Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Love You Today - Original Song by Lil Pumpkin

Ask any mum and I'm sure they will say that yes, motherhood is hard, but it is so rewarding.

We have to clean up their sh*t, keep their toys, worry that they are eating enough, keep awake at night when they are scared, send them to school / enrichment classes / play dates etc.. but then, when they wake up with a smile, give us hugs, make silly faces to make us laugh, give us wet kisses, handcraft cards & stuff just for us.. all the tiring days seem to fade away and everything seems worthwhile.

It's really the little things that matter. Just over the weekend, Lil Pumpkin serenaded me with a song she made up herself. Maybe she was inspired by Valentine's Day, but she thought of the lyrics and tune herself and just started to play it for me. Was so happy and honestly, extremely proud that she did it.

Although some of her other songs are kinda random, I found this one was rather good for someone with no musical background.. especially when she used her ukelele like a tambourine and added in the claps and "hurrays" haha

Took a video of her singing the song to play it whenever I feel tired or down. It's really uplifting and I loveeee hearing her cute voice!!! :) Watch it on my YouTube channel here if the video above isn't working.

It seems like she wanted to add on another verse but didn't think through what lyrics to sing. We'll work on that together and maybe she'll have an updated version soon :P

What do you love most about parenting? 
Any good music schools to recommend?

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Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Oh Ai that is just adorable, my daughter always makes up sweet songs, I must record her. Delightful!

An Apel a Day said...

That's so cute!

I love little kid's minds. They are so so creative, and free. Adults often times hide that part of themselves.

RedDirtCaveGirl said...

Ridiculously cute!!!! Makes all the crap worth it doesn't it?!?

Hello from #teamIBOT

Masshole Mommy said...

I can't stand how cute she is. I love her and her song is awesome!!

EssentiallyJess said...

So cute!
My kids have always made up songs for me. Most make no sense as well, but occasionally a good one gets through.:)

Grace said...

That is sooooooo cute!!! Isn't this such a great age? Years from now you'll play back this video and you'll cry tears of nostalgia and Lil Pumpkin will be all like "Mama! That's soooo embarrassing!!!"
And you'll keep playing it :)