Baby #2 - tentatively to be known as Lil Munchkin.
2. Travel to Europe - must visit Denmark, France, Germany, London, Greece {traveled to London in Jan 2014}
3. Complete our outdoor chillax area. {neighbour is renovating so outdoor is so dusty! KIV until they finish.}
4. Master Korean language. {started new classes but hitting some bumps}
5. Learn how to balloon-sculpt
6. Travel to Vietnam - buy cheap cheongsums, eat cheap food! {not yet but travelled to another new-to-me place, Shanghai 25 - 28 Apr 14}
7. Start driving in Singapore.
8. Teach Lil Pumpkin how to swim - I used to be a competitive swimmer.
9. Prepare a media kit for Sakura Haruka {Done in Dec 2012}
10. Get a new tattoo on my back. {Done in Sep 2013}
11. Start indoor rock-climbing again.
12. Buy a new sofa. Or maybe just throw away current one & get more zabutons {座布団} {threw out our black sofa on Tue 15 Jan 2013 & brought out our teak day-bed }
13. Start a once-a-month detox program {started a daily homemade detox drink on Mon 28 Oct 2013. Recipe on the blog soon!}
14. Enroll Lil Pumpkin in dancing classes - hip hop? korean pop? ballet? {she started Speech & Drama class in Feb 2014}
15. Set up my own workspace at home. Couch not counted.
16. Go back to Kansai for 2 weeks - Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe. {Done in Jun 2013}
17. Sort out digital photo storage on computer. Make sure there's back-up! {Started in Nov 2013}
18. Handmake a Teacher Journal for Lil Pumpkin.
19. Create a time-capsule for Lil Pumpkin to open on 16th birthday. {Done Fri 25 Apr 2014. See above.}
20. Try horse-riding. {postponed to Aug 2014}
21. Eat something I've never eaten or heard of before. {Si Koh Soup in Penang, Mar 2014}
22. Go for a staycation in Singapore - chalet? Sentosa? {stayed in chalet for 11th anniversary}
23. Go camping. {camped in our living room hahahah}
24. Bring Lil Pumpkin to Disneyland {went Tokyo Disneyland Thu 3 Jan 2013}
25. Prepare an emergency survival kit and plan {done Mon 5 May 14}
26. Attend a music concert or Broadway performance {watched Phantom of the Opera Aug 2013}
27. Write a children's story. Maybe find someone to illustrate it Le-Petite-Prince style.
28. Lose 5 kg - been on all my new year's resolution lists like forever. Let's do it! {started exercising more intensely. Read my fitness diary.}
29. Take photos of all my SF shoes. {Done on Sun 3 Nov 2013. See photos here}
30. Get Lil Pumpkin to sleep in her own room {been sleeping with daddy there since beginning Apr 2013!}



oomph. said...

i am working on my home office area, too. i have bought bits and pieces, but haven't found THE desk yet! nice job on the list...

Denise Mooney said...

I love the time capsule idea, that is so cute. I might have to do something similar:-)

Stacy said...

Not bad at all, lots of crosses off that list!

Nice idea for the time capsule. My hubs isn't the romantic type though and would complain about it cluttering up the house. So I will just do most things on digital format, take a pic if I must. :)

Debs @ Owls Well said...

That time capsule is really awesome! It'll bring back so many memories when you open it up together.

Susan said...

Good on you for checking off your list one by one. I'm sure you'll get down the list in time to come. I also like your choice of items for Little Pumkpin time capsule. Really meaningful items and you've inspired me to think about doing one for Sophie every five years too.

Unknown said...

That list is pretty awesome! Lots of crossing off going on there, well done Josefa #teamIBOT

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

I reckon you look younger now than just after P was born, still gorgeous either way! You are nearly there - WOOHOO

Unknown said...

Wow! I think she will be so touched when she opens it at 16. though I can't quite imagine our girls at 16!

For the next one, a shoebox is in order! :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

You really did get a lot crossed off your list! I love the time capsule idea. We started one for our girls when they were babies, gradually adding a few special token items over the years. I think they will love opening them when they get older!

An Apel a Day said...

I'd illustrate the book you'd write. :)

Sounds like a fun list. You can't fully control somethings. Like having another child. Sometimes that happens fast, while other times it's a struggle.

Adeline @ GrowingwiththeTans said...

I'm impressed that you've actually managed to check so many things off your list already! You're really organised.
I love this idea of a time capsule for Lil' P! The items you've included are so sweet and will definitely be a great 'blast from the past' for her. I've been meaning to make a 'Memories Box' for Noah, and now you've given me even more ideas.

Deb @ inner compass designs said...

What a great idea to do the time capsule. I am sure she will treasure it x

EssentiallyJess said...

You have done so much of it! Well done!
And of you can conceive, carry and pop out a baby by your 30th I'll be really impressed. Or concerned you were impregnated by aliens ';)