Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 | CNY Goodies Shopping @ Jia Confectionery, Sims Vista Market & Food Centre

Last night we went for out for dinner with my mother-in-law. Her eye is healing properly {she had cataracts surgery earlier in the week} but still has to be careful with her movements since her left eye is still patched up.

After dinner, she wanted to go order some Chinese New Year {CNY} goodies to distribute to friends and industry partners. She does that every year for CNY to spread joy, and build better relationships with them. I think it's pretty common for companies in Singapore to do so during this period. My office gets a lot of hampers from our vendors and partners too. Some even give bak kwa and crates of oranges.

I've noticed locally, other corporate gift-giving seasons are during Mid-Autumn Festival, when the gifts are mooncakes, and Christmas for hampers again.

In Japan the corporate gift-giving season is usually during summer {お中元, o-chugen} and winter {お歳暮, o-seibo}. These gifts are given as expression of thanks to the people who have shown you kindness during the year e.g. industry partners, clients, superiors etc. The gifts are usually food e.g. cakes, jellies, chocolates, or other consumables and you can easily find ready-packed gifts at supermarkets or departmental stores. 

Anyway she asked us to bring her to Jia Confectionery in a heartland hawker center. A few minutes walk from Aljunied MRT station and tucked within an old neighbourhood of Sim Drive, most of the stalls were already closed when we arrived about 8pm plus, as the crowd is usually in during lunch.

I was very surprised to see that this shop was still open though, with a number of other aunties there shopping for CNY goodies.

Jia Confectionery usually sell traditional Chinese pastries and cakes like walnut cake and pineapple sponge cake. Their Wife Biscuits and Sun Biscuits are famous for being delicious and fragrant too.

Of course now, they are concentrating on making CNY goodies. Everything is baked fresh from the oven daily...

And hand-packed! Wow, it's really labour-intensive.

This guy was slowly putting them into the containers piece by piece.

There's a huge range of CNY goodies here... it really is a one-stop place for all your CNY goodies shopping. The shop owners were really nice and kept giving us samples of all their goodies :P

They also sell 年糕 but I'm not sure if it's made by this shop, or imported in from somewhere. Didn't buy any since I'd already bought from Tai Chong Kok during our Chinatown family walk.

These are much cheaper than Tai Chong Kok though!

Lil Pumpkin was very happy to be out and about exploring so late at night haha...

The boy, Lil Pumpkin and my movie-star mother-in-law :) She still has to wear a pair of sunnies whenever she goes out to protect her eyes from harsh lights etc.

Think she bought about 30 tubs of pineapple tarts {very buttery & not that sweet, which is good} and other CNY goodies to give away, while I bought a tub of pineapple balls {prefer these to pineapple tarts}, kueh bangkit and almond cookies to give to my parents. Or rather my dad, since mum is going for surgery tomorrow and can't eat such snacks :/

There's another traditional Chinese confectionery shop just 2 doors away called Huat Huat Cakes {see what my bloggy friend Sweet Day thinks about them here}. We didn't check them out, but they seem popular for CNY goodies too.

This is the price list for Jia Confectionery's CNY goodies for 2015.

My mother-in-law mentioned that they also supply to the bigger shops and some restaurants.

I'm glad we went with her last night to discover one of her fave shops for CNY goodies. Best to capture all these memories while we still can, and not live to regret it when the time comes that we can't.

Jia Confectionery
Block 49 Sims Place #01-46 {Sims Vista Market & Food Centre}
Tel: 8198 7393

What are your favourite CNY goodies?
Where do you usually go to buy them?

*Disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored review. All opinions are my own.

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Masshole Mommy said...

It looks like they have all kinds of yummy goodies. YUMMMMMMM!

Sweetday said...

I happened to be here this evening and saw your blog post! hahaha... We hecked out the other stall instead.

Susan said...

My favourite is pineapple tarts and I'm resisting opening the one I bought for my guests. I bought mine from kele and cookies from Home favourite as I like their signature lychee cookies.

Ai Sakura said...

Masshole Mommy: Oh they do!! :P

Sweetday: haha how was it? Did you buy anything?

Susan: Oh I see.. thanks for the tip! I don't think I've tried lychee cookies before. Sounds very appetizing :)

An Apel a Day said...

I want to be there right now! Everything looks bright, colorful, and fun!

mail4rosey said...

I'd like to try pineapple balls or pineapple tarts. They both sound good to me. Your daughter looks so big here!! Growing up fast. :) She's always adorable too, I always think that...not sure if I've actually said it!! Even though I know you already know anyway. :)

I like the business courtesies. I can't think of a time we do that here... too bad, we really should!

Stacy said...

Agree that we should spend more time with family while we can.

I've eaten quite a lot of pineapple tarts already, but haven't fully satisfied craving yet! Hehe.

Sweetday said...

Ai, I find that their cookies are relatively good! I bought oatmeal cookies and black sesame cookies. I blog about it in this week WW. and link to your site too :)