Sunday, October 26, 2014

Home Living | More Vintage Kitchen Enamelware from Mama

After Aki's wedding in Japan last year, I visited her new home and was surprised that her kitchen cupboard was already almost full! She said that her mum gave her everything there haha. I guess it's the same for mothers all over the world :)

When my sisters and I moved out to start new families, mummy dearest gave us things from her precious kitchen to set up our homes too. Crockery, cutlery, linen, unused kitchen appliances... she let us bring bits of memories from our childhood home to our new ones.

If the boy {and our interior designer!!} thought I was bad for hoarding buying so much kitchenware, my mum is pretty much worst. Other than an enviable collection of obento boxes, she has pretty collection of Tupperware, Pyrex, Corningware, porcelain China, lacquer pieces and even enamelware.

Knowing that I'm trying to build my own collection of this, she recently dug into her treasure trove of a kitchen and found me these 4 lovely pieces.

A vintage traditional Chinese wedding enamel tray that my grandma bought her wedding! That's at least 40 years old but still in good mint condition! It's too late to use for our wedding now but I'll keep it safely for Lil Pumpkin to use during her wedding tea ceremony :) I still have my traditional Chinese wedding tea set which will go very well with this.

I'll probably be tearing when I tell her that the wedding tray was passed on from her great-grandmother, to her grandmother, then to me and finally to her for her own kids.

Mummy said she also has the wedding enamel spittoon as part of her bridal dowry too :P

She also found her retro enamel cooking pot with Westernised vegetable prints. It's pretty heavy so I'm thinking that it's really solid stainless steel with an enamel coating. Mum remembers it to be from a Japanese brand so maybe Sanko Ware? That was one of the famous enamelware brand from Japan. Not too sure, if you know please contact me!

When I posted it on Instagram and Facebook, some commented that their mothers had this in their kitchen too heh. Mum said it was very popular during that era and actually came from a set of 2 but the bigger pot rusted so she threw it away. Bummer!! If only she knew how valuable it is worth now hahahah.

I still have vague memories of watching her cook with this in the kitchen. It's hard to imagine that soooo many years have passed already and now, I've a daughter of my own to watch me cook in my own kitchen.

This isn't a vintage enamel tingkat {tiffin carrier} but still so lovely. My sister gave it to mum but she never used it and seeing how much I love enamel now, passed it on to me. You can find this range at Tangs, but for the other vintage enamelware, really not so easily available anymore.

This one was passed on by my grandmother too I think. These kind of delicate, traditional Asian prints are the ones I really like best.

Receiving these pieces from mum makes me wonder why I should be searching high and low in the shops and markets, when I should really be raiding my mum's kitchen for more! haha.. I definitely need the open shelves in my new kitchen. They are too beautiful to be kept inside the kitchen cabinets :)



Jean said...

I love her enamel wedding tray too! Wonder where we can find one nowadays?

haifang said...

wow! love your mom's collection ... very impressive ! I wish my mom or my mom in law have some of these to pass to me ;)