Friday, July 11, 2014

Preschool Kindergarten 1 First Parent-Teacher Conference

Yup another half a year gone {!!!} and it is already July. Wow oh wow~ Friends with kids who are 6 years old are scurrying around now to enroll their children for primary school the following year and I'm reminded that this will be us in one year's time. My "Primary School Parent Jitters" are kinda coming back again :P

Last weekend we had our first Parent-Teacher Conference {PTC} with her Kindergarten 1 {K1} teachers. It was the first time I met her new English form teacher - Teacher Wai Ling, as she just joined last month. Before that, her class only had relief teachers for the English lessons since her previous form teacher left in February.

Teacher Wai Ling seems pretty young and inexperienced, but very friendly and Lil Pumpkin likes her. She has Gao Laoshi and Teacher Treeya to guide her anyway, so I'm not that worried. Every expert was once a beginner, and we can't fault her for lack of experience. However, since she only began taking care of the class and interacting with Lil Pumpkin for 1 month, she wasn't really able to give us much constructive feedback on how she behaves in class, or fares during lessons. Mostly general observations. Luckily, one of her relief teachers, Teacher Ariel, wrote quite a comprehensive "Child Observation Record" for her before she left.

We did also learn more from Gao Laoshi, her Chinese teacher, and she shared that Lil Pumpkin:
  • is hardworking and takes pride in writing her Chinese characters nicely
  • is able to read Chinese sentences
  • picks up skills fast 
  • is still not comfortable talking in Chinese, but is able to understand what is spoken to her {funny thing was when we were talking, Lil Pumpkin was "eavesdropping" and kept butting in to say her piece!}
  • is very kind e.g. will move away the chairs during nap-time so that her friends have space to sleep  
  • uses books as a resource for information
  • uses drawings to tell stories
  • does classroom chores e.g sweeps the floor, without being asked {wish she does this more at home haha}
  • talks excitedly about what she does at home
  • can move through obstacle courses
  • can dress independently and button, zip and buckle
  • likes to pretend to be Elsa e.g. use her blanket as her "cape and sing *rolls eyes*
  • takes too long to eat by herself, and will be emo when she's the last one

Most of the time Lil Pumpkin is a bubbly, cheerful child {which her teachers see as well} but she does have a sensitive soul. I feel a need to toughen her up to face a challenging world, or even school bullies. Not everyone she meets is going to find her adorable, not every kid she faces will want to be her friend and play with her. Some might even beat or say very unkind things to her, and she has to be strong enough to deal with it appropriately.

Thank goodness her experience in preschool has been smooth-sailing and good so far. However, she'll soon be entering primary school where she not only has to deal with the stress from her school work, but also from interacting with kids of many different ages and backgrounds. And I'm quite sure the teachers there won't be able to hold her hands and guide her as much as they currently do in preschool.

A lot of parents worry about how their kids will cope in school with their school work, but I guess we really need to prepare their emotional well-being and social skills as well... I shall have to start reading up more on this.

P.S. Her bff Sadie has left the class to join the International School her older sister is at. Lil Pumpkin is quite bummed with the news :/

How has the first half of your year been?
Any tips to prepare young kids for Primary school?
What do you like to ask the teachers at these kind of meetings?



An Apel a Day said...

I love when they do conferences. My co-workers roll their eyes when I get excited about going to conferences.

I enjoy going to them because I learn more about my kids.

It sounds like little pumpkin is doing well.

That's too bad her good friend is leaving.

Unknown said...

Lil Pumpkin sounds like she is smart little kid. Had to LOL at her pretending to be Elsa. I'm sure that are many girls do that at the moment!

Kaz @ Melting Moments said...

What a clever Little Pumpkin she is :) Tips for starting school? Perhaps getting used to the organisation involved.. like making sure jumpers, lunch boxes and hats get packed into bags... How to ask for help if she needs it.. Just some ideas :)

EssentiallyJess said...

Oh she is still so little, but sounds like she is doing really well.
The toughness thing is hard isn't it? You want to keep them soft but not susceptible to bullying.

Stacy said...

I worry about talking to teachers of my kids! Coz I plan to send them to Chinese schools where I'm sure the teachers wouldn't be comfortable speaking English. And I'm such a banana that I just can't pick up Chinese despite some attempts. :(

Masshole Mommy said...

Glad it is going well so far. It's great when they adjust easily.

mail4rosey said...

We're on summer break here and it's going by so fast! How awesome is it that your daughter's using books as resources already!

Lisa Wood said...

So good to hear how your daughter is doing in school.
I still can't believe how fast kids schooling years goes...we homeschool our younger two and wished we had done it sooner with all of our boys.
I know that Singapore schooling must be different to Australia - but kids are kids no matter where they are {with having to deal with the not so nice ones}
But let her keep her sweet personality for as long as possible - maybe she can teach others to be nicer :)

Adeline @ GrowingwiththeTans said...

Lil' Pumpkin is such a sweetheart! I know what you mean when you say that you're afraid that she'll be bullied next time. That's my exact same fear too, because Noah is pretty sensitive as well. We just have to keep praying that they will be surrounded by kind children, and that there will be no bullies in their classes!