Friday, May 23, 2014

So I Turned 30 & The World Didn't End #my30candles

Sounds so dramatic, right?? :P

So yesterday I turned 30 years old, and the world didn't end {obviously}. You know how you hate those skinny chicks that keep complaining they are fat? Well, I reeeeally don't want to be one of those young-ish girls that complain about getting old too.

I know it's just my thirties, and thirties are the new twenties so technically I'm still 20. And if I follow Lil Pumpkin's logic that since "my face didn't change so I didn't get older" I should actually be 19. Or something like that.

I've been feeling quite anxious the past year or so leading up to my 30th birthday. Somehow, leaving my twenties seemed like a big deal and I even had a big list of things I wanted to complete before turning 30.

I don't know what I was expecting from this milestone.. but I think I expected myself to have accomplished a lot by the time I did. Maybe have a solid career and be my own boss-lady. Maybe be the model wife and mum in an immaculate home. Maybe have already traveled half the world. Maybe actually be like, really, "grown-up" and stop collecting kawaii Hello Kitty stuff or think that it's ok to have cornflakes for dinner.

Maybe, just maybe.

So I haven't actually achieved any of those and as I lay to sleep on the night before I turned big 3-0, my heart was still a little heavy. However, when Lil Pumpkin woke me up on my birthday morning with a huge silly grin on her face, what the boy has been trying to tell me the past few months when he saw me slightly emo finally dawned on me. We live life counting the moments, not the years.

I've had the moments of enjoying picnics under Sakura trees in full bloom. I've had the moment of meeting the boy in Uni. I've had the moment of marrying him in front of all our beloved family and friends. I've had the moment of giving birth to a beautiful, absolutely amazing daughter. I've had the moment of getting the keys to our first home. I've had the moments of celebrating my parents' 60th birthdays. I've had the moments of witnessing some of my best friends and my sisters' weddings. I've had the moment of watching our little girl enter preschool. I've had the moment of winning a prestigious award for this little blog of mine {my other baby!}.

I've had all these special moments and more, and these are my achievements. I may never be the powerful career women, or the ideal wife and mum who has everything together, or travel to all the places I want to go, or stop loving Hello Kitty or not have cornflakes for dinner. But I've been blessed in so many more ways than I could have imagined, or controlled. 

So... I'm going to embrace the world as a young 30-year-old woman and all the potential I have for the rest of my life. Turning 30 is not the end.. no, it's just the beginning and it's only going to get better! SO BRING ON MY THIRTIES!!!



Masshole Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Ai! enjoy the next decade!

Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad said...

Happy Birthday beautiful lady! I turned 30 last month... It's funny how we have self expectations about what we think we should have achieved by certain ages/stages. We're not too good at seeing what we've actually achieved which is way more than what is on our personal achievement lists xxx

An Apel a Day said...

I'm 37, so I'm getting close to the 40. HA HA

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Anonymous said...

'We live life counting the moments, not the years.' I love this! It really resonates with me!
Also, I'm 33 and I promise, it's totally still okay to eat cornflakes for dinner in your 30s ;)

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Yes yes gorgeous - just such a great positive and heart felt post. Welcome to the 30s, I'm sort of nearing the end of mine and they're great, full of realisations of how lucky I am! Have a great weekend and I hope you got lots of cool pressies! I can't wait to finally hug you at ProBlogger!!

Natasha said...

Bring it on indeed :) You are looking very good and exudes a glow!

Theresa Mahoney said...

You embrace those 30's! I love how you look at it as not numbered, but as "moments". Those are truly what make life so special.

Happy Birthday Ai!

EssentiallyJess said...

Happy birthday Ai!
Love this so much! The moments really are far more important than the years. Let's celebrate those instead.

Jolin said...

Happy birthday and enjoy your young 30!!

Ai Sakura said...

Masshole Mommy: thank you!!

Stephanie: thanks! I think I will ;)

Vicki: yes exactly funny that haha.. happy belated birthday to you!

Alissa: thank you! my hubby turned 37 this year too hehe

Emily: yes please do! Can't wait to see you at PBEvent!

Natasha: thanks so much :)

Theresa: thanks.. here's to more happy "moments" in life!

Jess: thank you!

Mummy J: Yup I will. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! I did a scrap layout of 10 things I did before I hit 30, and one of the major things was "having a baby!"

You've done good, and cornflakes for dinner isn't bad at all! haha. just not everyday of course. :)

Unknown said...

You have a very special life indeed and the happiest people are the ones who are thankful. I really enjoyed your post! Happy Big 30!

Stacy said...

Drama queen la you *whack head* Hehe. Seriously, at 30 I was nowhere near what you have already achieved. Career floudering, no boyfriend despite a prolonged search, no social life to boast of either.

Happy birthday and enjoy your 30s!

Grace said...

You know, I had so many expectations when I hit 30 - career, get married, have kids. But what I failed to realise that what's most important is to keep growing, to keep loving and to maintain that curiosity about life and everything around it. As far as I can see, your doing all those things with zest (and then some!)
Happy 30th beautiful Ai. Life is only going to get better xxx