Friday, October 10, 2014

Home Living | 10 Beautiful White & Wood Kitchens

If the stars are aligned well,we'll be having a brand new kitchen before the year ends! :) I'm really excited for this new home project and have been looking forward to it for some time.

We moved into our apartment about 5 years ago, just before Lil Pumpkin was born. For the kitchen, we chose a rather dark colour as I thought it'd be easier to clean and look sleeker. However, now I think it looks rather dreary and drab, and I very much prefer a white-wood-Japanese-zakka feel for a kitchen. You know what I mean?? :P

Also, we want to have a dining area in the kitchen and heaps more storage space.

Our interior designer {same guy that renovated our home 5 years ago} came over last night to take a look and discuss some ideas with us. Nice to know that he has a 2 year old daughter now! :) He said it'll probably take about 2 weeks to complete everything, and will give us a draft artwork next week. 

Anyway here are 10 Beautiful White and Wood Kitchens I really like for my inspiration, and yours too if you're thinking of having a kitchen makeover as well ;) I'm going to send our designer these photos later to make sure we're all on the same page haha

1. This is what I'm thinking of when I say white + wood - Classic white cabinets with wooden worktops, although I guess some would prefer the reverse {wooden cabinets & white worktops}.

Both have beauty in its simplicity. The white will yellow over time I heard, but I think by then it's time to move or for another kitchen makeover :P

2. A white tiled back splash wall is just so rustic and charming. If you're worried about cleaning the grout, maybe use grey instead of white.

3. Loving the idea of having a little space for my work station!!

4. A home can never have too many bookshelves! Building them into kitchen counters is so handy for all my cookbooks and is a great space saver.

5. This is a beautiful wooden kitchen island that's different from the usual rectangular or angular shapes. I like how "natural" it looks.

6. How about a beautiful little seat by the corner or window for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning? Sounds blissful to me :)

7. Lil Pumpkin has a little white/ wood kitchen set too and I know she'd just love it if we move it out to the actual kitchen and we "cook" together!

8. A blackboard WALL is very endearing, but yes I'm kinda scared of the clean-up haha. Chalkboard cabinet doors seem more doable and will be useful as a message center for grocery lists, inspirational notes, reminders etc.

9. Maybe going all white might be too overwhelming. I like this pop of fresh colour on the wall too.

10. I think large farmhouse sinks goes very well with the rustic white and wooden kitchens. They can be the usual stainless steel, but I'm leaning towards ceramic now.

Do you have a white & wood kitchen?
What other kitchen ideas do you like? 

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Lucy @ Bake Play Smile said...

Oh now I have massive kitchen envy!!!!!! I love all of these!!!

Finding Myself Young said...

I love number 4. I really want to update our kitchen to white cupboards so badly.

Unknown said...

I'd love to be kitchen renovating - I spend hours looking at pics like yours . One day!

Masshole Mommy said...

This makes me want to re-do my entire kitchen!!

mail4rosey said...

#10 is my fave! And I want to take the boy off of the stool before he falls (in #9), hahaha

Good luck with whatever you decide, how fun!

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

I wish! One day I hope to have kitchens such as these!

Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman) said...

We have very similar tastes! We are just about to do some renovations too, part of it is a brand new kitchen. I love the white country style with the wooden bench tops. I'm also opting for a pressed metal splashback behind the stove! I hope it all goes well and can't wait to see photos.

An Apel a Day said...

Those are really pretty. My kitchen is pepper colors with a Mexican feel. We have green walls, yellow and red cabinets.

Unknown said...

These are all so beautiful! Cannot wait to see how they translate to your kitchen.

Theresa Mahoney said...

My kitchen is so dark, but I have always wanted a white one! Maybe when the kids move out and I can keep it a bit cleaner.

Ai Sakura said...

Lucy: actually there were a lot more ideas I really liked too! haha

Toni: I know the feeling.. been wanting this for quite some time too!

Annaleis: haha I did too.. love love love Pinterest ;p

Masshole Mommy: haha go for it!

mail4rosey: I felt the same way when I saw that pic too.. the gap scared me!

Emily: I hope it will come through!

Eva: oooo can't wait to see yours too :)

Alissa: I love fresh, bright kitchens like that. Mine is so dreary with greys and blacks now.

Sarah: thank you :)

Theresa: ya mine is rather dark now. looking forward to the change!

Stacy said...

Beautiful. Then again, these designer photos always are. In reality (for me anyways!), messy kitchen with stuff everywhere doesn't look THAT nice whatever colours you pick!

Lisa Wood said...

Oh how gorgeous all of the kitchens are...I like the Simple look without too much clutter.
White with wooden benches is my all time favorite.
We don't have much Kitchen in our Motorhome, its black benches with off white cupboards.
Our next motorhome we want more kitchen space, with the wooden white look :)