Monday, April 27, 2015

Swim Progress: Levelling Up

Since Lil Pumpkin missed her swim test in end March due to our trip to Japan, she took her Starfish Level 2 swim test last weekend. She has been with Coach Ronnie for 4 months.

He tested them on the required skills like kicking and swimming freestyle with the noodles. Lil Pumpkin can already swim freestyle without the noodles for about 15m but since that is a higher-level skill, she wasn't tested on that.

For Starfish Level 2 the kids also had to show that they can cannonball-jump into the pool, and retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool.

Overall, I'd no doubt that Lil Pumpkin would pass.. but what surprised me was that she did well enough to skip Starfish Level 3, and move on to the level after that in her swimming school's programme - Sailor Level 1!! Woohoo!! Well done dear! #proudmama

Coach Ronnie coaches Starfish Level 3 kids together with kids learning in Starfish Level 2, like Lil Pumpkin. Here's the Starfish Level 3 program syllabus:

Basic Stroke Fundamental:
1. Front-crawl breathing exercises {Breathing arm/ bubble arm drill}
2. Coordination of kicks, arm recovery and front-crawl breathing exercises
3. Swim front-crawl with breathing for 10m

Fitness Enhancement:
1. Flutter kicks for 10 x 10m {Laps Swim}
2. Swim front-crawl for 5 x 10m {Laps Swim}
3. Swim and recover objects in water 5 x 10m

Basic Water Survival:
1. Floating and breathing for 1 min {1.2M}
2. Survival on floatation aids/Personal Floatation Device {PFD} for 3mins {1.2M}
3. Recovery from PFD

I guess he covered with Lil Pumpkin what's needed in Starfish Level 3 and finds her proficient enough to let her skip a level up :)

Sailor 1 is her swim school's start of the SwimSafer programme that was rolled out by the National Water Safety Council in July 2010.

The six-stage programme - comprising 12 hours of lessons per stage - seeks to impart essential skills that enable children to save themselves if they face dangerous situations in the water. At the end of each stage, each child will receive a stage completion certificate indicating his/her individual skill achievements. A badge will be awarded upon the completion of each stage.

In addition, each child will be awarded a coloured pin upon completion of each stages 4 to 6.

I heard that each Primary school kid has to complete at least Stage 1 in the SwimSafer programme by taking compulsory swim classes during P.E. lessons or after school, unless they are unable due to medical conditions. If they are taking swim classes outside of school, they can show the SwimSafer certs they receive to exempt them from the school's swim classes. Hmm.. is this true?

Whatever it is, I think the sooner Lil Pumpkin learns to swim properly and gain more confidence in the water, the better. At least if something happens in the pool or at the beach *touch wood*, she has the water-survival skills to take care of herself.

This is what she'll be learning in Sailor 1 {aka SwimSafer Stage 1}:

1. Back Glide {5m}
2. Front and Back Float {5m}
3. Submerge and Blow bubbles {without goggles}
4. 10m Backstroke
5. 20m Front crawl
6. Correctly fit a PFD with clothes, jump in water and exit from wall
7. Safety knowledge {theory}

Coach Ronnie will be taking on more of a management role so he won't be taking as many swim classes as he does now and may not be Lil Pumpkin's swim coach for the next level. So sad! I think he's a pretty good coach :/ 

If all goes well, Lil Pumpkin might actually finish Sailor 3 {SwimSafer Stage 3} by the end of the year!

More on Lil Pumpkin's swimming classes & progress:



Lady Pisces said...

Hi, may I know which swim school & pool did your girl go to? Looks cool!

Indah Nuria Savitri said... reminds me of my childhood and my happy time taking swimming lessons! You go, girl...really miss my swimming session. It's still cold down here..

Ai Sakura said...

Lady Pisces: It's at our country club so just for members, but the swim school is an external vendor. Email me for the details please :)

Indah: Kind of reminds me of my childhood lessons too! Hope the weather warms up for you :)

Madeline Heng said...

Good job Lil Pumpkin! My girl is still working on her freestyle, hopefully she'll master it soon! Time for my intensive tuition hahahah

An Apel a Day said...

I'd like for my kids to get back into lessons. I know my kids will be doing a rec. club this summer and they have swimming there.

It looks like she's having fun.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Way to go Lil Pumpkin! Sounds like she's a natural in the water!

Stacy said...

Way to go, lil pumpkin!

mail4rosey said...

Big congrats to her on skipping a level!! Swimming is fun for them but it's also super important to learn how to do it!

Unknown said...

K cleared SwimSafer 2 last year and it was so cute watching the little kids go through the stations!