Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where to Make Custom Toys & Jewellery from Kids Drawings

Lil Pumpkin likes to carry a notebook  with her whenever we go out be it to playgrounds, theme parks, other people's homes etc. Her fave question when she hears that we are going out will be "can I bring out my notebook?".

Sometimes I try to dissuade her as it's actually not a small notebook, but a huge A3 notepad {!!} that can't really fit in any of the usual bags we carry but she'll be adamant about it. Most of the time, we let her as we realise that that's the way she likes to capture the memories of what she sees and does. It's her fave past-time while waiting for the food to be served when we eat out as well and is certainly a better option, in my opinion, then letting her be glued to the tech devices :P Keep those eyes healthy, right?

She's getting better at writing Chinese characters on her own now and even knows how to form simple sentences like "爸爸妈妈有-只小{Lil Pumpkin's Chinese name}", which translates to "Daddy and Mummy have a small Lil Pumpkin" haha... So cute!

Lil Pumpkin is also happy to describe her drawings when we ask, and will even throw in a back-story to the scene as well. For example, this is us out going to her grandma's place to have dinner. On the way there, we stopped by her friend's apartment to pick her up because after that we were going to the zoo...

She likes to draw complicated robots too! According to her, this is a machine that "can make anything and does everything"! How handy to have something like this :P

I'm thinking about turning her artwork into something else. Like maybe customising her doodles into a soft toy or her scribbles into a necklace pendant. I'm sure she'll be happy to see her drawings come to life! It'll be a special keepsake for her, and for me too :)

Here are some online shops I found that do it, but unfortunately, none based in Singapore and with the shopping costs, seem quite expensive. Worth a look though, as their work seem pretty good and maybe one day, I might decide to splurge on it haha.

Turn kids artwork into plush toys
1. Budsies - based in U.S.A., from US$69
2. My Own Cuddly - based in U.S.A., from US$70
3. Sunny Little Studio - based in U.S.A., from US$75
4. Child's Own Studio - based in Canada, from C$250
5. Doodle Your Toys - based in Croatia, from US$65
6. Happy Softies - based in Australia, from A$60
7. Cryoow - based in Bali, from US$149

Turn kids artwork into jewellery
1. Kidz Can Design - based in U.S.A., from from S$129.99
2. Formia Design - based in U.S.A., from US$129
3. KiDoodles - based in U.S.A., from US$60

Have you done this before? Any local companies to recommend?
What other things can we make with our kids' artwork?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored or paid post. All views expressed are my own.



Sweetday said...

I love this post,Ai! It made me burst out laughing reading "爸爸妈妈有-只小{Lil Pumpkin's Chinese name}." It's so cute! But do correct her, it is not "grammatically correct" if she were to add her name. I like the idea of making doodles into soft toy or jewellery.

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

She is quite talented I have to say for such a wee one. And that is a lovely idea, you could also get it made into a canvas print for the wall! Em - also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

Stacy said...

Great idea having that notepad, agree that it's tons better than a tech device! Get a slightly smaller one for portability?

Masshole Mommy said...

My boys have had stuffed animals made from their artwork, but I would LOVE some jewelry made from their art, too!

A said...

I love the notepad idea! I'll keep it in mind for the future!

RC said...
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Lucy @ Bake Play Smile said...

I''ve never seen this before! Love it!! :-) What a cool Christmas gift idea!

An Apel a Day said...

I haven't done it before, but I've known others that have had it done. In my house Isaak would love it, but Mica wouldn't care as much. It's expensive, but fun!

Grace said...

It's so amazing watching children learn how to write let alone write Chinese characters! So amazing! I'm going to have to do something about the boys' handwriting before turning it into jewellery…hehehe! :) x

EssentiallyJess said...

I've often considered doing something with art work too. Even just taking a photo and making photo books of the best stuff.

Layla said...

Since her drawings are quite large, maybe you can do DIY jewellery from shrinkable art (just trace over her drawings - not exactly the same but it's a start!) My friends made me a charm bracelet while I recently made keychains. Both Art Friend and Daiso sell the sheets, if you're keen.

Tina Branch said...

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