Sunday, February 1, 2015

Get Well Cards for Her Grandmas

Lil Pumpkin's two grandmothers will be going for surgery soon so she made them both 2 little "Get Well" cards today. They love her so very much and I'm sure they will appreciate this little gesture for her.

She chose the pink paper herself and wanted to paint her pictures with water colour at first. However, the paper didn't hold the water colour too well and it started to smudge badly so she changed to crayons and added stickers for decorations.

My mother-in-law will be going to surgery for her cataracts and so the boy will be at the clinic manning the clinic on his own for the next few weeks while she rests at home.

She's been putting it off for a while and is finally going through with it so yay.

My own dear mother will be going to surgery for something more unfavourable. Not going into much details here but we're all praying fervently that she will pull through and recover completely. It's going to be tough the next few months as she undergoes her treatment but we'll all definitely be around to support and encourage her.

Looking on the bright side {because, how else to cope?}, it could have been even worst and maybe this was the "disaster" that we were supposed to block when my family had our little spates of bad luck at the end of last year.

As we watch our kids grow bigger, and as we get older, so do our parents. And as with most folks, age comes with its own ailments and illnesses.

It can be a bit difficult watching our parents' health fail and they become weaker... knowing that time with them is really, just so limited. Some of our friends' parents have passed away already and we are reminded of the fragility of life and to appreciate it even more.

Life is just so precious and we need to make better choices about how we spend it.

If you can, just help us to pray for the the health and well-being of these two grand dames in our lives. I dearly wish that they can both live to a ripe old age to see Lil Pumpkin grow up, get married, and have kids of her own.

Thanks a lot xox



Masshole Mommy said...

She is too sweet. My boys enjoy making cards, too!

Susan said...

Sending prayers your way for your mum and MIL for a speedy recovery from their surgeries. May they emerge from it stronger and better than ever. Big hugs to you and your family dear.

Ai Sakura said...

Masshole Mommy: Simple gesture to show she cares :)

Susan: thanks a lot :)

An Apel a Day said...

Oh I hope everything goes well with both surgeries. How scary. I'm glad they are getting treated. Little Pumpkin's cards are cute!

My Dad has his 2nd heart surgery this upcoming Friday. It scares me. The only great thing about it, is that he has surgery, and goes home soon after it. Anytime they mess with the heart it makes me scared.

Stacy said...

Oh, hope both ladies recover fast and completely. Health is something people don't think about until it's at risk, then it becomes the most important thing. :(

Good of you to initiate the card-making with lil pumpkin.

An Apel a Day said...

I'm still thinking of your family. I'm a worry wart when it comes to sickness. I wish for healing with your mom and mother-in-law.

Unknown said...

Wish and pray for your mother back to pink health fast. The starting of this year also challengiNg for my family as my mum also needs to go for an operation soon. Truely agreed to feeling sad when our parents grow old with illness. Cherish every moments and live to the fullest. Hugs hugs