Sunday, September 28, 2014

Of Bubbles, Kicks & Starfish!

Yesterday was Lil Pumpkin's first swimming class since her assessment last weekend. We were both pretty excited and I was the enthusiastic mum at the poolside giving thumbs-up signs and taking a gazillion photos of her kid haha.

I wasn't expecting myself to be so excited over it actually... it's not like it's the first time she going to an enrichment class. But, I guess since she's just getting started on something that's been close to my heart and I've been involved in for nearly two decades, it got me really hyped up.

She's in the beginners class and her coach is Teacher Priscilla, a young and friendly lady. There's 6 kids in her class ranging from 3 years old - 6 or 7 years old. I didn't manage to talk to any of their parents yet so not sure how long they have started, but Lil Pumpkin seems pretty comfortable in this group and not too far behind in terms of swimming skills.

For her first lesson, she learnt some basic stuff like kicking, blowing bubbles, floating on her back to be a "starfish" and simple diving. There was a bit of group session, but most of the time, the kids practised one-on-one with Teacher Priscilla and while waiting, they sat at the pool edge.

Personally, I think that's quite a waste of time and not a good idea to get in and out of the pool so often as the body will cool down fast and they might fall ill. It might be because the coaches are scared of the kids drowning if left in the water on their own but there's Teacher Shaun around to oversee everything so at least for the older kids, they should be able to hold onto the pool edge and practise kicking or blowing bubbles while waiting instead of just sitting around.  

We'll see how it goes in the next few lessons as the kids get more competent and confident in the water :) I'll probably bring Lil Pumpkin to the pool another time in the week so that she gets more practise on what she has learnt. At least now with a proper syllabus to follow, I can guide her better. For her level {Starfish Level 1}, she needs the following skills to progress to the next level -

Water Familiarisation:
1. Entry and exit pool with and without support
2. Dipping and chin taps
3. Bubbles and submerging exercises

Assisted Movements:
1. Stationary: Seated/ Prone position flutter kicking with noodle or board
2. Mobility: Flutter kicking, breathing and holding cues with noodle or board
3. Body roll and rotation with board, noodle or water - mat

Unassisted Movements:
1. Balancing with hand crawls and flutter kicks
2. Kneeing and seated front and back glide
3. Starfish floats front and back

I think blowing bubbles isn't a problem for her since she likes to put her head underwater!! Maybe she is looking around for mermaids :P

This is a video I took during her lesson. If it isn't working, watch it on YouTube here. Lil Pumpkin needs to work on her kicking A LOT! haha.. She bends her knees too much... Anyway, good luck in your swimming journey dearie! 頑張ってね~!

More on Lil Pumpkin's swimming classes & progress:



mail4rosey said...

Same thing here w/the knees. My little one wants to almost float to get moving, hahahaa

Glad she's having fun in her class. Swimming lessons are great (for parents to watch and for the kids too). :)

Adelene said...

hi Sakura

Can you share your lil pumpkin's swim coach contact? Thanks! been looking around for a female coach for my girl. :)

Masshole Mommy said...

Glad she is doing well in the lessons, though. She will get there with the kicks.

Stacy said...

Way to go lil Pumpkin! So would you want her to be a competitive swimmer as well? :)

Nice braids, such beautiful hair.

Adrine said...

Well done! Elyssa was super excited when she started her swimming classes this year, but stopped after 8 classes. I was a little upset with the wasted money (and the whole idea of quitting) but at the same time, I could see she was getting a little traumatised. *sigh*.

Ai Sakura said...

mail4rosey: haha yeah that would take time! we've been doing some dry practise on land to solve that problem too :P

Adelene: it's not a specific coach but a swim class at our SG country club actually. different classes will have different coaches.

Masshole Mommy: yup hopefully haha

Stacy: haha no la.. competitive swimming very tiring on the parents too! have to fetch here fetch there everyday :P see how it goes..

Adrine: oh no how come she was getting traumatised??

An Apel a Day said...

I really should sign the boys up for lessons again. Isaak's good at swimming. I bet your little pumpkin will love lessons to.

You asked if the superfood I reviewed tasted like anything. It's pretty strong. I had a green alfalfa taste in my mouth all day. That was after I brushed my teeth.

Be A Fun Mum said...

Gorgeous Pics!