Friday, November 7, 2014

"Just Brush the Teeth You Want to Keep"

Luckily for us, getting Lil Pumpkin to brush her pearly whites has never really been a problem for us. She thinks it's pretty fun and since it's one of the items on her Responsibility Chart, she's happy to do it to earn a star each day :)

And oh, I also told her there's no need to brush all her teeth... just the ones she wants to keep. No pressure, eh? :P

Lately, she's even happier because she finally got her own electric toothbrush!! The boy and I each have one, and she's been asking for it for quite some time. However, we wanted to wait until we knew she was able to control her toothbrush better, and was patient enough to brush one tooth at at time since her kiddy electric toothbrush comes with a circular head.

We find that brushing with an electric toothbrush seems cleaner. Its rotating bristle head is able to reach the hard-to-reach places to brush away all the plaque and tartar built-up, and most come with automatic timers, to make sure that we brush as long as required {at least 2 minutes in case you're wondering} to thoroughly clean the gums and teeth. 

Also, since we don't need to apply as much pressure or effort to brush as compared to manual brushing, it's less tiring on our hands and wrists :p

Lil Pumpkin is now using the Oral-B Stages® Power electric toothbrush that's suitable for kids aged 5+. It's a battery-operated advanced children's brush that features a rotating brush head and various soft bristle lengths for gentle cleaning between the teeth. It also has the 2 minute automatic timer.

But most of all, I think Lil Pumpkin loves the ©Disney Princess characters on her own toothbrush since she's such a big fan of them :) It took a few tries to get used to the automatic pressure sensation but now I think she got the hang of it.

Lil Pumpkin likes it so much that sometimes she'll want to brush even longer than required! Have to "force" her to stop since over-brushing isn't that good too - it can wear down the teeth enamel and hurt the gums.

When the bristles wear down after 3 months or so, we can easily change the brush head like we do for our own. As with all other toothbrushes, if the bristles are too frayed, they won't clean the teeth properly. The blue bristles fade as well to remind us when it's time to change.

If you've more than one kid who wants an electric toothbrush, they can even share one just by changing the brush head. Extra mileage there ;)

Lil Pumpkin brushes her teeth in preschool as well after lunch. We're scared that she might lose her electric toothbrush there so she's still using her Oral-B Stage 3 manual toothbrush for 5-7 years old. It's easier to bring out and not so heart-pain if she loses it :P

It's still designed to help her brush properly with the cushioned head to protect her tender gums and cup-shaped bristles to surround and clean the teeth. The extra-long bristles also help with the nooks and crannies where the food hide. One other thing we like is the big, soft grip that makes it easier for Lil Pumpkin to hold and control. 

Kids' oral care needs change as they grow so even if your kids are younger or older than Lil Pumpkin, not to worry since Oral-B has designed a Stages® toothbrush to meet the specific developmental needs of kids aged 4 months until 8+ years old. They also come in other fun cartoon character designs - you can see more info on the full range at the Oral-B website.

Yeah it's important to start them on healthy brushing habits young so that they don't regret it later by losing those precious pearlies! It can be even more painful and expensive then if they need to extract the teeth due to tooth decay, like some of Lil Pumpkin's classmates :/ 

Next week I'll share with you some ways on how we encourage Lil Pumpkin to brush her teeth. Look out for that! Check out more dental care resources and products on the Everydayme website for Oral-B.

Disclosure: This is a review for Oral-B. All opinions are my own.



Masshole Mommy said...

That is a snazzy toothbrush. My boys have been asking for an electric one.

Anonymous said...

I reckon if they made a Frozen/Elsa toothbrush, I'd never be able to get it out of Rosie's mouth!

An Apel a Day said...

Most of the time our kids are good with brushing their teeth. Every once in awhile Mica gets lazy with it. We have to watch to make sure he does his job correctly.

Theresa Mahoney said...

My dentist always recommends an electric brush over a manual, so that's what we try to stick with too. This looks like a brush the girls would really love to have!

Fiona said...

I'm actualy guilty of over brushing, so my dentist wants me to stick with manual and just make sure I head in for my professional clean annually!

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

I am totally going to say this to my kid every time we brush out teeth! GREAT post Ai xxx

Stacy said...

That's a good line to use!

Grace said...

Our dentist recommends electric toothbrushes for the boys. We tried but they really didn't like the sensation. We're just happy for them to brush their teeth at the moment. When we do upgrade to electric ones we're definitely going Oral B! (I have one :))

James Cagney said...

This is such a good review. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for sharing. Just want to check, the rotating toothbrush will stop by itself in 2mins?

Luton dentist said...

wow. so cute and beautiful, this will make children happy