Friday, January 23, 2015

Singapore Cheongsams :: Our Bitsy Prints Modern Cheongsam Shopping

There's just about 1 more month to Chinese New Year {CNY} 2015, which falls on 19 Feb 2015 for those that were unaware. Pretty sure a lot of people will be searching around for cheongsams to wear around this time for the festive season, and if you are, check out my growing list of brick-and-mortar & online shops that sell cheongsams in Singapore. The shops I've listed sell cheongsams all year round, and not just during CNY.

One of them is Our Bitsy Prints, which is one of the most popular modern cheongsam online shops in Singapore that's known for their trendy, colourful designs. If you like bright, fun, sometimes even quirky prints like Tamagotchi toys or vintage cameras on your modern cheongsams, then this is the shop for you.

Seriously, it's a mad mad rush whenever they have a launch every month or so to get your hands on the limited hand-sewn pieces. Especially if they have a special collaboration with the local artists for a uniquely Singaporean piece, like the Potong Ice-cream cheongsam I'm wearing that was designed by wheniwasfour.

It's kinda exciting like e-bay bidding?? Fastest fingers first, I was glued to my seat minutes before the launch with my email order ready to send out once it was launched on site. Was really happy to receive confirmation from them that same night I got a piece! :P

So whimsical and nostalgic! My mum used to buy Potong ice-cream for me as a child so often, but somehow it's not found easily in Singapore nowadays. It's the same one I was wearing in my Club Rainbow loom creations post ;)

I'm looking forward to their next collaboration Lee Xin Li that will feature different types of local kueh {pastries}. The last I heard, it's going to be launched soon before CNY so keep a look out for it!!

I find that the shop is always willing to  rethink and recreate to come out with innovative designs and cuts. Other than starting to print their own distinctive fabrics and even launching their first piece of menswear, one of the new things that they started recently was to work with very experienced local children labels, Elly and Baby Pixie, for matching mother-child cheongsams. Our Bitsy Prints sell the mummy cheongsams while they sell the same design for little girls.

I thought it was really fantastic because local shops that sell quality matchy-matchy clothes for mums and bubs are few and far between, while those that sell matchy-matchy cheongsams are even rarer!

One of the owners, Melanie, told me that they wanted to leave the kids cheongsam dress-making to others who were more experienced with kids clothing. However, they did make a special order for Lil Pumpkin to match my It's A Plus! cheongsam from their Autumn collection last year. Feel very honoured by their effort as it's a one-of-a-kind piece just for her. I guess they understood how much I loved to wear matchy-matchy with her! :P

Even though they claim that they have not much experience in kids clothing, I think Lil Pumpkin's cheongsam is pretty well made. They've never met her before and made it based on the measurements I gave them, but the size is appropriate and it shows the same smooth, quality stitching shown in their adult cheongsams. It's even fully lined like the adult cheongsams!

Have more faith in yourself Melanie! I hope to see your own brand of kids cheongsam soon ;)

To keep with the traditional way of wearing cheongsams, most of their pieces have open fronts with customised fabric buttons, which are great for mums who need to breastfeed too haha.

However, they also understand that back zips are more convenient so there will be some of those in each collection which usually has about 8 - 12 designs that include classic pleated-skirt-sleeveless cheongsam dresses, wrap skirt cheongsam dresses, straight A-line cheongsam dresses, cut-in shoulders cheongsam dresses, and even cheongsam tops.

All their dresses have collar heights between 2 - 4.5 cm and come in S {UK 8 - 10}, M {UK 10 - 12} and L {UK 12 - 14}. If you are between sizes, I recommend that you go a size down. Unfortunately, they currently do not allow for cheongsam fittings before purchase and they have a no refund, no exchange policy.

Depending on fabric and fit, my clothing size with them differs. I'm wearing a size S for It's A Plus! as it's made from premium cotton that's slightly stretchier, while for Potong Ice-Cream I'm wearing a size M as it's made from "normal" cotton. I bought their 99 Origami Cranes from another cheongsam-loving mummy because the size M was too big for her and I thought it would fit me since the cut is the same as Potong Ice-Cream but unfortunately, the size M is too big for me too!! Booo.. was looking forward to wearing it soon because I love teal colour and origami paper cranes but I've to get it altered first.  

Our Bitsy Prints modern cheongsams are priced from S$118 - S$118. There's free local and overseas registered mail shipping for their Facebook page fans and connect with them there for the latest updates on their upcoming launches. Check out their website for past and current designs. If you've any questions, feel free to email them. They are very prompt in replying! :)

* Disclosure: This is a review for Our Bitsy Prints. All opinions are my own.

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Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Just beautiful. I bet you can't wait for your New Year. And I see you've cut your hair a bit!

Masshole Mommy said...

I love the matching dresses! You guys are so cute.

An Apel a Day said...

You both look so cute! I love those dresses!

lisa said...

How cute are you too! I remember a few years ago my hubby & I went to Melbourne for a weekend and landed in the middle of Chinese New Year. It was a fantastic time and I love the traditions that go along with it. Happy New Year to you.

Grace said...

You've inspired me to look into getting some Cheongsams. They would be perfect for the Aussie summer and now that I'm a working gal…these dresses would be perfect. x

Theresa Mahoney said...

I always get a kick out of seeing the mommy and me dresses on you and Lil Pumpkin. You two are just so adorable!

~Summer~ said...

U two look fabulous in the matchy matchy cheongsams! Really gorgeous! =) Super love! =) Thanks for sharing this, Ai!