Friday, February 6, 2015

Bub & Me: Erth's Dinosaur Zoo & Win KidsFest 2015 Hampers + {Promo}

Last Sunday, we went to catch one of the KidsFest 2015 productions - Erth's Dinosaur Zoo at the School of the Arts {SOTA}. We always pass by SOTA on our way to Plaza Singapura or the National Museum, but never entered before.

SOTA is Singapore’s first national pre-tertiary specialised arts school to offer a 6-year unique integrated arts and academic curriculum for youths aged 13-18 years old.

The campus was pretty big and impressive, and I liked the theatre where we saw the show. Much more spacious and welcoming than the DBS Arts Centre where we caught the Horrible Histories Awful Egptians show last year. Maybe because it's newer? I hope that all future KidsFest shows will be shown here as well haha. It is a comfortable and convenient venue.

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo offered the perfect mix of live entertainment, learning, daring and all round fun for all in the family. The show doesn't depict a story about dinosaurs, rather, it had more of a "show-and-tell" format where the audience could observe and interact with these extraordinary dinosaurs in a highly imaginative live show.

The show is direct from Australia, so the cute baby dinos and teeth-gnashing giants featured were mainly those found on the Australian continent millions of years ago {aka Gordwanaland} when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Except for a special guest - the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is from the U.S.!

Lil Pumpkin was highly engrossed in the show and wanted badly to go on stage to get up-close and personal with the creatures. However, so did many other kids and sadly she didn't have a chance to. Luckily after the show, they brought out the baby dinos outside the theatre for the kids {and parents!} to pet and admire. 

Though it is very obvious that the dinosaurs aren't real and are operated by humans, they do look pretty life-like, even when close-up. These puppets could definitely fool the small kids easily with their convincing movements and certainly fueled every child's curiosity and amusement.

The boy and I were very impressed with the guy host {can't remember his name!} who was really witty and humorous. A typical Aussie bloke, his friendly nature appealed to both the kids and adults, and he introduced each dinosaur in such a fun, simple, yet educational manner, that even a 3 year-old could catch what he's saying easily.

I think this is a show all dino-lovers should not miss but unfortunately, Erth's Dinosaur Zoo has ended its run in Singapore this year. They might be back next year though, so look out for that and don't miss the other KidsFest 2015 family shows like Princess & The Pea and Hugless Douglas which would still be running for the next few weeks until 1 March 2015. Find out more about them here.

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Promo: Quote "ABA2015" as a "Friend of ABA" for 10% OFF KidsFest 2015 tickets from, or call 6348 5555. You can also present your ticket stubs from previous shows at any SISTIC outlet to redeem this discount.

I'd like to you to bring home some of the KidsFest 2015 wonder too just for my readers and friends, I've TWO KidsFest 2015 Hampers worth more than S$200 to give away!

The hamper includes 1 x ELC Magic Maize Fashion Fairies craft set, 1 x ELC Jumbo Knockout game, 1 x ELC puzzle, 1 x Gruffalo's Child music CD, 1 x The Gruffalo storybook and 1 x KidsFest 2015 goodie bag!

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UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winner is Ai Lee and Ada Thong. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!

* Disclosure: KidsFest 2015 Hampers were provided by KidsFest 2015 for giveaway. All opinions are my own. Unless otherwise stated, image credits to ABA Productions.



Carol Mei Mei said...

We play old school card games like Snap and eat lots of CNY goodies!!

Liked and shared, tagged and regrammed!
Carol Mei Mei Lim

Diana said...

Diana Bok

Play games! Prep a few extra AP and play games with the kids (aged 3.5-8) when they get extra AP, they get excited and participate, fun way to break the ice and let the kids get to know each other, after the game, they play together as friends and adults can continue to "ketchup"! 😜 the games can be something simple, guessing games, or even Simon says.

Unknown said...

During Chinese New Year, I usually entertain kids with board/card games, childhood games (eg AEIOU, What is the time Mr Wolf?, London bridge etc), family tree game, craft activities (eg making lantern, colouring, maze) and watching television programs/DVD. We have lots of fun.

Nancy Koh
I have difficulty subscribing to your upcoming newsletter, can you help me please?

Li Yun said...

I love to encourage them to join in the fun with games and not forgetting taking selfie photos together with family members during Chinese New year! + Facebook Name: Wendy Yun + name to subscribe to the newsletter (Ng Li Yun).

theresa tay said...

My boys will interact with other cousins to play toys that they have brought along

Facebook name: theresa tay
Name for newsletter theresa tay
Ig ahger82

Masshole Mommy said...

That looks like it was an awesome show!

Celyncloset said...

entertain them with goodies & sweets
Celyn Huang
Celyn Huang

Stellla Bella said...

entertain them with foodies and toys.
fb: Stella bella Kwa
ig: LING0924

Anonymous said...

The cousins will catch up, play games, snack on cny goofies. Etc. When all else fails, theres always disney junior. One stop shop for everyone.

Evelyn Hu
IG: xuelyn

Tellmarcia2 said...
Quiet one this year so will b bonding with kids through games n chat

Unknown said...

Watch CNY TV programs and play games with the kids.

Facebook name : MICHELLE NG
Subscribed Name : Michelle Ng
IG sunbubble

Robert Sim said...

We'll just keep tucking into the new year goodies, and play board games or watch their favourite animation on TV.
IG: @robertsim77
Robert Sim

preciouz said...

teach them play gin rummy..its not gambling, its counting!

Facebook name : Jaime Chan
Subscribed Name : Jaime Chan/chueimei
IG preciouz

Anonymous said...

we talk and play board games with our xtended family, thats usually the only time, all is present :)that's also when she got first to meet the extended family lol

Lorna Tan

Unknown said...

Most of the times the kids will self entertain with other kids. I will also get my kids to bring out some small toys to play, books to read or drawing material to occupy their time while travelling.

Facebook name: Tammy Tng
Subscription name: Tammy Tng
IG: tammytng

Anonymous said...

I'll let her play with relatives and friends kids and unless the house that we are visiting does not have any children then I'll let her bring along her drawing and colouring book to keep her occupied.

Stephen Tan

pixiepixel said...

We usually play hide and seek!
Fb: jazry chan
Newsletter: jazry chan

Unknown said...

my cousins n I always play words games with our children!!They love it cos the winner gets to eat 1 piece of cny cookies
fb Joyce Ong
subscribe name Joyce Ong

Ai Lee said...

My kids are foodies! They self-entertain by helping themselves to the cny goodies! Lol

Fb: Ai Lee
Newsletter: Ngo Ai Lee

Akila Ganesan said...

I will bring my daughter to China Town and see the lightup and soak in festive atmosphere.
fb:Arsheitha Ganesan
subscribe name:Akila Ganesan

Anonymous said...

I will bring along 2 storybooks, colouring books and colouring pencils for my two children (5 and 4 yrs old), to keep them occupy. Definitely they will get to enjoy eating CNY goodies, watch CNY TV programme and playing toys together with their cousins.

For outing, i will bring my two children to Gardens by the Bay to view Asian Tales Floral Display @ Flower Dome and to catch Shaun the Sheep Movie.

FB: Sandra New
IG: summerscenz
Subscribes Name to Newletter: Sandra New

Thank you for the giveaway.

KarMie's blog said...

Keep the young ones entertain by asking them to count peanuts n put them in small containers :)

Jamie chaw
IG n fb: Jamie chaw

Veron said...

For my kiddos, they will either busy playing, eating or talking to cousins, uncles and aunties! :)

Thanks for hosting!

FB: Veron TG
Newsletter: Veron

Rachael said...

This year we will be playing spot it and doing colouring!
FB: Rachael Joel-Tan
IG: jahbellajr
Newsletter: Rachael Tan

Ser said...
IG: azamoshea

My kids will be performing some cny songs. Taking pictures with cousins and elders. Watching replay of Cny programes on tv.

Unknown said...

Goodies and a movie always entertain kids

Sweetheart Rachael said...

I get them to talk to the relatives, play with the cousins and enjoy the festive goodies!

Cynthia Lau

Lilium Day said...

I have to entertain... child will play with her cousins during visiting.

FB and subscription name :Lilium Day

Ada said...

I will play with them card games, sing songs and go to the playground.

Fb: Ada Thong
Email subscribe name: Ada Thong

Anonymous said...

Play toys , watch movies on TV and enjoy the festive goodies!

Chancl Xgg
IG: chanxgg

ring-a-ding-a-ling said...

Stuff them with chinese new goodies hehe
I usually bring along colouring books and small toys such as toy cars to keep her occupied.
Facebook/newsletter -Ng Huiling
IG- khookie

Anonymous said...

With cny goodies and toys! They can enjoy themselves as they munch! Great bonding session for the kids!

Ashley Tan

SereneTee said...

Play with the kids and stuff them with CNY goodies! It's just once a year anyway!
Thank you for the giveaway

Serene Tee

Anonymous said...

Liked and shared..
Put two tables of toys and food stuff so the cousins will be either at 1 of this two tables..
Aaron Ac

Jingxian said...

Watch tv, play with the children in the house or savour the cny goodies.
Jingxian liang

An Apel a Day said...

My kids had dinos like that come visit their school. They were having a show of them somewhere else. My kids talked about it for a few months afterwards.

Jolin said...

We eat and the kids will usually gather and run about the house.

Jolin Poon

Sandbox said...

We enjoy card games and board games. My children really love dinosaurs, what a great family day this would be.

Grace said...

My boys would love this! We went to Taronga Zoo last weekend to see the "Dinosaurs in the wild" where they had robotic and realistic looking Dinos everywhere. The boys were giddy with excitement!
Love how your host was your "typical Aussie bloke" hahaha!

Yu Meiyi said...

My nieces and nephew are all under the age of 6. We will just throw a ball and chase each other all over the garden.Simple game but great fun!
FB name and newsletter: Yu Meiyi (

JingRong said...

my friends/relatives will be entertaining my kids with board games, chit chat with them.

FB Name: JingRong Loh
Email to Subscribe:
IG: jrloh

Unknown said...

I will play board games & taking photos with the kids and let them eat all the delicious Chinese New Year Goodies !

FB Name: Hock Guan Koh
Subscription Name: Hock Guan Koh
Instagram ID: skohhg

Rene said...

Visiting relatives, tell kids on how to greet the elders during CNY, eat goodies, etc.

FB name: Serene Chen-Lim
Email Subscribe:
IG: furylin

Adeline Tan hx said...

Taking photos, play board game and chit chatting with them.
Fb name: Adeline Tan huixiu
Subscription name: Tan Adeline/
Instagram: adelinehuixiu

Joanne Ho said...

Talk to them, get them to mingle with the other kids, prepare board games and toys for them.

Anonymous said...

I will bring uno card, we can play mix match, guessing game and etc by using one set of uno card.

FB : Zhen Hui Koh
email :
IG : frankyjess

Debra said...

They play with their aunts/uncles/cousins. I also pack along Lego and some books for the boys in case they run out of entertainment options.

Name: Debra