Tuesday, June 17, 2014

20 School Holiday Activity Ideas | from parents for parents

Lil Pumpkin's preschool doesn't have any school holidays actually, so life during the June and December school holidays goes on as per normal for us. However, for some of my friends with kids that do enjoy the school holidays, as much as they love having the kids home more, sometimes they get headaches when thinking of activities for them to do so that they don't feel bored or stone in front of the TV!! Do you feel the same way too? :P

Well, we're halfway through the June holidays! If you have run out of places to go, and activities to do with the kids, don't fret because I've asked some mums & dads to share with me their favourite school holiday activities {thank you!}. Hope it'll be helpful for you so here are 20 School Holiday Activity Ideas from the parents, for parents! I know this list will be so useful for me once Lil Pumpkin starts primary school!


1. Bring my 2 girls to watch aeroplanes at Changi Beach. - Mummy JingRong

2. I am bringing my sons to visit museums this holiday since it's the Children Season... thought it would be good to expose them to museums from young! - Mummy Adeline

3. My fav activities in June with little kiddos are doing craft works & exploring interesting sites such as Bukit Timah Railway, Kranji farms, Peranakan area in Joo Chiat etc.. - Mummy Joelle

4. We are heading out the beach, Port of Lost Wonders and maybe even Pulau Ubin which I haven't visit since my JC days! - Mummy Elizabeth

5. We will baking cupcakes, egg tarts and some simple cakes together in this June school holiday as my two girls love baking very much. - Mummy Joanne

6. Flying kite with my kids! - Mummy Crystal

7. My fave activity for school holidays is to bring the kiddos to different shopping malls for their Meet-and-Greet sessions to see their favourites cartoon characters. - Mummy Joey

8. Spend a day in Gardens by the Bay with the kids! - Mummy Carol

9. Joyride on the DC Heroes-themed cable cars! - Daddy Robert

10. Going to East Coast Park to cycle and BBQ. - Mummy Sophia

11. Best activities for the school holidays would be to have a movie marathon at home till late at night and sleep in the next morning. Occasionally we would go inline in the parks or to the library to read and borrow books! - Mummy Jacqueline

12. Go on a road trip! - Mummy Christine

13. Playing tourist to explore and rediscover interesting places in our own country - Daddy Stephen

14. Trampoline jumping! - Mummy Grace

15. Attend Sentosa Playtime - Mummy Juliana

16. Mostly we go window-shopping with my 2 girls - Mummy Pinky

17. Making home-made sushi with my kids using the sushi machine which is so easy that they know how to do and eat directly after making. Fun and entertaining! - Mummy Koreen

18. Making Rainbow Loom crafts together. Both my gals love it. - Mummy KaRen

19. Building model kits! - Daddy Vincent

20. Running in the outdoors. - Mummy Cherie

What else do you like to do for the school holidays?


Masshole Mommy said...

Those are all great ideas. We got a season parking pass for the beach, so we will be spending lots of time there.

Unknown said...

Some fab ideas. It is hard to keep the kids entertained during the school holidays - especially the long ones. I find that mine like to have a bit of down time as we're just so busy going from one activity to the next during the term. They also love play dates with their friends as we so rarely do those during the term too. xx

Unknown said...

A sleep in would be on the list!

Grace said...

Mummy Pinky's got it right! Window shopping??? Yes, please! :)

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

What a great idea for a post lovely!!! And from the mouth of babes makes it even more special :)

Janet Camilleri said...

These are great ideas! Shame my kids are past school holiday age. I wish *I* had school holidays and was in Singapore so I could do some of these!

Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

One Mother Hen said...

Lots of great activities.
We spend lots of time at the playground, the library and going on short drives to other playgrounds and the beach. :)