Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bee Towers Tablet Floor Stand

The boy uses his tablet a lot for reading, research and work. He’s been complaining about his arm aching and I guess it’s because he’s been holding it up to use for long period and it’s straining his muscles. I understand since my lower right arm aches when I use my mobile for too long as well.

I read that it’s not uncommon and a lot of tablet users complain of aches and pains in the hand they hold the device with and in the fingers they use to type or swipe the screen. Some even complain about arm, back and neck problems because really, there’s no comfortable way to hold/ look at it unless you put it on a stand or something. Of course, taking frequent breaks is recommended too.

A table stand is definitely useful and I have that for Lil Pumpkin when she uses it at home. However, for the boy, sometimes there’s actually no table space to put a stand when he has his books /papers around, and especially if he’s doing surgery!

I’d hate for his arm aches to turn into a chronic pain condition and was happy to get him the Bee Towers Tablet Floor Stand to use instead. It is fully adjustable with a telescoping arm & body that adjusts with the push of a button. It also rotate 360 degrees horizontally & 180 degrees vertically, and secures easily with a push–and-pull back gear system. Very adaptable to suit his needs whether sitting or standing.

The tablet holder is also rotatable and can accommodate any tablet from 5” to 11” so it will easily fit any iPad, Kindle or Android tablets… even with the cover on. A good thing when we're sharing because I’m an iPad user while the boy uses a Samsung Galaxy Tab. :P There’s a flip spring locking mechanism that easily locks the tablet securely in and prevents it from shifting or slipping.

I saw that there’s a lot of uses for Bee Tower actually. Some people use it for during presentations, in the kitchen when cooking, when reading in bed etc… basically anywhere in the home or office to read, stream videos, watch movies or just surf. Pretty useful for anyone that uses a tablet and wants to cut down on the strains on their body.

The boy set it up easily within minutes and didn’t need any extra tools. When he’s not using it,  he just folds the arm and stores it compactly under his desk. Such a space saver especially in his small work room! The steel base is sturdy  but overall, the Bee Tower is pretty light and easy to move around since the top part is plastic.

See this video for more information on its functions and how to use it effectively. There are 2 models for Bee Towers. One is the 100 Series with the round, plastic sand-filled base {S$199} and the other one is what we’re currently using – the 200 Series with the flat, steel base {S$299}. I prefer the flat, steel base as it looks sleeker and slimmer. It's only available with yellow or black accents now but if it came in white or pink.. I wouldn't mind getting one for myself at home.

I’ve recently caught the K-drama bug and have a lot of shows that I want to watch! I’ve been streaming them from an online site and watching on my iPad while lazing on our daybed hehe.. would be great to have this stand hold the iPad so my hands won't tire :P Over the weekend I finished Empress Ki and am now going through the Secret Garden. Will start on My Love from the Star when I’m done. I’m so slow I know!! :P

Bee Towers Tablet Floor Stands is designed by XAR Motion and can be purchased from the Lucky Store webstore, or at their physical stores in 19 Lorong Liput {Holland Village} and 310 & 312 Tanjong Katong Road. The 200 series needs to be pre-ordered and will require 2-3 days for local deliveries. There’s a 1-year local warranty too.

* Disclosure: XAR Motion provided the Bee Towers 200 series tablet floor stand for review. All opinions are my own.



Masshole Mommy said...

That is an awesome idea. I love that you can tuck it away so easily!

Angeline said...

I've caught the k drama bug too!! Recommend you to watch "It's Okay It's Love" and "Master's Sun" if you love romcom :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

That is a great stand! I could totally use that in my kitchen! I like how it is easy to store too :)

Ai Sakura said...

Masshole Mommy: yes so compact!

Angeline: Ahahha ok, will add to my list :P

Theresa: Especially since you bake and cook so much!

Stacy said...

How not to get lazy with such inventions? :p Nice!

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

This is awesome, and love seeing your hubby at work. Also, thanks for the lovely kind offer a few weeks ago with advice for Benji and Moby, they are settling in well but the kitten is still quite timid. Have a great week x