Friday, October 31, 2014

Preschool Kindergarten 1 Second Parent-Teacher Conference

We met up with Lil Pumpkin's Kindergarten 1 {K1} class teachers last weekend for our 2nd Parent-Teacher Conference {PTC}. In about 2 months time, she'll be leaving them to be promoted up to Kindergarten 2 {K2} - her final year in preschool. Oh goodness, pass me a box of tissues now!!

Our meeting was at 3.30pm so we rushed there straight after Lil Pumpkin's short afternoon nap. Had to wait a while as the previous meeting had not ended yet, so I took the opportunity to take some photos of Lil Pumpkin outside her class and to see the rest of her classroom.

It's a rare opportunity to be up at her classroom to look at where they learn, eat, sleep and bathe. The last time I went was 5 months ago for her birthday. About 2 years back, there was a bad outbreak of HFMD cases in her preschool, and they limited parents from entering beyond the reception area to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. Only exceptions were during their kids' birthday parties, for special celebrations like Mother's Day, or like today for the PTCs.

Lil Pumpkin played with the classroom toys while we chatted with Teacher Wailing and Gao Laoshi. Teacher Wailing had spent about 4 months with the kids since she joined and was able to provide more feedback since the last time we saw her at the K1 first PTC. Her teachers shared that Lil Pumpkin:
  • is helpful and empathetic. She helps her friend actively if they are faced with difficulties in their work
  • is able to express her needs and feelings clearly
  • writes confidently in upper and lower case letters
  • understands numeracy concepts like counting with one to one correspondence and uses objects to represent quantities up to 10.
  • enjoys participating in music experience and exploring musical instruments with her peers {yup, she loves to dance like nobody's watching!}
  • has excellent gross motor skills as she's able to maintain balance while bending, twisting and stretching
  • shows curiosity and interest in how things work 
  • asks a lot of questions 
  • still needs to work on speaking Chinese confidently, although she is able to read a lot of characters
  • needs to work on English words recognition, but no problem expressing herself in English :P
  • is self-conscious sometimes and afraid to make mistakes {need to remind her about the 10 Things about Mistakes again} 
  • takes pride in doing her work properly, even if it is a bit slower than the rest.. but will still finish on time 
As usual.. our main questions were if she ate well, slept during nap-time and whether she was happy. They answered yes {although rather slowly!}, yes and yes :) It's good to know that she is progressing well academically, but her happiness and well-being are also important to us.

On the way back we told Lil Pumpkin that she's going to K2 soon.. so she should treasure the time she has now with her K1 friends and teachers. She seemed kinda sad and said "so fast..". Yes it is my dear, yes it is.

Can you believe another school year just ended?
What's your plans for the coming holidays?



Lydia C. Lee said...

It goes so fast...they're always ready for the next step before we are...

An Apel a Day said...

Blogger comments are so slow tonight for me. It took awhile for this extra window to come up.

School is so different there then here. Our schools run from August to May. Preschool is only a few hours. Usually kids have 2 years of that. Then it's on to all day Kindergarten at age 5. There is no naps in the middle of the day in Kindergarten. There used to be. They stopped because kids wouldn't sleep.

It sounds like Little Pumpkin is doing really well! She sounds so smart, and caring!

Yes they do grow up fast!

Susan said...

She looks so tall in that first picture there and yes so soon, they'll be graduating to K2 *wipes tears*

Stacy said...

She sleeps in the school too?

My girl will be entering kindy next year.... *shares box of tissues with you*

mail4rosey said...

That's great that you got to go back now to visit the learning area. We have conferences next week at our youngest son's school. :)

Masshole Mommy said...

You guys can go to school barefoot? Wow. Sounds like she is doing really well.

Lucy @ Bake Play Smile said...

Oh how gorgeous is your daughter - yes school goes so fast! How nice to meet her teacher and see all the great things she's doing in class.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Sounds like she is doing well. Time does go so quick though! Our conferences were last week, but I missed them since we were at Disney. Report cards were sent home and they both made High Honor Roll, so I am ok with not going this time around. They seem to be doing well too.

Adrine said...

Her classroom looks really nice - big, airy and bright.

Grace said...

She's growing up into the "Smart Pumpkin"

You're doing a great job in raising her, Mama! x

Anonymous said...

bookmarked!!, I like your web site!